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Essence of Your Thoughts

"In your physical format, you get caught up in a feeling of competition. You worry that someone else might get your prize, when, in reality, there is prize enough for everyone. You are the creator of your prize and the Universe will deliver it to you."

Date:   6/2/2005 5:01:07 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 2502 times

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Recognize the Essence of Your Thoughts

Even if something that you really want has not yet manifested, do you feel joyful anyway?

Wanting is a good thing because when you get to the place that unfulfilled desire feels fresh like it did when you were two or three, or four, then you have returned to the vibrational stance that you have always intended.

From your broader, Non-physical perspective, you understand that there is no question about you being able to receive anything that you desire, because, from that vantage point, you understand the Laws of the Universe—you understand that when you ask, it is always given. And so, there is not a particle of discouragement or worry about things not yet manifested, because it is so clearly understood that all you have to do is focus and relax, and allow it to be.

In your physical format, you get caught up in a feeling of competition. You worry that someone else might get your prize, when, in reality, there is prize enough for everyone. You are the creator of your prize and the Universe will deliver it to you.

It is not possible that you could be deprived of something that you want because someone else achieves it—that could not possibly be. In fact, the Universe expands in direct proportion to the desires that you conjure here. The Source Energy Stream exists in its powerful, focused force because of your focusing of your desires.

There are three steps, simple steps, (really, laws are like that, aren’t they? Simple in theory and a little trickier in application) Step One is ask, and you can’t stop doing that; preference is born constantly out of your observing and remembering and focusing, and imagining. So, your asking is the byproduct of your living in this focused environment. Step Two is not your work; Source answers what you ask for. It answers the cells in your body. It answers spoken requests; Source answers unspoken requests: your vibrational signal, your preference, your desire…Step Three is what this essay is all about. Step Three is about you bringing yourself into vibrational alignment with your desire.

The reason that, often, physical friends are not in vibrational alignment with their desire is because they’re focused on something other than their desire. Now, think about it. Law of Attraction says, that which is like unto itself is drawn. So, if you want something and you’re focused on that something that you want, then you are offering a vibration about that something that you want, and you are fulfilling all three steps: You’re fulfilling the two that are your responsibility—and Source is fulfilling the other.

So, then you say, “Well, there must be something I’m missing, because I believe that there are things that I desire that have not come to me… I’ve got stuff in my life I don’t want, and there’s stuff missing that I do want. And I’m pretty sure that I’m thinking about what I want.” And we say: not possible. If you were thinking about what you want, in time you would develop such a vibrational habit around that, that it would have to be yours. In fact, you can be sure that whatever you are getting is what you’ve been thinking about.

But then you say, “Can’t be true. I have a disease I never thought about. Never even heard about it ‘til they assigned it to me. How could I have been thinking about this thing if I didn’t even know it exists?”

You develop patterns of thought which cause you to offer patterns of vibration, which equal what you are living. What manifests is always an accurate reflection of the thoughts that you’ve been thinking. And so, it is helpful if you think in terms of the vibrational essence of the thought that you are thinking.

You might not have assigned it a name, but if you are focused upon the absence of Well-Being in some area of your life, and you have held your attention upon that, enough that you’ve, sort of, beat the drum of it, meaning, you develop a vibrational cadence; it’s where your thoughts easily go; it’s where your conversations easily turn; it’s just the way you feel about this or about this, or about this...those practiced, conscious or unconscious, vibrations, then become your point of attraction. And what you’re getting matches that perfectly, every single time.

So, it’s really a wonderful thing when you realize that, because then you can start watching for evidence of your vibration. Now, there are two ways to watch for that evidence. You can wait ‘til something manifests, and then say, “Oh yeah, I recognize that.” Or, you can pay attention to the way you feel and say, “Oh yes, I can feel what’s coming.”

Your emotions are these fabulous indicators that let you know what your vibrational content is. And your emotions feel the way they do because of two important vibrational factors: The factor of desire, which is the summoning power. And the factor of allowing— which is the letting, or the not letting what you’ve summoned flow. If you really, really want something, you’re summoning Energy in a stronger way. If you’ve wanted it for quite awhile, you’re summoning it even more. If you think about it often, you’re summoning it specifically.

So, just like you can take a spectrum of light and focus it into a very powerful laser beam, you have desires that you have focused into very powerful beams. So, the more focused thoughts, are the thoughts where the Energy moves faster. And in that faster Energy, any contradiction shows up more. Just like if you’re driving your car 100 mph and you hit a tree, the tree is a bigger factor than if you were going 5 mph.

