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God's Natural Laws: HEALTH

"You’re about to embark on a journey that will take you to new level in all areas of life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. Yes, you will attract money to your life in a more powerful and synergistic way."

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“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are”
by Steven Gibb, Program Director of Creative Health Institute

You’re about to embark on a journey that will take you to new level in all areas of life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. Yes, you will attract money to your life in a more powerful and synergistic way.

When the phone rings and you pick up the handset, think about what you have in your hand. If you have a phone from the last 20 years it should be made of plastic. Now think about a wood chair placed perfectly in you study or at the kitchen table. Have you ever asked yourself why one is plastic and the other wood? The answer is simple. Inanimate objects vibrate at certain frequencies thus making them what they are. If the plastic phone vibrated differently it wouldn’t be plastic…it would be some other material. Now think about you as a human being and ponder the frequencies that make you who you are? Believe it or not, you do vibrate within a range and this creates you as an individual.

However, there is a twist. You are NOT an inanimate object and you can fluctuate your rate. Human beings are living organic organisms and can change the way they attract things into their life according to the frequency they resonate at. I know this may sound a bit strange right out of the gate but go with me on this for a minute.

When you place the wrong fuel in your body it has to work harder to manufacture the proper nutrients. Food cooked, heated, fried or baked (yes that includes microwaves) above 105 degrees F. is considered dead food because the enzymes (life-force) are being destroyed and the food is becoming devitalized. The body has to work very hard for the nutrients it extracts and this steals energy from the body. Think of a battery inside your body that you charge at night. This battery will allow you to walk, talk, think, and digest food throughout the next day. If your food is too dense and hard to extract nutrients, the body will be using more energy that if the food were alive and full of life force. Fruits, veggies nuts and seed in their natural form are this life force.

Let’s think of it another way…

If you had a brand new shinny Ferrari and I had a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle… which one would you bet on in a race? Now, pour a can of soda in the Ferrari gas tank and regular gas in the Bug, and review the picture. Ill tell you who I’m betting on now. In fact, I’m going to bet everything I own on the Volkswagen bug including the dirt in my yard. I “KNOW” who’s winning the race.

If you want to win the race of life and coast along running smoothly…. consider adopting some of the guidelines I've included below. These are the necessary basic rules, or God’s natural laws, that apply to “all” of us. If you say you don’t believe in the rain and I push you in the rain, are you going to get wet? Of course you are. If you tell me that you unequivocally don’t believe in gravity and you slip on an icy sidewalk, will you fall to the ground? God has in put in place certain physical laws that apply to ALL of us…including YOU! So, when you place the wrong fuel in the Ferrari (your million dollar body) it won’t run properly! However, placing the proper fuel in the system will make you run like a champion. Living food is that proper fuel!

Take a moment to ponder some of the natural laws I discuss below and add one at a time during the next 30 days. You will see and feel a distinctive difference from the first day. Take you time and remember: its one day at a time, much like the rest of life. Reward yourself with the power of enzymes!!!

I bid you much success in your decision to embark upon this new journey and enjoy the benefits that life originally has to offer!

1. Drink one quart of room temperature distilled water in the morning with the juice from half of an organic lemon. This is a good time to add the MSM and ester vitamin C (see below) Our bodies are alkaline in nature and when we eat food that is dead (cooked or heated over 105 degrees) our body will steal enzymes from our body to digest this food. This turn the body acidic and thus disease starts. A lemon in room temperature water will help keep the body alkaline along with hydrating you for the day! If you only do one thing on this list...this will make the biggest difference!!! Also keep your water away from meals. Hydrate yourself ½ hour before and 1 hour after meals. Drinking any fluids with your meals will dilute your digestive enzymes, thus causing a stressed digestion. (Place your distilled water in a glass pitcher and set in the sun for 20 minutes before drinking).

2. Get at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight (must be outside, not through glass) early morning or late afternoon. This should be on as much of your body as possible. Do NOT wear any type of glasses or contacts as this will inhibit the life giving force from the sun. Read the book “Sunlight,” by Kime, or “The Healing Sun,” by Richard Hobday. Both of these books scientifically disprove the myths about how the sun is “bad” for you and your skin when, indeed, it is the life force behind all good health. Think of it this way…nothing could live or grow without sunlight so why would we avoid it? God gave it to us for a reason…it’s part of our life...don’t avoid it!!! There are now scientific studies that conclude sun blocks cause cancer, rather than prevent it. Our bodies are made to produce melanin which is our natural protective agent. This sunlight should be captured before 10:00am and after 4:00pm. If you’re in the sun during peak hours, shade yourself to prevent burning or skin damage.

