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Re: The problems with drinking distilled and R/O waters

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Hveragerthi Views: 2,108
Published: 12 years ago
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Re: The problems with drinking distilled and R/O waters

 The writing

1) completely neglects that fact that not all vitamins, nutrients are water soluble, such as vit. A, etc.

Fails to understand that vitamins such as A are made water soluble by the reaction of bile, which is high in the emulsifier lecithin.  Lecithin has an end that attracts water and another end that attracts fat.  This creates a bridge between the water and the fat making the fat soluble in water.

2) neglects that the body doesn't directly absorb vitamins, nutrients by their being water-soluble alone, rather, such as in the case of Cu, Zn, Mn, etc., it is actually proteins that compete for these, solvent effects of water playing a minor role.

Fails to understand the concepts:

1. Not all minerals are chelated (protein bound).  When we drink spring water where are the proteins? Unless you want to count the traces of algae that may be present.

2. That minerals also form salts such as calcium carbonate reacting with stomach acid will form the salt calcium chloride, which is not only extremely soluble in water, but it is also higher attracting to water.  I have a bottle of calcium chloride salt in a glass bottle tightly sealed.  Over the years it has drawn water through the cap and turned the solid salts in to a liquid calcium chloride.


3. That regardless of whether in a chealted form or in a salt form the minerals still require water to be transported from the intestines in to the bloodstream.

3) neglects that nobody in their right mind subsists on water alone, rather, most drink juices, and other beverages

Fails to realize that people do drink purified waters on an empty stomach, such as with water fasting. Also fails to realize that if something is added to the water before ingestion it is NO LONGER distilled water.

4) leaves no explanation for how people who subsist on cistern-derived water are able to live so long, as certainly there aren't enough minerals in the atmosphere

Fails to understand that water in cisterns are not as pure as distilled water.  As the rain falls it saturates with gases in the atmosphere including ozone forming peroxides, sulfur and nitrogen gases forming acids, dust particles in the air giving it minerals, and more dust on the rooftop adding more minerals, and then sitting in the cistern that is normally made of concrete allowing the water to finish saturating with minerals from the cement.


5) neglects me, who has not knowingly used anything other than distilled and RO water for the past 21 years.

Which does not mean you are healthy, nor have not caused injury to your body in some manner. Your statement is as ridiculous as the smoker saying that I have smoked for 21 years and don't have cancer so it must be healthy to smoke.

6) neglects the merits of the alternative of using purified water, which is to drink city water or other non-purified water. One would need to analzye whatever water they are going to drink, if they are to know what's in it, which can include of course dead or living bacterium, fluoride species, heavy metals, pesticides, drug metabolites, etc. By using purified water, the question of the presence of these is no longer a consdieration.

Has failed to read the numerous posts I have done on water, and has failed to realize that my preference is spring water to provide a host of healthy minerals in a water that will not rob the body of nutrients like distilled or R/O water.  Also failed to read the numerous times that I have recommended purified waters as an alternative as long as silica or minerals are added back to the water first to reduce the solvency of the water so it will not rob the body of minerals.


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