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Basically cured Exfoliative Cheilitis, it doesn't happen over night.
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Published: 13 years ago

Basically cured Exfoliative Cheilitis, it doesn't happen over night.

Hey, so I have never joined these forums before now, and decided I only would if I found a cure. And so I have found huge improvements- enough to say i am most of the time cured.
I'm pretty sure EC isn't something on your lips...all those crazy ideas like putting soap and whatnot on your mouth isn't likely to help I think, but you never know.

Anyway, my cure has been from the inside. I want to keep this short so I'll try so sum up the curing process.

Almost a year ago I took an allergy test and found I had a whole bunch of food allergies . Some were minor and some were large, but almost all foods i had some sort of reaction to, which indicated an inflammitory response. Anyway, after cutting out wheat, gluten,a lot of gluten containing grains, dairy, eggs, almonds, a lot of beans, including soy (and other smaller things, i won't go there.) I began feeling way better. I used to get tired, bloated always had gas, no energy, and these things immediatly lifted. That's when i realized how badly my body must be messed up due to poor nutritional absorption- luckily in in the early 20's so I caught it early.

ANyway, EC did NOT go away instantly, or even get better initially. But I kept looking for things and figured if I eat healthy take some suppliments it might go away too.

As a back history I had a very stressful upbringing and used to eat very poorly and drank a fair bit and did some drugs, not tons, but enough. Had EC for about 7 years. Had dry skin flaking off my face and around my mouth for about 3- not so bad that i can't moisterize and hide it but it takes a lot.

Anyway, I want to say I beleive our skin condition reflects our body's health, and curing EC is an accumilative effort. I will list things that I took that helped.

1) Cutting out foods that are preventing nutritional absorption was a big one, that what started it for me. And eating good foods. I mostly eat fruits vegetables, brown rice, quinoa, cashews, pumpkin seeds, some corn and a bit of meat, mostly salmon. All food is 95% of the time organic too.

2)Exercise! Helps the body enormously in staying healthy and strong, and has worked very well as an anti- depressent for me.

3) Here's the supplements I've taken, some for a while others for small amounts.

- 5-HTP
-Fish Oil
-folic acid
-Digestive enzymes
-....and NIACIN (B3)

4) Niacin gets it's own spot here. I take about 500 mgs a day. Sometimes now just 2-300 and I am fine. Obviously the end result is to be off everyhting and healthy. But Niacin is the thing that showed me the big results for my lips, and also in less than a day turned me from being helplessly depressed and breaking down all the time to suddenly stable and being able to deal with things much better. My lips healed on niacin in about 1 1/2 weeks.

They have relapsed slightly, but really only for a few days mildly. EC isn't an all or nothing thing. Sometimes my lips do get white and mushy at water touch, and look a little chapped by the end off the day. I put a bit of grapeseed oil on at night and in the morning. Usually if my lips are looking they are going to peel at night they look fine again in the morning, instead of doing to 3 day peeling cycle and getting worse.

Anyway to sum up, the point I want to to make- and I haven't seen it enough around here- is that it's a whole body issue and you need to live, relieve stress, eat well and exercise and be healthy to resolve most health issues, EC included. I would recommend getting a food test done to see what your body might not be liking. Then eat well and organic, stop using tons of weird thing son your lips. And then read up on niacin- it has history of being a sort of miracle cure-all for many problems. I think what it did for me was speed up my recovery and bodily function enormously.

Anyway, there it is. I never once found anyone on here saying they were doing better, so I though you guys might like to here it. I don't intend to spend my time on here much , I'll check back a few time for this post and that'll be it. And then maybe in the future to say everything is still good. (hopefully it still is!).

Good luck, and take responsibility for your success and failures.

PS- Start with 100-200 a day with niacin and read up on the niacin flush before you start.

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