3. Stop drinking dark colas (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper), especially diet drinks. Aspartame (found in all diet cola’s...even light colored) will eat the retina in your eye, cause blindness and has also been linked to many neurological diseases and disorders. This soda contains 10% wood alcohol and turns to formaldehyde when it reaches 98 degrees!!! All dark sodas contain Phosphoric acid; Phosphoric acid is the number one ingredient in naval jelly, which eats rust from cars. It is the 4th ingredient in dark sodas and will only digest when attached to calcium. None of us have enough calcium to sustain our bodies with the diet we eat. The Phosphoric acid will leach calcium from your bones and teeth in order to get it digested. After it’s digested it will cause further complications in your nervous system. You are drinking acid when you drink dark sodas! In fact, pouring a few drops of any dark cola on a battery terminal that has been corroded will eat and dissolve the corrosion allowing the battery to get voltage to the car and the car starting. The Highway patrol in the state of MN carries 6 to 12 cases of Coke in the trunk of their cars and when there is an accident where they need to clean the road they break out the coke and throw it all over the road. Drinking one can of soda will compromise your immune system 50% for up to 6 hours. It takes 25 glasses of water to offset the acidic condition that one can of soda causes in the human body. Would you like to know more? Go to

4. All dairy products are mucous forming to the entire body. There is no such thing as catching a cold. Colds are the body's way of forcing excess mucous and other junk that you ate out of your body. Colds are not viral or bacteria based...this is a MYTH!!!!!! The reason you may get a cold when getting cold or chilled is because your body was on the edge and you brought it down to where it couldn’t keep up with what you are placing into your mouth!!! This is the body’s way to get rid of the bad stuff and why you have a runny nose or stuffy head until the body can get rid of enough to put you back to normal…whatever that is!

5. All cooked food over 105 degrees F. is DEAD food and your body does not recognize what it is! Enzymes are the basis of life and give your body the tools and life force to live and rebuild your cells. Your blood recycles every 110 days if you are a female and 120 if male. You body completely recycles every 11 months. So…whatever you stuff in your face is what you truly are. Add to your diet fresh organic veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts until you can change some of your eating habits! Using a microwave will actually change the structure of the DNA of the food or water you place in the oven. When you place this food from the microwave into your body, it does not recognize it and doesn’t know what to do with it. You are once again wasting precious energy digesting food that you will get little or no value from. Microwave ovens were outlawed in Russia and are called NUKERS!!!!! Figure it out.

6. Sugar cravings are from a lack of minerals. We cannot get minerals from processed food in a can or a box. I used to say, "if you can’t read and pronounce all the words on a label, you shouldn't be eating it." Now I say, "if it even has a label you shouldn't be eating it!" Sugar produces a naked carbohydrate and can only be digested when attaching itself to minerals. So, it’s catch 22. We crave sugar due to lack of minerals and when we eat sugar it uses minerals to digest! Sugar is the number one killer in America today. If everyone eliminated sugar from their diet, 25% of all illness would subside!

7. We are designed to exercise at least 20 minutes per day. You don’t have to be dripping with sweat every minute of your workout. Exercise until you break a sweat and then do a weight bearing exercise to keep your bone density strong and in place. Rebounders are a great way to cover all the muscles and systems of the body. We are designed to work like this…don’t let the cushy life put you out of place! And, don’t get radical about your exercise as that will shorten your life and use resources that your body needs to keep itself in balance! Everything is about balance and keeping the pendulum in the middle. Not too much Ying or Yang. Think of it as not ever forcing the body. Not too cold…not too hot. This goes for showers, food and so on. When your body is too hot, it has to work to keep you cool which in turn uses precious energy. The same goes when you are too cold. I realize there are times when we are in climates that we can’t avoid certain conditions, but the goal is to keep EVERYTHING in moderation. If you like to drink, then keep it to wine, and only a small amount a couple days per week. Every choice you make and everything you place in your mouth will affect your life for the rest of your life. Get a Polar heart rate monitor so you can exercise properly. We should keep our heart rate within the proper range for our age. This makes a huge difference in how fast we achieve our goal of total wellness. Would you like to know the best form of exercise, even endorsed by NASA? Go here…

8. Most bread is made with gluten and is basically glue, once it enters your body! Take some flour and water and mix it up…is this what you want to place in your body? On top of that, gluten is a protein and 97% of the American population is allergic to this protein. It’s much too large to digest and will work its way through your gut, and get into your bloodstream. Then your white blood cells attack it as a foreign substance. Bottom line is… you have now eaten something that is causing your body to attack itself…how special is that? You will plug and coat your GI tract (from your mouth to your anus) with mucous and therefore not get many nutrients from the good food that you do eat. Many people are hypoglycemic and create Candida due to sugars and bread!!! This mucus is a protective mechanism that coats the GI tract to protect it from the dead, cooked and processed food we place in our body. The reason we can even eat it is we have the capacity to adapt. Think of the brand new baby sitting in the high chair spitting the cooked Gerber baby food out as mom or dad “shovel” it back in. The body finally adapts and realizes these strange humans are not going to give in. The mucus lining starts forming itself at this very moment. This is one of the reasons SO many people feel empty when just eating a salad and say they need some food with substance. They have so much mucus lining their small intestines that they couldn’t possibly extract many nutrients from the salad.

