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Abundance Is Our Birthright

So what is the secret? Why do they succeed when most have such difficulty creating enough abundance to live simply and gracefully? How does the law of manifestation work? How does the electromagnetic force field that surrounds us attract abundance?
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Date:   5/18/2005 1:57:14 PM   ( 16 y ) ... viewed 1457 times

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Abundance Is Our Birthright
Loretta Rogers

I have heard it said many times, and I think most people believe, that if its free or easy, it has no value. I remember my parents telling me as a small child "if its worth having, its worth struggling and working for" and, "if it comes easy its probably not worth much."Also, that you had to be willing to "sacrifice and do without so you could have money in the bank for a rainy day." Its what we were taught as children. It seems we are taught to maintain a high level of pain and struggle as a normal part of our lives. Our subconscious minds were programmed to believe all these things Are we supporting a belief system that encourages struggle?.

Without a doubt, I believe that there is definitely value in working for what we want. But why is it so hard for us to realize that the universe provides abundance freely when we get out of the way and accept it. All things do not require struggle - we only have to put the request for what we want in our lives out there, believe it will be, and release it. We must then pay attention and the universe will present opportunity for right action that will lead to creating or manifesting what we want.

Just how does this universal law of manifestation work? I am certainly not perfected in this but I would like to share what I know of how this law works.

We are comprised of, among other things, electromagnetic energy. This electro- magnetic energy has a vibrational frequency. In fact, the differences we perceive between us and everything outside of us is simply our perception of the different vibratory frequency. We may say that every thing in the seen and unseen realities vibrates at a certain rate, and because this frequency is electro-magnetic, it attracts like frequency to it.

If we look at situations in our lives that we desire to transform, imagine that each situation has a frequency. Every time we identify with this situation, we feel negative judgement about perceived lack. In other words: I would like to be healthy and vital, but , I am sick and frail; I would like more money, but I do not have enough money. You see how often we are focused on the lack? That perception of lack carries its own frequency, which the universe supports absolutely.

All things in the universe were thoughts before they were things. It is not only our thoughts which have this frequency. More powerful, is the emotion which is attached to the thought. Have you noticed how easy it is to manifest that which really doesn't have a lot of significance in our lives? We do it without thinking about it. We simply focus on what is desired and there it is. Much of our perceived lack come from not identifying the gift which is being presented to us now.

To create effortlessly it is helpful to identify any old beliefs or ideas which keep us stuck in the old patterns. The universe has trouble with mixed messages and will support the message which has the most power attached to it. If you desire to manifest more money and wonder why, after all your affirmations and visualizations, that money is not flowing to you, then look at what you believe about money. More importantly, look at your focus on the lack of it. While we are stuck in poverty consciousness we are not in the frequency of the ease and flow of money.

One of the easiest ways to change the flow of your life, and to be in the flow and frequency of having, is to see the abundant gifts that you have now and give thanks.

Many of us are still struggling to survive and meet our everyday obligations while those who operate from a standpoint of greed and power grow richer. There are universal laws in force, neutral laws, that all of us must abide by no matter what our character. First, we must have the right mind set. If we studied or took a closer look at those who have amassed great wealth and power we would see they have a vision, a belief in themselves and their ability to accomplish anything they desire. They begin by gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to make them experts in their field of endeavor. They spend as much energy and time as it takes to make their dreams a reality; they do not listen to any negative input from others and they do not doubt, even for a moment, their ability to accomplish what they desire and reach their goals. They draw to them those who have like interests and similar aspirations. They have their vision firmly planted in their mind and, day-by-day, moment-by-moment, they do whatever is necessary to bring that vision into reality.

So what is the secret? Why do they succeed when most have such difficulty creating enough abundance to live simply and gracefully? How does the law of manifestation work? How does the electromagnetic force field that surrounds us attract abundance?

