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I no longer have Lupus! With each liver flush the joint pains diminished.
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Published: 14 years ago
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I no longer have Lupus! With each liver flush the joint pains diminished.

I had Lupus Erythematosus.
I have done 19 liver flushes.

With each Liver Flush I had more energy, and the joint pains diminished with each flush.

I no longer have Lupus! My sister had Lupus....she no longer has it either!

I eventually passed a stone that was half the size of an egg. So don't tell me the stones are too big to pass.

I could feel the stone moving through my liver/gall bladder with each flush. Finally, after nine Liver Flushes the actual stone passed and I could see how big it was.

The gall bladder holds bile from the liver and sodium bicarbonate that the body makes to buffer acids. When the sodium bicarb is used up due to high acids in the body, then the body uses calcium from the bones as a back-up to buffer the acids.

If a person keeps eating a high-acid diet, the gall bladder does not fully recover from the concentration of cholesterol, which, without the addition of the sodium bicarb, forms into soft 'cholesterol' stones. Sodium bicarb keeps the gallbladder alkaline. If the GB is acid, the acid GB bile dumps into the common bile duct and mixes with alkaline liver bile and pancreatic juice, entering the duodenum in an acid state rather than alkaline state. This adds to the acid level of the liquified food from the stomach instead of neutralizing it. The unprotected duodenum can then be burned by the acid chyme.. This acid bile burn in the duodenum masquerades as an ulcer and adds to the discomfort of indigestion and heartburn.

The Liver Flush is so helpful in flushing out the concentrated bile stones but the best bet for health is to not make them in the first place by eating a more alkaline diet. The body is 80% alkaline, 20% acid. Yet we eat 80% acid foods and 20% alkaline foods. Diet should be more fruits and vegetables, less protein and carbs.

The next best thing to melt liver/gall stones is the Ion Detox Foot bath which I have also done many times and especially when I felt my gall bladder acting up.

The Ion Detox foot baths eliminated my need to do the liver flush. Another thing. Whenever the liver/gallbladder is involved there is always yeast/fungus involved which adds to the weakening of the knees, although this may not be felt for many years.

Also, the emotions involved with the liver/GB are anger and resentment. For any illness there is always an emotional response.


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