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Re: A Healthy Fear of Cancer contributes to body stress

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: A Healthy Fear of Cancer contributes to body stress

I have read some of these posts and I happen to have helped many people challenged with cancer with my practice over the last 10 years. I'm a holistic or natural health practitioner that not only works locally but I do phone consults throughout the world.

My newphew at 5 yrs of age was diagnosed with late stage over-all body cancer that had already spread and found in lymph nodes, organs and bones !! Today almost 7 years later he is no longer challenged with this condition and has never had a re-occurrence. Dr's of course shocked by recovery using primarily natural means although some conventional was present.

I understand Cancer Very Well.
Really need to write my own book and experiences on it.

There are some important points I'd like to make
and hopefully clear up some misconceptions:

Most importantly: Cancer is simply the body turning moldy (rotting) due to it becoming clogged and poisoned(lack of circulation and need of cleansing). If cells/ tissues are poisoned, they turn into a fungal form we call cancer. If you notice, most cancers appear in liquid filled cavities of the body like glands in breasts, prostate, brain cavity, lung sacs, etc.

Therefore if you think of those that say that both fields of conventional and alternative need to come together... how is that possible, when conventional methods continue to poison the body and is essentially a failure (which is why we fear it) cause that method contributes to the underlying problem of further congesting and poisoning the body !!

Chemo = poisoning tissues, it's like trying to kill mushrooms (fungi) with acids, and further acidifying the soil in which mushrooms thrive and why the are there !!

Radiation = hardens tissue, therefore less blood circulating in area radiated.

Surgery = removing weed without roots. I'm not against it if there are larger tumors present, but the surgery in itself is not the answer, and biopsies can potentially spread the fungi.

How about changing the overall conditions that caused the tissue to mutate into a fungal form??

If a book goes on and on with lengthy pages, the author has not truly mastered and understood the disease/ condition.

If you notice, most successful programs or supplements involve two properties, and some herbs contain both properties... a surfactant/ anti-oxidant or blood thinner AND anti-fungal properties as the body is cleansed with natural therapies. One cannot accomplish the same with drugs.

Primarily one has to clean and keep clean all the organs of the body and strengthen the over all immune system.

Once you see many people restore their health fully without any re-ocurrences after many years, you'll experience for yourself greater control and confidence with your own health and well being and fear cancer less. It's only time and a change of awareness over time that can truly cure our fear of cancer.

May god bless anyone caught up with the volume of information, confusion and pressures brought about by this condition.

It can relatively easily be corrected if one is aware of the multitude of ways to not only avoid the insults that are present in our diet, and environment.

Also, one must have emotional well being. Unfortunately we are led by the medical profession --that have profit motives, to do the wrong things (actually recommend courses of actions that makes underlying problems worse - the overall condition of body/ immune).

Yet, when it's understood it's truly far more simpler and can be far easier way to support the body back into health as one improves and progresses and become patient with the body's ability to heal itself if given the chance, versus continue to stress it with "treatments."

Best book i've come across is " A Cancer Battle Plan" SourceBook by Dave Frahm

Again, God Bless...

Michael G.

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