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Use God's Laws

"God’s timing is right now in this moment, right now, not separate from that. Right here and now. And so in your sharing this information, and your understanding of how powerful this is, then you will understand at any moment you are creating exactly the timing around it."

Date:   5/7/2005 5:47:58 AM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 1528 times

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Haniel on Manifestation and Natural Laws

Universal laws are what you call natural laws. They are created by God. Each universal law is absolute in the sense that it is constant and that there are no variables. In other words, whenever you activate that one law, it will always, always act like that and it will never change. Which in many ways is a very positive thing but in other ways, can be quite disastrous in a person’s life, if they are not aware of which universal law they are activating.

So that to learn how to work with each universal law is literally the information of the masters. Because working with universal laws and understanding them is literally coming into the thought, the consciousness of God at the same time - isn’t that exciting?

We’re going to talk about two laws.

The first law that we’re going to talk about is the Law of Repulsion - repelling away. This law is set up to repel anything away from you. When you are not aware of it and you are activating it, it can repel away from you the things that you are wanting to attract. But the most positive thing, when you are working with this law and you are working also with the Law of Attraction - the Law of Repulsion will repel away from you anything that is not divinely aligned. You see, there is a positive reason for this, this Universal Law of Repulsion. What activates the Law of Repulsion is any realization, any affirmation of LACK. “It’s not there.” “It hasn’t arrived yet.”

Lack, lack of consciousness. It is a constant and that is actually what will always come to you. It is a delay. Or that opportunity that will be repelled away from you.

The words that activate it [Law of Repulsion] are:

I need - I want - I desire
When? - Where? - What? - How?

All of those words are activating the Law of Repulsion because all of them are an affirmation of “It’s not there.” For example, if you say “Well, I am becoming healthy,” you are already affirming doubt that you are not healthy. So, anything that has an “ing” on the end activates the Law of Repulsion. So it will repel that thing away from you. So, if you say “I am dieting,” “I am losing weight,” “I am looking for a job,” “I am desiring a relationship,” “I am opening up to a relationship,” it means you are not fully open. You have just repelled it.

So those words with the “ing” on the end refer to “it’s not present right now.“ You are noticing lack. It’s not there.

So, the way that you come out of that is you change your wording to:

I am - I have - I choose - I receive
I manifest, or I have manifested, or I am manifestation.

Those are the words I choose. When I activate all of these words, they say, “this is done right now in this moment.” Not that it is coming into fruition, but that it is done. So for example, say “Oh yes, I have now bought a house in Sedona,” or “I have bought a house in Santa Fe,” or “I have bought a house in Washington,” or “I have a relationship in my life.” So whenever you are praying, you say “Thank you, God, for this relationship in my life now.” “Thank you God that I am abundant.” Thank you God that I am loving.” “Thank you God that I am open right now for loving relationships to always be there for me, to always come into my life.”

Well see, now, you’ve already activated another - it’s called the Personal Universal Law.

Always and never. For again, when you use the words ALWAYS and NEVER, it enacts what you call the Personal Universal Law. You will always be like that or never be like that. So this is even more of an intensification of the Law of Attraction, of the Law of Repulsion when using these words.

So, when you look at your life, and we say to you, when an opportunity is coming up and there is something you are now putting together in your mind, you are creating this thing in your mind right now. It’s not fully created, but you are creating it, so say, “I am right now in the act of manifestation.” “I am in the act of manifestation right now with my thoughts, right now in this moment, creating with God, this thing in the act of manifestation.” That enacts the Law of Attraction.

Because even though you use the word “ing” in there, what you added in there is the word manifestation. You see, you surrounded it by these other words that are about the Law of Attraction. So that this is important not only to the words you are saying now, but to all of the thoughts you have thought, and all of the words you have said.

Because, if you can imagine that at any time you have two light switches. Your eyes are working with the switch of the Law of Repulsion, the switch of the Law of Attraction.

When you are working with these two laws - and it can be at any moment of the day - you can switch back and forth between them. You start up in the morning and you say, “Well, hmmmmm, I wonder when this person is going to be calling me?” Well, you’ve just delayed that phone call. You actually just repelled the opportunity of this person calling. So, now you change the words to “You know, so and so is calling me today. Isn’t it exciting?” I know we’ve already set up the time and at that point I will be talking to this person and I know that. And so “thank you, that it’s so nice to talk to this person today.”

