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Is this what CZ is supposed to be about?
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Published: 13 years ago
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Is this what CZ is supposed to be about?

 I am curious why some people are allowed to run rampant on these boards with the primary purpose of disrupting discussions and spreading lies about people? Look at the posting history of JustinL:

Some examples of Justin's quotes:

"Like I said earlier plant one seed of doubt and people give up or never try thanks to trolls like you havergerthi!"

"Thanks Mr Barret ! Being called a quack by you or the scumbag Stephan Barret is an Honor!

I love these people who are so vehemant in their case against something yet cannot even bother to undertand the basics of what they are trying to discredit!
Quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack,,,,,,"

"Funny how unsurprised I am that your false information imitates the establishment/pharmaceutical industry lies as usual!

"Of course you must realize that the Warburg Institute is bought and paid for by the Rockefeller foundation ??
lol! Of course this probably doesn't mean anything to someone so devoted to the establishment propaganda machine!"

"lol you a complete joke Vulcanel! You really have a problem!"

"This poster is no devout sinner and has no reason to feel that a simple calcium deficiency is the work of hostile demons!"

"You're beginning to babble now Hver ,just like your lapdog poolboy! "

"Oh Another Pharmatroll! Figures! So you can spread your propaganda all you want but I will be here to expose you!"

"We all are convinced you are an enemy of Acid/base Science little man ! No need to go batty on us!"

"Face it Mr Acidman, you don't have a clue so why don't you get a life and pay attention to what's going on in the world instead of trying to shove your establishment lies down people throats !

And this completely asinine thing you have about calcium! What is that, it's like a tic you can't get rid of Hveretard!"

"You can't respond intelligently so you babble on! What a loser!"

"Like I said your show your degree of ignorance every time you open your mouth!"

"I'm not wrong and at least I don't claim to be the EXPERT like the troll who makes these claims and has decided he is the decider on which natural healing protocol is valid here on Curezone ! This is an agenda only a medtroll would declare ! The forum "Truth in Medicine" is little more then double think as the Orwellian name implies"

"Curezones alternative Science enemy will eventually expose himself even to the most gullible! His training would be a waste other wise!"

"You and all the pigs who try to censor this science will not be allowed to do so without being challenged!"

"You are stewed in establishment double speak where lies are truth and death is an acceptable cure and where toxic chemical warfare agents are injected into infants, this is your background havapig and it clings to you like stink on a pig!"

"I don't think you have ever made a post that wasn't pointless grass man! The point of my posts is to defend against the establishment trolls like yourself who have zero interest in the truth but only to promote themselves!

Despite your pathetic efforts to diminish the profound healing effects of Acid/Base theory it flourishes everywhere!
Only in the dark dingy heads of mindless mental sociopaths like hveragurtil and yourself does this forum and its other components not exist!
Flounder in your ignorance fools for everyone knows the joke is on you two!I "

"Thanks for showing your stupidity HV! As you usually do here at Curezone! "

"You sound like you're in an echo chamber babbling like a lunatic!

But the purpose of this thread is to expose the enemies of this alternative protocol. I think you and Hvapill have certainly made it clear that you both fall into that category."

"Oh no Hvergerti is babbling now too!lol!"

"Why do I not find it surprising that Hvergerthi and Corinthian think alike! Corinthian, Curezone's official medical establishment troll, a huge supporter of death jabs for children has faded into the past since Hver come on board! "

"lol Haverturd you been loitering Curezone 24/7 since you found it ,spreading your allopathic lies!

And not very bright either the numbered m*o*o*n is on your side!
It appears you are not doing to well healing anyone on your forum ,no valid testimony only medical propaganda! A lot of svick people over there. lol!
Hvergerthi are you related to Svengali? I thought I recognized you !"

"Take it to the preacher fool! This is a debate forum not a nursery for sick old men and I really don't give a damn what you personally think! Now you and tomi can cry and whine or whatever you need to do to get the attention you both so desperately need but do it in the proper forum!

Same goes for the whiner Hvergerthi, you all are in need of some serious counseling!"

"Just personal trash from a envious worthless medical troll! Anyone takes this seriously needs as much help as these three sick clowns!"

"Get a life bitter old man!"

"Corinthianna you would give up your left testicle ,if you had one , if someone would try to pass off anything you said as a metaphor! Jealousy is your color Cor!"

"At least these people have a life Corinthian, they don't live in their aunts basement with her cats and recycle dog shit for a living like you do!"

"Hvergertghi you are a fake and a phony and you debate like a little child! Now you're playing dumb blonde! Face it you wouldn't make a pimple on MLs arse!"

There are HUNDREDS more examples in his posts. He has repeatedly attacked so many people on these formulas including but not limited to grassman, maya, vulcanel, jchase, corinthian, theobserver, ginab4u........  Justin has turned CZ in to his own perverted bash fest!!!

Justin's consistent attacks on people and CZ itself and disrupting of threads has lead to so much good information being hidden in the debate forums where many people will not go. 

Does he really contribute anything useful here? If not then why is he allowed to get away with his actions like a little child throwing tantrums? All it does by allowing this behavior is to promote more of the bad behavior. It is my understanding that Justin has been banned in the past several times, but he just makes a new account and it is back to disruptive business as usual. You don't stop the habit of a child's tantrums by ignoring the tantrums for long periods of time. You nip the problem in the bud from the beginning. Why don't the moderators or the webmaster ban Justin IMMEDIATELY every time he starts calling people names or starting fights in threads. Maybe he will finally get tired of having to come up with new names and IDs to post under and decide to follow the TOS and behave if he wishes to continue posting here?


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