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Grounding   17 y  
Chakras become unbalanced when stresses, negative thoughts, projected idiocy, everyday life if you lve in a bad neighborhood mind..breath work and mudras will balance the chakras..strong navel point allows you to open the heart center...
40 days of Nabhi Kriya really really helped me, because it anchored me in my own space. From there, you’re safe to open your heart and extend love to everyone. If you try to open your heart without a solid navel chakra, your subconscious fears and vulnerability may sabotage the effort, in my experience! It backfires and the ego gets involved (when chakra 3 is weak, the ego feels its needs aren’t being met). A meditation that I also find effective in surrounding you with healing force that can easily extend to others is this: Inhale in 8 discreet, abrupt parts through the ...   read more

Better Mouse   17 y  
Nature is omnipresent and omnipotent- we are only a branch on the tree of life-we make the tree top heavy
creation ”Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse.” -James Carswell   visit the page

Sadhana   17 y  
An ancient practice of greeting the window to the other worlds! The Catholics have vigilence at 3am, all mystic traditions have a practice for the change from darkness to light...I've missed the last few days and it is time to go back and live and breath, and love-cleanse the hurst and vulgaities of the flesh and ego...Kinda funny but the name vigilence sounds like the Catholics were not interested in going to other worlds but keeping them out (haven't researched this yet) while saad-na is used to get there from here-so to speak..
Pronounced Saad na Sat Nam: We wake up and find sadhana We can wake up forever (Or it feels that way at least) or for a shorter time. Some days we don’t wake up. And that’s ok too. Most days we get up, Some days we feel lazy, and on others energetic, Able to conquer the world or at least our own ego. And some days we just survive because we awoke and said ”Sat Nam” Life within sadhana is like that. If we get up, we have made a deposit in our spiritual bank account Some days we accrue interest On others we make a withdrawal As with the breath, the more we take, Lao Tzu said, ...   read more

I find   17 y  
"art of finding"
creation ”I do not seek. I find.” -Pablo Picasso   visit the page

Thorn's 2 Cents   17 y  
And so I guess Daisy4, and Wrenn, and Lapis and one other that has slipped my mind, and nooo thorn doesn't have a blog under that name, think I have written in such a manner on their blogs? And Thorn who doesn't have a blogso it must be freeform driveling or he feels he is needing attention..or exercising punishment?
Here is a consumpive journal of Thorn yogaPath~ Apparently Thorn had some issue with being homosexual rapes committed by whom and where-well we never quite pinned that down Please feel free and read the WHOLE exchange: That is if it hasn’t been hidden ...again...OR Locked perhaps *malintent* You said you thought his claim was silly as if no such thing can accur! If that is what you say then I stand behind what I said! And why do you think I post in any other name???? I have nothing to hide! As you might have noticed I am ...   read more

Azim Khamisa   17 y  
The Forgiveness Project , Azim Khamisa & Plez Felix
Has anyone heard the name Azim Khamisa? No? I spent all day Sunday with him...he is a beautiful Sufi Muslim. The story is better known in San Diego, it’s where the murder took place..10 years ago now. He lost his son, he was delivering pizza to a house near North Park neighborhood, and a 14 year old gang member shot him with a 9mm pistol. The bullet went through the door of the car, into the Tariq’s armpit through his chest, and out his other armpit...he died choking on his own blood...several minutes later. There was no animosity, no robbery, no intent - just murder...Tar ...   read more

Pineal/Pit Breath   17 y  
The pineal and pituitary glands are our highway to higher consciousness-the pineal (3rd eye) and the pituitary- the creative zone and "curezone" are the 2 hotspots for meditation, creation, and travel! "Get on the bus Gus, don't need to discuss much, drop off the key Lee, and set yourself FREE";}
Breath for Reality Change Breath is Our Connection to The Divine. It responds to all moods, and if harnessed can change moods and feelings. Breath is the most basic survival mechanism. You can live without food for 40 days, without water for 4 days, without breath not even for 4 minutes. Breathing keeps us alive and PRANA (life energy) from fresh, energetic air is feeding our body and soul. Most people use only 1/10 of their lung capacity, doing 16 ? 18 breaths per minute. It is said, that the lifespan of any being is measured in its total number of breath strokes ? just think ...   read more

Merkaba   17 y  
Breathing changes the natural chemical make up of the hormones and this particular breath is the most powerful transformational breath that I have experienced
Mer-Ka-Ba- Breath of Light Travel Take it Easy with this one, Warning! This breath practice increases the pranic energy to a high level vibration Like the Sun, we must breathe, radiating out to all life. And from all life, we will receive our manna. Begin by creating a place in your home that is used only for this meditation. Make a space where no one will walk thru or disturb you, possibly in your bedroom. A small alter with a candle and a cushion or pillow to sit upon may be helpful. Make this place holy. It is here that you will learn to create the MerKaBa around your body and ...   read more

