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Dr.Sutter, help please.....

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Published: 12 years ago

Dr.Sutter, help please.....

Hi Dr.Sutter,

I'm wondering if you can help me sort this out. I've been sick for over 11 yrs. with severe chronic fatigue and possible lyme. I've been doing strong parasite cleansing for the past year and a half. Added zapping earlier this year and tried the Rife machine and got sicker. I've seen many different types of parasites in the toilet. I've done several rounds of the Zymex2 along with other parasite herbs. I've cleaned up my diet/ no sugar/wheat/ mostly organic produce. Superfood (green), lot's of colon cleansing. Just getting sicker.

In fact this whole last month the nausea and panic attacks were so bad I had to fast a lot. I did a liver flush and felt worse and felt a lump and pressure building under my left rib-cage with nausea. Some people from CZ helped me realize I may have gotten a stone stuck, so I did another liver flush and got out many stones (one the size of an olive.), and that was Wed. night. I am so weak I can barely stand up. I have a zombie like fatigue, but it is hard to sleep (I know, more parasites, even taking Ornithine only helps a little) But I could sleep all day if I could. I'm trying soooooooo hard to get well. It seems everything I've done is making me worse. I've been told to lay off everything to give my organs a break, but I'm feeling severe pinching under my left rib cage and something moving there. Even all the parasites I've killed I can still feel things kicking in my intestines and under my left rib/spleen area.

I have an alkaline water machine. I've gotten rid of most the chemicals in the house. (natural shampoos and hair care).

I'm not digesting food well. Obviously my bile is not secreting properly. I've gone off of my antidepressant and gottten on a good Fish oil and flax and some Nano-B vitamins which are living, but I am worse than I have been since having Mono and giving birth to my son almost 6yrs ago. The muscle wasting and weakness are horrible.

I'm not going to Med.Docs b/c that's not gonna help. Do you have any ideas of what I need to do right now? Do I stay on Bug killers? (I can't do Barefoot's stuff) I've done a few rounds of Humaworm too. Or do I give it a rest?

I need my strength to take care of my kids and I can barely get off my couch b/c I'm so weak and exhausted and nausous.

I can't afford a chiropracter either and my old one didn't know anything a/b parasites and CFS, he just did adjustments.

Any help would be appreciated.
sincerely scared,

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