Through our electro-magnetic force field we send out a frequency or vibrations, and those vibrations go forth and connect with like energy waves drawing to us more of the same. And so why, if we have been saying affirmations and mantras day and night asking for wealth, if we talk continuously about what we want to accomplish when we have the funds, and yearn with all our heart and soul for abundance and it still is not forthcoming? Because we still have those old tapes lurking around in your subconscious mind that say we must struggle and deny ourselves. If we just concentrate on our spiritual growth, God will provide...and on and on.

One moment we are excited and feel we can conquer the world and manifest anything we desire and the next, we begin to doubt ourselves again. We say our affirmations for abundance and then allow our busy ego-mind to worry and fret day and night about paying our bills, or getting a new car or a higher paying job. We begrudge paying taxes, or insurance or the dentist, etc., instead of giving thanks and blessing the money that flows through our hands as we meet our obligations or exchange our earnings for the services of others.

Very few of us have the mind set to handle great wealth, even if it did miraculously come to us. What would you do if suddenly you were given several million dollars? Would you hoard it? Would you be anxious about losing it or someone cheating you out of it? Or would you spend it joyfully, creating your dreams and assisting others to create theirs, knowing that your abundance will keep flowing and there will always be enough to meet your needs and desires?

I'm not talking about abundance making you happy or giving you a sense of fulfillment or about deserving it. I am talking about the impartial flow of universal substance, and I am sure you have all noticed that many of those who are the wealthiest are some of the most miserable, bored and unhappy individuals. But we must give them credit, they do know how to tap into the universal source with their thoughts, desires and determination. They never waver from their goals. They never let anything or anyone stop them or deter them from completing their mission. They envision, they desire, they believe, they act...therefore they manifest.

To manifest what we want, we must be very clear about what it is we want to manifest...feel the intensity within our soul-selves, not our ego-selves. We must also be sure that our desires are in harmony with our higher-selves; we must surrender to the highest good for ourself and others, realizing that we cannot always see the larger picture, and also we do not want to limit how our dreams will be manifested. We must listen to that inner voice of intuition--listen for guidance and expect miracles and then take action as the path is revealed.

We must begin to focus more on the abundance we already have in our life...give thanks for it, be joyful about what we have, and the good things in our life. We need to shift your consciousness away from what is wrong with ourselves, those around us and the world and begin to see what is right, beautiful and wondrous. We must act as if we are entitled to all the beauty and abundance of the universe and that it is pouring forth in unlimited measure until it begins to happen. That is not to say we are to go out and spend funds that we do not have, but we can begin to see and enjoy the gifts that are available to us.

Give thanks for the little miracles that take place, making way for greater and greater gifts to come your way. As we focus more on the positive aspects of your life, we are reinforcing these energies and drawing more of the same to us. We are creating a force field of love, abundance and harmony which no one can disrupt or destroy--only we can do that. Our thoughts are more powerful than we know, but we still allow our minds to play, over and over, the thoughts of doubt, negativity, fear, guilt etc., which make our affirmations ineffectual or cancel them out. One moment we believe we can accomplish anything we desire and the next we are in self-doubt and pity. No matter how conscious we become spiritually, if we do not tap into that stream of consciousness with our mental body and mind that allows us to draw to us the energies of manifestation, we will never become a co-creator of abundance.

It is difficult to overcome thoughts, habits and traits that we have accumulated over the years, but it is a time of new beginnings, a time to release our old limited viewpoints, doubts and weaknesses. We are ascending into a new state of awareness, a new consciousness; we are evolving and returning to our perfected state of joy, balance and harmony, where we will once again glow with the beauty of Spirit.

Co-creation is the art of deliberate manifestation. It is designing every moment of our lives and allowing us to create our own realities with the help of Spirit. It is being brave enough to walk purposefully into our own futures the way we want them. It is "being" in its finest form. Most of us carry seeds of self-doubt and unworthiness and therefore, make this difficult. Spirit (God) wants us to have everything our hearts desire -- that we "be" our finest expression of God.

We must dare to dream, dare to reach for the stars, dare to claim all that Spirit has promised is ours for the taking. Remember that we must experience what we create, so together lets get started -- lets create an Earth paradise where love, abundance, beauty and harmony abound!

Copyright 1999, Loretta Rogers

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