So, you finish the statement by an act of attraction, activating the Law of Attraction. “I know I will talk to this person today.” You know it’s already done. You know you’ve already attracted it. And so that is why it’s already there.

Now, so you go along in the day, and you think, “Well, alright,” then you start with the questions: When? How? or I need, I want, or I desire, then you go back into I have, I choose, I receive, I manifest.

Each one of these thoughts goes out like ripples in a pond. Each one a little drop of pebbles. And as you drop a pebble of repulsion, drop a pebble of repulsion, drop a pebble of attraction, drop a pebble of attraction, drop a pebble of repulsion, drop a pebble of attraction, these waves go out and can create confusion and delay because as each word goes out it must come back to you. It is energy -- you cannot stop it.

Now, if you are combining between these two laws, what will come back to you will be somewhat minimalized. It will be either somewhat minimalized in the delay of the repelling or somewhat minimalized in the attracting. Because if you are going back and forth and not knowing what you’re doing - back and forth, back and forth - this can create delays, frustrations and then you’re angry at your Angels and everyone is wondering what is going on. See?

Now, let us say, for example, that you’re really concentrating on the Law of Attraction, but you tell other people about what you’re manifesting - what you’re in the act of manifestation of. And you just shared very lightly with them. So what happens, is that their thoughts and feelings start to go into “Well, I wonder when that’s going to happen for that person?” “And how is it going to happen?” You see, they have enacted the Law of Repulsion towards your thing. And so that if you are concentrating on the Law of Attraction, it will only affect it to a little degree. But if you are going back and forth between the Law of Repulsion and the Law of Attraction, their own thoughts that are enacting the Law of Repulsion will really delay that thing. Because it’s adding to your own energy of enacting that law - the Law of Repulsion.

So this is why this is so powerful and that as you understand this and work with it every day. This is why we tell you that YOU are in charge of your timing. Because God’s timing is right now in this moment, right now, not separate from that. Right here and now. And so in your sharing this information, and your understanding of how powerful this is, then you will understand at any moment you are creating exactly the timing around it. So whatever you have trained now, your thoughts and your feelings, you always see the Law of Attraction. This is what is instant manifestation.

So when we tell you these wonderful things that you can have, it is because this is what is coming through you - through the Llaw of Aattraction - that you have all these ripples coming back to you on. But it is becoming afraid of it, “When is it going to happen?” “Well, my Angels told me it’s going to happen now and it hasn’t happened,” you have an affirmation of lack and enacted it and this is why you can sabotage yourself. So that as you work with these two laws on a daily basis, the most important thing is, of course, you cannot know what other people are thinking or how they are affecting it. So if you keep your thoughts trained on the Law of Attraction, do not tell anyone what you’re in the act of manifestation of until it is fully manifested. Then you are going to see that thing come about in a very short time. Yes. Now you have the master plan of manifestation. So when you are saying “I am creating,” you can even say, “I am in the act of manifestation of these things.” “I am in the act of manifestation.”

As you integrate this, dear ones, you’ll feel how powerful it is because it is really quite powerful. This is what makes up the experience, the foundation of every person’s life experience -- from minute to minute, from day to day and from lifetime to lifetime. These are the two components that are played with throughout the lifetimes. These two laws. There are other universal laws - there’s the Universal Law of Magnification, and there’s the Universal Law of Minimalization - and so this is there when you know your work, you’re enacting the Law of Magnification. It magnifies it.

When you are saying “I’m not worthy,” you are enacting the Universal Law of Minimalization. Which means everything thought, doesn’t it? Thought on a grand scale. So, dears, there are many of these and along the way I will teach about all of these universal laws. Right now it’s very important for everyone, in order to be the master creator for your life, to understand these two laws and to work with them to work for your life. So when you are asking from God, again, and you are in prayer and you’re asking from God and you are not saying “Thank you, God, I need or I want,” you can say, “Thank you, God, that this is done now.” “Thank you, God, that I have this now.” “Thank you, God, that I am healthy.” “Thank you, God, that I am loved.” “Thank you, God, that I am abundant.” And that you stay in that throughout the day.