9. Don’t take vitamins/minerals or other supplements. These only force the body and many are made with inorganic substances that will plug your arteries. If it’s not grown out of the ground it’s not natural and it doesn’t belong in your body! There is one mineral that I do recommend as it is natural. It’s called MSM and can be found at MSM is found in rainwater, and gets in and on our foods that are grown outside in the rain. This would not include food grown in a greenhouse. Any non-organic fruit or vegetable is so compromised by gassing and radiation that all of the MSM (sulfur) is destroyed. Even some organic foods are lacking in MSM due to being grown in a greenhouse. Other are compromised because they are watered with chlorinated city water which destroys the probiotics. Go to the web site above for more information on how it plays a role! The object is to add the good food to your current diet and slowly replace and eliminate the dead food. While you are on this journey you may want to consider adding a great natural source of living whole food equivalent to eating a dark leafy green salad.

10. The only water to drink is distilled water. Mineral water contains IN-organic minerals and the body cannot assimilate these minerals. Plants convert inorganic minerals to organic minerals and this is their duty. Water is the catalyst of life, much like the oil in the engine of your car. It carries toxins out of the cells into the bloodstream for elimination, much like taking good nutrients to the cells for regeneration. It’s the lubricant for the body and NO other liquid can replace it. There are books and studies about thousands of people who have rid themselves of extra weight and many diseases. The body is a factory that needs to be well oiled…DRINK YOUR WATER!!!

11. Don’t eat just to eat, and don’t eat until you feel full.. this is a hard one. If you eat less you will live longer, and have less problems as your body will be able to use the extra energy to keep you young and fit. Think of a baby when it comes to life. They sleep when they are tired and eat ONLY when they are hungry, not when something tastes good. Don’t eat before you go to bed. You last meal of the day should be AT LEAST 2 hours from when you go to sleep. If you are going to eat before bed, eat fruit! Think of your body with this battery inside, and when you sleep you will be re-charging the battery. When you are awake and eating you are “exhausting” the battery. So… if you eat right before bed, then your body is exhausting energy when it should really be re-charging your battery and you won’t have enough charge to get through the day. Do this enough times in your life and you are guaranteed to get sick. You gene pool will determine what it will manufacture (cancer, lupus, diabetes, chronic fatigue and so on.) It’s inevitable that you will break down with some type of pain, disorder and/or dis-ease if you abuse your body. Note, as you are transitioning you may eat enough to feel full, or overfull. Don’t punish yourself; Rome wasn’t built in a day!

12. Salt is a big challenge with the Standard American Diet (SAD). I believe it’s the biggest culprit in our diet and if all people just limited salt, 15% of disease and disorder would vanish. Eat ONLY Celtic Sea Salt until you wean yourself from it completely. You will get enough salt from vegetables such as celery and cucumber…well, that’s if you decide to eat them!

13. HEAVY METALS have recently risen to the top of the list. Heavy metals are involved in 95% of all cancer patients. The top three related diseases are depression, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. The half life of mercury is 33½ years for the human body to dispose if it. These metals are so toxic and difficult to remove that we have to help the body help itself without forcing it. Nanocolloidal Detox Factors is made from living whole foods. The molecules are so small (nanoized) that they will permeate the cell wall and help restore the toxin/nutrient function allowing the body to take over. If you feel you have ANY condition that slows you down and keeps you from total wellness…I would start with heavy metal detox as a first step. NOTE: DO NOT do a heavy metal detox unless you know the facts. You can harm yourself by doing this improperly.

I realize that the above suggestions are hard to implement all at once, and I have only met one person in my life that has done this. I don’t recommend it. Just add some of the suggestions above to your daily diet and “slowly” think about what your body has to offer. If you were to live 90 years and party all your life but have to spend the last 5 years in a nursing home in diapers and in misery, would the first 85 years be worth it? …I think not. That 5-year span will seem like 50 years (I speak from experience).

Take it slow, and add one item per month to your lifestyle. In one year you will be doing more than 95% of the American public; which will insure you a quality life. Always ask yourself, do you want “quantity” or “quality?”

Remember: it’s not about perfection, but rather, progress. Don’t put a number on how much living food you eat. Now that you are aware of what is alive and what is dead… start adding living food to your lifestyle. Don’t worry, or change your diet, or think about what you want to eliminate. This is a negative approach and you’re setting yourself up for failure. Simple add living food of any kind and eventually the bad food will be eliminated. Give your palette a change to get back to nature, allowing the rest of your body to take the ride as well!

Bottom line is…the journey is the reward!

“Address your health or it will address you.”

Steven Gibb is expanding these health tips into an e-book form giving you all the tools and knowledge to become well. This book will be packed full of knowledge and instruction from his own experience. Steven is a hygienist and has come full circle after 9 years of battling his own wellness challenges. He believes when we get out of the way and stop forcing the body, it will heal itself. He has proven this time and time again and soon it will be available in book form. He will teach you how to add the proper elements to you lifestyle keeping you in tune with your body!


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