Navel Breathing   17 y  
Relaxing Stress breath, and the expanding of aura breath, and the cleansing of all bodies breath
Navel Point Power How do I breathe into my navel? Chang: Pierce it? Librlaret: Of course some people prefer to use straws! There are some yogis who pierce their 3rd eye and insert a straw to do the same thing. This hasn’t caught on in the west yet.:-} Yogi Bhajan said that piercing your navel is about the stupidest thing you could possibly do to yourself. Your navel is your power center; it’s the vortex of all the meridians of your body. When you pierce it, you disturb the balance of your system. Chang: If I pierced my navel I think it would let the air OUT. And then I ...   read more

Sound Meditation   17 y  
Very, but don't try this at home-Should be kept only in the hands of the experts
Precisely. I embrace this sound in meditation. Peace, Love and Light ------------ Now, one of the subjects my gal pal and I dicussed was the sound heard in silence. I first became aware of this via a freind whom had related to his father when he was a boy that there is a sound when ones thoughts are silent. At the time, I just thought he was nuts. Then last year, I started hearing it. Now, I didn’t tell anyone becasue the sound was comforting, peaceful, at times getting very loud which lead me to go with it and go into meditation. Always, always a very peaceful expereince. ...   read more

Rick Ross Pic   17 y  
Would you trust this man with your Children For Thorn's 2 cent's please scroll to the bottom
The gleam in his eye is manaical but it’s nice to know you’re watching... I can’t say who is the nut, what I can say regardless of Ross or Bhajan -this yoga works. period simple and it’s to bad you haven’t experienced for yourself before you conclusions I wonder if Curezone is considered a cult? Rick Ross who does look demented?! It could have been Wellspring Institute! The imbalanced abound, look at all the energy vampires, eh? I think he may be responsible for his own condition-as we all are for ours.. Back to the inside vs. outside? Onl ...   read more

Switch Channels   17 y  
Operate as if you're going to live, switch channels for emotional strength.
Meditation to Switch Channels and for Emotional Balance Yogi Bhajan says that it is good to do this meditation when one is worried or upset and doesn’t know what to do, or when one feels like screaming, yelling or misbehaving. This exercise will produce quick release of stress, foster emotional balance and help create a quiet space within. It will help you switch channels, or tune into the channel of peace and silence—the neutral mind. Use it: (1) to access the cosmic channel, (2) distinguish between the ”peace zone” and the rational mind or ”conflict zone”, and (3) to train yours ...   read more

Yoga Inner Journey   17 y  
Meditation, breath, & kundalini yoga- its a choice!
Our Inner Journey One of the goals of silent meditation is to discover and connect with our inner state of being. Our inner state is complex, has many levels and is ever changing. When we first begin our inner journey, our first encounter is with our mundane thoughts-about what we have to do, our plans for the day, our opinions about what we are doing at the moment. I remember my first attempt at ”meditation” which must have been about 1973-4. I had been practicing hatha yoga daily for 3-4 years. I decided I would sit still for a few minutes after my asanas. Wow. What an effort that ...   read more

Breathing Naturally   17 y  
Where does your breath start and end- is it tense and shallow? Or deep and complete?
About the Natural Breath The natural breath is not, strictly speaking, a Pranayama -- rather, it is an exercise which precedes pranayama, a necessary step in which we get in touch with the breath as it is. The intention behind pranayama is to expand our natural capacity for breathing. But before we attempt to work with the breath in a conscious way, we must first become aware of any unconscious patterns of limiting the breath, whether the cause is emotional or a physical limitation. In the Natural Breath, we seek simply to become aware of these patterns while resisting the urge to jud ...   read more

Patience-Video   17 y  
Trolley, public transportation, San Diego History, traffic gridlock and other traffic memoribilia They say is a virtue, It certainly is demonstrated with beautiful accuracy in this video clip. California metro areas , like New York, has some of the most challenging traffic...we spend hours in traffic, wondering who has damaged themselves up ahead of us. Just to find out that no one’s just the simple matter of too many cars entering the saem freeway at the same time...even with metered lights. Thos of you who don’t live in the city, may have never experienced a metered light- there are ”stop lights” upon entering the free ...   read more

