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Please read this message!
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Published: 13 years ago

Please read this message!

Hi, everyone

So if you had followed my posts you would have been aware of what kind of situation I have with worms. (If not, please follow the link


So the thing is, that I can't treat the problem. But anyways, I experience something worse now.
As soon as I stopped using any herbs against parasites and fibres, I started feeling that my concentration gets down, my memory worsened a lot. Each day the symptoms were much like Alzheimer's desease:
-cognitive impairmement (hard to learn something)
-Inability to plan and orgnize
-hard to form long term memory
confusion and disorientation most of the times
lack of goal directed thinking]hard to imagine things as well as to see a big picture
after reading something I retain very little
Reduced memory of personal history.

Even my personality has changed, I used to be a very shy person, but now I fell I don't care about anything, I don't have any strong emotions.

Anyways I thought it will go away, since I started taking vitamins for mental activity. However, it did not change the situation. Then I thought that's all about my liver, so I started liver cleanse (from Reniew Products). Again nothing. I thought maybe I have heavy metals but heavy metal cleanse from the same company did not change anything either. It seems that each day my brain is shrinking more and more. Helathy diet and probiotics did not help to succeed.

So what's wrong with me? Could that be a cause of parasite cleanse? Cause I started noticing symptoms just after I stopped taking the herbs. How come it's getting worse? What am I supposed to do? (My phamily physician thinks that it's just a stress but I'm not stressed, I mean I sleep and eat well, I socialize with friends). So does anyone experience the same? What are your thoughts? Can anyone suggest anything? I'm afraid of not knowing what's happening with me...

Many thanks

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