So, the two factors that your emotions are always letting you know are: how focused the Energy is by virtue of your desire, and how your normal thoughts around the subject resonate or don’t resonate with that desire. Easier way to say it is, “what’s my attitude or what’s my mood about such-and-such?

“When I think about my body, do I love it? Am I grateful? Does it annoy me? Does it embarrass me? Do I praise it? Do I condemn it? Do I adore it? Do I compliment it? Do I criticize it?” In other words, what kinds of things do you say about your body?

When you think about dollars, do you feel joyful? Does the subject of dollars make you feel free? Do you feel eager and enthusiastic about dollars? Do you feel afraid when you think about dollars? Are you angry about dollars? Are you embarrassed about dollars? Are you fitful about them; worried about them; eager about them, happy about them?

When you think about the greater economy, are you grateful for economy? Do you love it when someone thrives? Are you jealous when someone thrives? Do you feel happy for a friend succeeding? Do you feel unhappy about your not-so-much success when you see friends succeeding? Do you blame the government? Do you blame your employer for not paying you more? How do you feel?

It turns up in all of these different ways. All day, every day, you have opinions and attitudes. Most of them you didn’t even figure out on your own. You hung around with somebody else who hung around with somebody else who hung around with somebody else… And often, you’ve developed an attitude, an attitude about money.

There’s a pervasive attitude about money, that says, rich people somehow are inappropriate. “They’ve done something wrong. How dare they succeed and point out to me my lesser success? Or even worse, how dare they succeed and take such a big piece of the pie so that the rest of us are left with crumbs, or maybe nothing?”

If you are not sure what your vibrational essence is, we understand because most physical friends have not been noticing the emotional correlation between thoughts that just feel normal. In other words, you trusted your mother, she gave you food, she gave you shelter; she seemed like the vortex through which a large amount of your Well-Being flowed. And so, she seemed like someone to listen to, and she was bigger than you, and she always thought she was right, especially in the beginning. (Fun) And so, you began to pattern your thoughts around the same kinds of thoughts that she was thinking—because things went better for you when you did that. (Fun) When you disagreed with her, it didn’t go as well. Then, when you went to school, there were others who wanted your agreement… And as you get out into the world, or into new relationships, there are others who want your agreement… And so, you find yourselves (bless your hearts) upside down and all around as you are trying to conform to the primary stream of thought, relative to subjects: You want to do what’s socially acceptable, for you do not want to be an outcast. And you want to do what’s politically correct, because you do not want to be an outcast. And you want to do what your family expects of you, because you don’t want to be disinherited, and you want to do what your religion says, because you don’t want to be disavowed or go to hell—which is far worse than any of the other things. (Fun)

Most of you have been using standards or measurements that are outside of you—and that have nothing to do with you—in order to try to formulate your thoughts or opinions or attitudes, or actions. And in the process, what has happened is, you have picked up an incredible hodgepodge of beliefs, some of which serve you—some of which do not. But, most of our human friends feel powerless in what comes to them because they’ve been practicing this vibration and practicing that vibration, and practicing that vibration, and picking up thoughts and beliefs based upon the evidence that the society produces around them. And so now, you find yourselves often with a whole bagful of beliefs that are not serving you.

This is the greatest message. This will free you from vibrational resistance, as you hear it, and internalize it, and then practice it: The thing that is most hindering: You look at what people are living and you gather your evidence or statistics, and then you claim it as true.

You say, “It must be true. They warned me about that, and sure enough, it happened.” And what we are wanting so much for you to hear, is: What anyone is living—your culture, your environment, your society, your city, your family, your person—what anybody is living, the truth, or the evidence that you are producing is only the truth that manifests in response to the habit of vibration that you offer.

So, when you look out into your society and you see something, wanted or unwanted, and you proclaim it as true—which is the reason that you give that others should think about it, write about it, talk about it, understand, and accept it as truth—do you feel how screwy that is? That’s like saying, “There’s something out there that I do not want, but because somebody else created it in their experience and it became their truth, now I must beat the drum of it, and make it my truth, too.” And we say, fortunately there are a variety of truths for you to pick from.

Fortunately, you are the creator of your own truth. No one can write a book; no one can start a movement; no one can organize a religion; no one can say, “These are the things that are important for you to do, and these are the things that you must not do,” because no one knows the mix of intentions and the mix of beliefs that you hold. You get to choose all of it.

