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Published: 12 years ago
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Athena...I sure wish I had found your postings earlier.
When I found this had been about 55 hours since
you posted and you said you were preparing to head home.

I'd really like to try to help you. One thing I'm things were so bad...why in the world
are you on 'vacation'? (If that's what you were referring
to about 'being away')

Is your relationship with your husband bad all the time?
Or does he take spells? I read that if you are not feeling
well...he is almost another person. So when you are ill...
and he is this 'other person' that a good feeling for
you? Is he sincerely 'nicer' then? More loving?

Do you mind saying how old you both are? And maybe you've
posted this in an earlier post...but I don't have time to
read them all...I've just found this when I sat down for a
bit to browse before getting ready for church. So I'd like
to know how old you this a first marriage for both
of you? Has the relationship been pretty good until recently? (I 'did' see where he used to drink & you asked
him to stop) Did he stop completely? Is there a chance
he could be using any illegal drug? And for goodness sakes...I don't mean to 'plant that seed' in your mind...
it's just something that came to me. I know that people
on certain drugs have irratic behavior. So I'm just don't confront him with this...or act suspicious...this question is just between you and I...(and
the upteen others that read this post) :-)

I know you don't have much time to post...or read :-) ...
but when did you notice this change in him...and do you
have any idea what brought it on?

If you can save your marriage and come out of this mess
with a good solid relationship...would you want to?

I hope you have time to reply to this. And I'll try to
keep a close eye out for your reply and reply back to you
as soon as I can. Sunday is my busiest day...but I'll check
several times...even today...right on up until bed time.

You said you were 'heading home'...probably from a vacation...was he better on this 'vacation'...except for
being kind of smothering? How was he on the drive home?

Is your family fairly stable financially? You don't have
to give detail...I'm just wondering if his disposition is
fueled by some kind of worry that he isn't even telling
you about.

I just can't wait to get your reply. Hang in there...try
to be kind to him...if the occasion arises...pamper him just a bit..and see what kind of reaction you get. If and when he yells at NOT
yell back!!! Do you know what you get when you add fuel
to an already burning fire? You get an explosion of a bigger fire! So don't take physical abuse...LEAVE!!! But
if he's just mad and yelling...just keep quiet and let him
have his little fit...and see what kind of reaction you get
if you don't explode at his explosion.

Can't wait until you post again. kathryn

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