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Re: Started Iodine With MMS

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Published: 13 years ago
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Re: Started Iodine With MMS

Scouter, I'm sorry to hear you are having such difficulties. So, you think you have Lyme? Can't really help you with that; but I'll let you know what I've learned from my battle with fungi.

I started Iodine therapy in Jan. 2007. I was already under a lot of stress; because my job was going to India without me. I decided to retire; and to retire to another State. That means new and more stress.

I was using over 100mg Lugol's solution. I knew that I had some kind of fungus outbreak and from childhood. That is from my ND's diagnosis. Without an ND in my new location, I decided to take on my own care. Iodine was so promising. I immediately went into Herxheimer reactions far greater than my lifetime of symptoms. I knew this was detox and believed it would be over soon. It was not. For the entire duration of the Iodine therapy, five months, it was as if I had a severe head cold without the fever. Non stop; even after backing off to about 12.5mg. I stopped most supplements and probiotics. I was stopping most everything. I always had problems with food allergies long before iodine; so I knew about elimination control. I stopped vitamin C; but not selenium. I was not giving up. I figured that the iodine would be destroying gut flora, good and bad. As long as it was destroying the bad, I figured that I did not need the good anyway.

By late August, I was again desperate. Not unusual after so many years. I discovered Miracle-Mineral-Supplement . The question was the same as yours. Should I continue iodine, even though it was not breaking through my symptoms?

I knew I had to be serious here. I had to see if this new substance was as good as reputed. I studied as much as I could in a short time, then started the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement therapy. I totally stopped iodine. I needed to see which one of the protocols worked. I did not want my symptoms to go away only to discover that I would need to keep using 2 products instead of one. That's my Elimination Diet training. What I learned and tried must have worked. I am now able to say I have broken through over 50 years of sinus and constipation symptoms. Still occasional symptoms. So, I'll continue with maintenance dose of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and occasionally iodine. Iodine for about 3 times a week with 12.5MG.

Both iodine and MMS are oxidative therapies. With each you need to be careful of antioxidant substances causing them to become useless.

So here's my bottom line in all this rambling.

I stuck with MMS alone. I learned recently that fungus is helped by the same vitamins, supplements, and antioxidants as my body is. So, I stopped vitamin C especially and multi-vitamins as well. I continued with EPAs, Chlorella, some casgara sagrada (mild laxative), green drinks, and only a few supplementals. I did absolutely no probiotics. I know. That sounds weird that I would stop them; since they help to control candida. However, my symptoms grew worse on the days that I took probiotics. Once again, if MMS was destroying the bad pathogens, why would I need the good for right now? I went all the way to 15x3 and back down to 12x2. My symptoms were getting only a little better. The detox was daily. My detox is sinus sinus congestion worse than normal, occasional diarrhea, rare vomit, and occasional constipation too. Then after about 3 weeks of the 12x2, my health broke through. Maybe that is why it is a miracle mineral supplement.

Now I can add things back into my diet. Vitamin C too. Even eggs - amazing. I think my leaky gut, from years of fungus, is clearing.

That's my experience. Yours will definitely be different; as you don't have fungus. The point is, you really need to practice for yourself. You are THE pioneer for your own heath. Stop the iodine just for a while; too much oxidation. Stop the vitamin C for about a week; just to see if their are benefits. Stop all multivitamins and minerals; and try to trust your diet for these things. Try real hard with MMS. Then add things back when you feel you can handle them. No need to starve yourself though. I understand that Lyme is a bad to get rid of as is Candida.

Good luck. I never believe in "no pain. no gain." I don't like to punish myself. I've been through enough. When I say elimination, I mean a little at a time.

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