So, some worry, “Oh, I liked it better when I thought there was a religion,” or, “I liked it better when I listened to my mother… I like it better when there’s someone that I think is wise that sets the course and then I just copy them.” And we say, that’s fine. It’s fine to copy someone who is thriving successfully, but when they croak of cancer, you say, “Hmm, maybe I would like a different role model now.” And we say, what you’re wanting to do is use the Guidance that is within you.

Jerry and Esther have a navigational system, (it’s really marvelous) in their vehicles. It (Magellan) calculates the distance and gives directions between where they are and where they want to go. The satellites in the sky and the antenna on the roof identify where they are, and then they just program the address where they want to go, and Magellan says, “Go this way; go this way. Take the next exit. When it is possible, make a legal u-turn.” Magellan never says to them, “Where have you been?” because it is utterly irrelevant. It would only complicate things if they factored all of that in. Magellan never says, “How long have you been here?” (Fun) Magellan never refuses to give information about where they will go now because they didn’t listen last time. (Fun)

Sometimes, they will program a route and then they will get another idea. And before they can reprogram Magellan, she kicks up quite a squawk. She keeps insisting, “Please, return to the highlighted route! Please, return to the highlighted route!” And Jerry will say, “No, we’re not going to do that. Leave us alone!” And then he will say to Esther, “Shut that broad up!” (Fun) But Magellan is insistent because she has been given (we call it a girl because it is a lovely woman’s voice; the man’s voice was too bossy, [Fun] they turned it off)… She has one mission only: To give directions between where you are and where you want to be. And she’s relentless about it. (Fun) Never stops letting them know. “You’re going in the wrong direction; make a u-turn.”

Your Guidance System is the same way, because all of the days of your physical focus, and long before you got here, your intentions were set into motion. And every day that you live and experience contrast-variety, you make new determinations about what you want. And you are emitting them constantly—constant amendments to your desire going out to the ethers—and Source Energy is receiving every one of them, and then, giving you a signal constantly, that you translate, in the form of emotion, that lets you know whether you are on your way to where you’ve been saying you want to go, or whether you are not.

You can tell by the way you feel if you are in alignment. When you feel eagerness, you’re on your path. When you feel enthusiasm, you’re on your path. When you feel anger, you’re off your path. When you feel frustration, you’re off your path. When you feel despair; when you feel depression, you’re really off your path.

So, we call these teachings the Art of Allowing. And what that means is, deliberately choosing thoughts that cause me to offer a vibration that causes me to allow myself to receive the things that I’ve been asking for.

So, creation really is more about loving yourself; it’s more about feeling your worthiness; it’s more about appreciating a friend; it’s more about enjoying the sunset; it’s more about enjoying the beautiful flowers. It’s more about finding reasons to relax into Well-Being, rather than gather up your strength and valiantly go forth to achieve your tasks, and serve your cause… because your “cause” is, to be the receiver and radiator of the love and Well-Being that is You.

You are an extension of Source Energy. You are one who loves, and you are one who loves to think, and you are one who loves to create, and you are one who loves to contemplate. You’re one who enjoys stimulation of thought. You’re one who enjoys choosing; you enjoy considering; you enjoy pondering; you enjoy fashioning. You enjoy putting things together. You enjoy figuring things out. You enjoy knowing. You enjoy not being sure and then becoming more sure. You enjoy the evolution of a thought. You enjoy the expansion of an idea. You enjoy the expansion of life experience. You enjoy the pleasure of being this genius focused in the most creative environment that has ever existed, for the fulfillment of things that satisfy you.

You are liquid love in physical bodies, wanting, more than life itself, because it is life itself, to adore the vessel that’s you through which this Source Energy flows. You are God. You are Source. You are creator.

You always feel good from your Source Energy perspective.

You don’t feel regret; you don’t feel doubt; you don’t feel worry; you don’t feel shame; you don’t feel guilt; you don’t feel anger; you don’t feel hate… You feel joy; you feel appreciation; you feel worthiness; you feel eagerness; you feel passion.

You feel like the little kids feel—watch them: they’re sure; they’re arrogant; they’re not afraid. You say, “They’re not smart enough to be afraid.” We say, they are still smart—and not afraid. You say, “But they don’t know enough to worry.” And we say, they know everything—and they do not worry. The children are still more vibrationally imbued with that feeling of passion and joy—and that is what this work is about. It’s to assist you in returning to the natural state of Well-being—the natural state of being that is really You.

From the Quarterly Journal Oct/Nov/Dec 2004
Saturday, February 21, 2004
From the recording G-2-21-04A
San Rafael, CA

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