Full Moon Meditation   17 y  
For the light of heart and the Moon Gods and Goddesses, maybe Pan will show up!
“FULL MOON MEDITATION” Here is a powerful full moon meditation. It’s said if you do this once in a lifetime you will receive Prodigous emotions... This needs to be done in solitary, sitting in the light of the full moon. No windows etc. between you & the moon. Your hands are in prayer pose Fingers pointing straight up Mentally recite the Mantra: Sat Narayan Wahay Guru Hari Narayan Sat Nam For the full effects: 2 1/2 hours! This mantra means: Clear perception of Truth, Ecstasy Beyond Words, Creative Essence of the Infinite, Truth Everlasting. It can help ma ...   read more

Accepting the New   17 y  
Thinking Inspirational Men & Women- In the process of cultural shift with intention and vision for the new "birth of a nation" or birth of a Universe
In the century now dawning, spirituality, visionary consciousness, and the ability to build and mend human relationships will be more important for the fate and safety of this nation than our capacity to forcefully subdue an enemy. Creating the world we want is a much more subtle but more powerful mode of operation than destroying the one we don’t want. ~Marianne Williamson I have been thinking about the conspiracy theories and the ”them and us” outrage...I haven’t liked how it felt, I really didn’t know why it didn’t resonate, surely there are self serving indivduals in our go ...   read more

My comments James   17 y  
Thank you for your time and effort- I gotta wonder who in the world ...Oh well...Here's my truth for what it is worth..
But as to your rendition, Kundalini does open one to our true energetic nature...This is true, I on the other had have had Self Realization as my meditative soul practice..Do you know of Parmahansa Yogananda? Here’s the problem with your debate, you have no first hand experience with the kundalini yoga you speak of. How do I know, easy, your interpertations...and I know you to be, if not longwinded, very clear when you have experience...but James you are so in your head that it is you give cerebral experience to even feelings. Your opinions are well thought out, but they lack the exp ...   read more

G Dev-   17 y  
I do not get paid for this- This here is the man- he teaches how to hold the space and baby he lifted me right up to another place so I could get clear from gunk and diagnose and heal my partner...He is the coolest and the most powerful one I have met. The cost is affordable considering where and what you'll be.
Guru Dev Singh Los Angeles Appointments Jan 14th-19th Sat Nam Rasayan Intensive with Guru Dev Singh Mon Jan 16th 6:30-9:30pm “Primary Sat Nam Rasayan” and on Tues Jan 17th 6:30-9:30pm “Using Sat Nam Rasayan to Connect to the Soul of the Master” Preregistered: $130 Both Classes, $75 Healer w/Tiny Pet/night, $45/ night for Tiny Pets At the Door: $75 Per Class, $50 Tiny Pet/night, $200 Tiny Pet & Healer Both Nights Wilshire Room, Beverly Pavilion Hotel 9360 Wilshire Blvd. Yoga for Healing and Contemplation with Guru Dev Singh Sunday, ...   read more

Sat Nam Rayasan   17 y  
Healing with kundalini energy-holding the space and healing
When connecting with a person’s consciousness there is a field created. This is a specific state of consciousness, a state of mind, and a field of awareness. Sat Nam Rasayan is that space of extended sensitivity. This system of healing is very old. It is very simple and it is very effective. The skills of Sat Nam Rasayan are learned in a tradition of sacred contemplation.The tradition was passed on from teacher to student, one by one, for centuries in total silence. The journey into the practice of Sat Nam Rasayan is a journey into sensitive awareness. It is an exploration into th ...   read more

New Moon/Yoga   18 y  
Rattana is really the best in pulling together all the aspects of KY- astrology, numerology, yoga, breath, music, (the bowls) her integration level is very high..
by Guru Rattana, Ph.D. ****************************************************** SKY EVENTS The SUN reached the foothills of Capricorn’s mountain December 21st at 10:35 AM PST (6:35 PM GMT). It will patiently climb the mountain of life through January 19 at 9:16 PM PST (January 20 5:16 AM GMT). The Capricorn NEW MOON is December 30 at 7:13 PM PST (December 31 at 3:13 AM GMT) at 9 degrees Capricorn, making this an auspicious New Year’s Eve for us all. The Cancer FULL MOON is January 14 at 1:48 AM PST (9:48 AM GMT) at 24 degrees Cancer. VENUS turned retrograde December 24 ...   read more

Mul Mudra Audio   18 y  
Music for the etheric Chant of morning practice- this is a modern version based on the Indian versions..that are more traditional Here is the chant music with the chant for Mul Mantra- This is Just one variety or flavor- it is the more modern and less traditional. During morning practice we chant this to a more tradtional Indian Music- but the fun is there are many different artist and versions! GurM downloads stuff from Norway and other countries that interperet the beat and the scales slightly differently than the Indian one might expect given the differences in language and music...He loves to keep us all on our toes... I guess coming up with slig ...   read more

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