It’s really quite simple. You see, this is the beauty of the secrets of the Universe. Very simple, but yet profound. Simple and profound. And what a magnificent power you have in the act of manifestation. And that the power has always been in your hands. You see, God does not say to you “Well, alright, I’ll override this universal law for you because you’ve tried this out and you don’t understand.” These [laws] are perfect and so it’s just understanding how perfect they work with you. When you’re asking for God’s intervention, for God’s conclusion and God’s resolution, you’re enacting the Law of Attraction because you’re saying, “It’s done.”

You see, this is how exciting it is.

When you are, let’s just say for example, there are some people that when they say “need,” they are saying “choose.” There’s a different intention that’s happening inside of them. When they say “Well, you know I really need to go to the grocery store.” What they’re really saying is “I choose to go to the grocery store.” They’re not saying “I am in the sense of needing, or in the concept of need. “ When there is fear attached to it, such as, “Oh, dear I have to go to the grocery store and I don’t have enough money or I don’t have enough time.” Now they’ve enacted the Law of Repulsion so something will happen so they don’t go to the grocery store. Their automobile doesn’t work, they don’t have enough money, they don’t have enough time. Something will repel them away from that opportunity.

This is how everything works. This is how everything works all the time. And so when you are asking for prophesying of time, this is why we don’t really like to give it because we can say, “Well, you are enacting the Law of Attraction right now, but you could be enacting the Law of Repulsion, which would put delays around it.”

Free will is the one that activates one law or another. So free will is a wonderful thing; it is the thing that drives your life.

And now you know the tools you are working with and how powerful they are.

It gets very exciting because it is the time to empower yourself because this is the year of manifestation. These two laws are being worked with everyday now and understanding of how you are working with them every day.

Which switch are you throwing at the time? And then having the patience to understand that when you decide now to be in the Law of Attraction, remember the old ripples are going to come back. So it’s constantly being in that Law of Attraction until you finally see the ripples, the waves of the Law of Attraction coming back.

So ignore any outside circumstances until you see the Law of Attraction energy coming back to you.

Let us say, for example, that you are looking for a job. And you say, “But I really need the job, I really need the job.” Now you’ve gotten this information. Alright I choose it right now. You’ve already sent out all those ripples of the Law of Repulsion - of need, lack, desire want, when, where, how - all of that. So you change it to this: “Alright now, today I am going to concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. I have this job. Thank you for this job in my life. I am working right now in my most wonderful, perfect job and I have now manifested this.” You say this all the time, you visualize it, you integrate it, it’s real in your life. Continue this for two weeks. When you start thinking “Where’s the job?” what did you just do? You came out of the Law of Attraction and into the Law of Repulsion. So, well, now you start looking through the paper “Oh that’s what I want! Oh, there it is! Well, silly me, of course, here it is.” Here is the job, so you start going on the interview then you don’t get hired. You see “but that didn’t work.” You went right back in the Law of Repulsion. Do you understand how this works all the time?

So that when you - let us take the same scenario. You concentrate, concentrate, concentrate. You see the jobs and you apply for them and you don’t get them. That’s because your old waves are coming back. I’m going to keep going. I’m going to keep going because this is my power. And you see that it could be the very next day that you get that job. It’s just a little bit more, and that the more you understand this, the more you will understand that impatience activates the Law of Repulsion. -Because you are now realizing it’s not there.

You see? You see? So this is how powerful it is. It puts the power right back in your hands. Right back in your hands.

This is the information I have been trying to tell the people. But you see, there just wasn’t a level of comprehension available. There’s more light available and so this is why I am very excited, because I know as these words go out that individuals will comprehend and they will take their power as a divine courageous being in the act of manifestation with God every moment of their life and they will not fall into the trap of impatience.

To be patient. Be patient. Know that it has to be there. Absolute law, dear ones. They have to come back What you contemplate is the Law of Attraction.


It has to come back to you.

Channeled by Audrey Cole, Colorado.

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