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Physic vs. Intuitive?

Miracles, yes, Unfoldment of me as Miracle-yes, I guess...I am a super attuned being- it is not what I asked for I suffered for years because I felt slighted that others didn't consciously pick up on me..But it is what it is- And So It Is!

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Part 1: Medical Intuitives
A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who specializes in perceiving information concerning the human body. A Medical Intuitive can energetically read the insides (organs, glands, blood, etc.) of our bodies.

This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Often times the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness. Intuited information can then be provided to the client's medical doctor and/or health care professional for further evaluation and discussion of possible treatments. Many medical intuitives work with (or are) medical doctors themselves.

There are many healers who I feel could easily fall under the category of medical intuitive but choose not to label themselves as such because they lack traditional medical training. Sponsored Links
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These practitioners are often found in the non-medical healings arts which include energywork, bodywork, counseling, etc. These practitioners allow an inner knowing or intuitive nature to lead them where to lay hands on clients, offering them advice, etc. They can often identify energy blockages and imbalances, recognizing the strengths and weakness of their clients overall health and well being.

Louise Hay's book entitled Heal Your Body is widely used as a medical intuitive resource book.

Note: Although a Medical Intuitive can often see what a traditional examination may overlook a session with an Medical Intuitive is not recommended as a replacement for medical treatment.

Famous Medical Intuitives

Phineas Parkhurst Quimby - Dr. Quimby, with his clairvoyant faculty, gets knowledge in regard to the phenomena which does not come through the natural senses, and by explaining to his patients changes the direction of the mind, and the explanation is the science or cure. [Quimby and the patient] sit down together. He has no knowledge of the patient's feelings through his natural senses till after having placed his mind upon them. Then he becomes perfectly passive and, the patient's mind being troubled puts him into a clairvoyant state, together with his natural state, thus being in two states at once when he takes feelings, accompanied by their state of mind and thoughts. A history of their trouble thus learned, together with the name of the disease, he relates to the patient. This constitutes the disease and the evidences in the body are the effects of the belief he is not afraid of the disease. Not being afraid of the belief he is not afraid of the disease. Source: Quimby's Complete Writings(3:210)

Edgar Cayce - Known as the Sleeping Prophet, Cayce could diagnose and treat patients not in his physical presence. Cayce followers recorded over 30,000 of his Health Readings. Research of thousands of his readings findings demonstrate a correlation between the mental processes and how they can be manifested as physical or mental illness.

Caroline Myss - Noted medical intuitive of modern day is Caroline Myss, Ph.D., author of Why People Don't Heal & How They Can, Anatomy of the Spirit, and Creation of Health. Myss, teaming with Norman Shealy, M.D. work together as a medical intuitive team.
Why do so many healers refer to themselves as intuitive rather than psychic?

Although there is nothing wrong with being referred to as a psychic, the term itself has gotten a bit of a bad rap. I personally don't like to be associated with the label psychic. I think the change in labeling may be to create a distinction between those of us who are interested in helping others with our intuitive tools from the stigma attached from the scamming fortune tellers who call themselves psychic. Because we are all psychic on some level this ability need not be looked at as if it is a gift or talent. It is a muscle that can be flexed or lay dormant. Everyone doesn't use their intuitive natures professionally to help others.... some of us that do are more comfortable referred to ourselves as intuitive counselors/healers.

What's the difference?

Some one who seeks a psychic may ask: "When will I meet my soul mate?"

A person consulting an intuitive counselor asks: "What can I do differently in my life to help attract a loving partner?"

9th ~then it ends weird, but I checked and it does end..So here's my 2 cents, make it 5 cents I'm feeling voluptuous...Quimby was the street that I spent my life on ~Kindergarten until 11th grade. I spent my life on at 3645 Quimby Street- and Quimby is one of the Science of Mind philosophers-or physics...Portending my intending- I remember one day while on 'house arrest' for some absolutely minor offense, my parents decided they had a pressing engagement and made me promise to honor my prison while they left me to go on about their business..I agreed (because believe me -even then- I had high honor for my word- even if coerced..(so sad , eh?)

As it turns out one of the neighborhood gang came by on their way to the canyon (my house was the last on the left on bayside connection of Quimby Street bordering on the canyon) We had a piece of rope hung over a sturdy Eucalyptus tree limb with a 2X4" board as the seat (no shortage of nails and 2X4's" wood)

Any way, being an honest kid, I told them I was on "restriction" and could not help them untangle the rope swing ( the rescue hero) But as luck would have it, while they were up at the old tree swing I began to experiment with helping them untangle the swing, while not physically being with them, but with them in my physical sight. I believe I was 10, and I realized in order to straighten the swing, the tree would need to "swing in the breeze" to unleash the swing...I began to move my hand and imagine the tree swaying in the breeze of my hand creation..and I swear to you the tree obeyed my intention-so finally, the point- I began to have some understanding of another "way" of doing what it is we desire. I am so happy I have learned what I have..and still learning my capabilites as the divine human-microcosm of the macrocsoom! Amen!

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