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Image Embedded Multiple food allergies, dark circles, weakness, immune dysfunction
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Published: 12 years ago

Multiple food allergies, dark circles, weakness, immune dysfunction

I have been battling endless health issues for seemingly forever. I have been sick for a total of 11 years, with the last 6 or so being fairly chronic.

I am currently allergic to: wheat, dairy, shellfish, eggs, nuts, pineapple, mangoes. This is the worst my food allergies have been in this regard. I used to just have problems with wheat...then dairy. Then more and more. I also do not tolerate coffee, cola, alcohol, and a most drugs very well. My liver seems to play a role here, maybe also my gut? Have suspected leaky gut too, but seems there's more going on.

I have suffered from BAD dark circles under my eyes for at least 6 years now. They get worse when i eat an allergic food. Sleep and water do not help them. Pic below.

I have done what seems to be a billion liver cleanses/flushes... and have gotten a bit better on/off. But always sink back into feeling bad again. I just did one last night and have a lot of liver pain and stomach cramps today which i haven't felt before.

I have overcome some of the food allergies (fruit, nuts, eggs).. then they just come back again. I have also done a lot of detoxing via colonics + coffee enemas etc. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs so it seems strange that i should need to detox so heavily. And in the end i am still very ill.

I have come to the determination that i have parasites of some form. I just took Mebendazole and instantly slept a LOT better. I have had bad insomnia for years now, and just poor sleep (wake up early, cant get back to sleep etc). The Dr i took it said twice a day for three days, and on the 2nd day i noticed some strange things in my poo (I have a pic!) Thought they were worms, and i guess they could have been. But since then i have passed some mucus a few times and i wonder if it was just mucus. But the improvement of sleep tells me the drug DID do SOMETHING. Graphic pic below, sorry!

So... my question is now... what to do. Its been 3 weeks since the Mebendazole. I think i should take it or something again, but considering Albendazole. I am in Thailand right now and both are available here over the counter. The only other anti-helminic here i can find is Niclosamide (for tapeworms). I just dont even know what i am treating! And that is the problem. I get overwhelmed with the amount of parasites out there. I have suspected flukes of some sort, but am not sure and haven't seen the rolled up tomato skins after a liver flush.

Hospitals and testing facilities here are extremely limited. I already went to the hospital and of course my poo was "normal." But then the Dr gave me the Mebendazole anyway just because worm infections here are common. I guess she was right. But i am also not really "bouncing back" or recovering really. All bloodwork she ran was normal as well. The acupuncturist i am seeing here has sort of given up because he says "I can tell something is wrong with you but i cant tell what it is. So i cant treat it." He recommended that i get an MRI to see if i had parasites in another part of my body (or more in the gut).

Can anyone help me? I am out of ideas and losing my mind here. I feel very helpless and alone, and have been sick for way too long. I would be happy to provide any further info or answer any questions. Anyone have any similar experiences? Any clues? How long should it take to recover from a parasite infection? I still feel and look like shit, so i don't think i killed whatever it is.

PLEASE HELP!! THANK YOU!! And sorry for the graphic pic :)



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