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The Universal Law Of Creation

It was Buddha who said, “We are what we think, with our thoughts we make our world.”

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The Universal Law Of Creation
by Michael Carpenter

Before we can learn to create our goals, dreams, and desires on a conscious level, we need to understand and identify the key ingredient in creating any of our desires.

Since the age of eighteen I’ve read and studied every book on self-help, psychology, sociology, theology, positive thinking, spirituality, metaphysics, and self-improvement that I could get my hands on. I was in sales for many years, so I attended many Lets-Go-Get-Em Seminars. I have also taken countless special sales courses, workshops and self-improvement seminars.

Were most of them good? Absolutely!

But after a while I started noticing that for some reason the only effect they had on me was providing temporary spurts of inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm. Nothing that would really last past a few days, weeks or months.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience. You read a really good book or attend a great seminar and for a period of time you get really pumped up. You feel like you got the point and that you are ready to take on just about anything. This is what would happen to me. Sometimes it would last for weeks or even months. However, sometimes it would only be fifteen minutes before someone or something would knock me right down to my original reality. One thing was certain; sooner or later I would be back where I started.

Still I wondered – there must be something that I am missing here! There must be a law that I am missing. There must be a Universal Law. I must find the difference between the successful and the not so successful, the self-made rich man living on the hill and the poor man living in the street. I wanted to know the difference between the people I knew that were happy all the time and the ones that were constantly miserable.

I could not understand why we all looked basically the same yet our realities were so different. Some of the poor people I knew were smarter and worked harder than some of the rich people I knew. How was that possible?

I kept searching and searching until one day I realized the common thread in the messages of all the most successful speakers, writers, and philosophers. It was so easy, yet so overlooked. It was the answer to all of the questions I mentioned previously.

It was the key to how everyone on this earth creates, not only what we want, but everything else as well, intentionally or unintentionally. After years of searching I had the answer…


Did I say Thought? Yes, Thought!

But actually it was a little more involved than that. Thought was at the root of it all but after awhile a pattern began to emerge in my studies. And this pattern had more to do with how we process thought on a conscious level or unconscious level. In other words, how we process thought intentionally or unintentionally.

It began to appear to me as if there was this underlying law that was operating silently below the surface and creating our lives. I can only describe this law as a law of nature or even a spiritual law because it involved the unseen creating the seen. After careful analysis and review of the most respected teachings I realized that this law was at the root of our creations.

And this law I called, “The Universal Law of Creation.”

Here is the Universal Law of Creation: Whatever thoughts you focus on the most, intentionally or unintentionally, become your beliefs. Your beliefs, through focus, get stronger and stronger and sooner or later become your knowingness. Your knowingness creates your attitudes, actions and synchronicity which creates the events and experiences of your life!

I called this the “Universal Law of Creation.” “Universal” because it will work for anyone. “Law” because it works regardless of whether we accept it or not and “Creation” because that’s how we create. To get a clearer picture, see diagram above.

This law is the key to creating all of your goals, dreams and desires. This is the secret to overcoming your past, enjoying the present and creating the future of your dreams. This is the key to creating success in any area that you choose and the key to reaching your full potential.

The answer can be found in truly understanding and applying the Universal Law of Creation to consciously create what you want in your life. And the more you understand it, the more you apply it, on a conscious level, on a day to day, moment to moment basis, the more success you can create.

Now, I named this law and I defined it in this way, but believe me, I did not invent it. Writers, spiritual leaders and philosophers have repeated the truths standing behind the Universal Law of Creation for centuries.

Leaders such as Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, John Kehoe, Dr. Joseph Murphy and Napoleon Hill have all been talking about this philosophy for a long time. The list of supporters goes on and on for centuries past.

Even the Bible says, “according to your belief be it done unto you” (Matthew 9:29) and “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7).

It was Buddha who said, “We are what we think, with our thoughts we make our world.”

If you are skeptical about this, look it up. Pick up any book that has to do with changing or improving your life and you will see the common denominator. When you start searching through the wisdom of all the great writers and philosophers you will find the common thread.

They are all talking about changing your life by changing your thoughts. Or in one form or another, they are trying to provide some “new method” or “new technique” to help you improve the way you think. No matter what technique or new method comes along you will find the common thread.

Bottom line is that if you want to change your life you have to change your belief system. You’ve got to step into the Wheel of Creation on a conscious level and make the changes you need to set course for your desired destination.

However, if you want things to remain exactly as they are, just keep doing what you’re doing.

It’s very simple, through the thoughts and beliefs that you allow yourself to entertain; you create your life. Through the thoughts and beliefs that you focus on most of the time you write your destiny. Your beliefs are nothing but reinforced thoughts. Your knowingness is nothing but fully realized beliefs or thoughts engrained in your consciousness. All of them can be changed by interrupting the cycle on a conscious level.

The fact is that the Universal Law of Creation is operating in your life, and everyone else’s, whether you accept it or not. The only difference is, whether you are controlling it or it is controlling you.

I remember Napoleon Hill saying something about the fact that we have absolute control over our thoughts. He had gone on to say that this was one of the most important facts known to us because it made us the master of our fate. And he was absolutely right! But the reality is that we can have absolute control over our thoughts, but it surely doesn’t mean that we do it!

The Universal Law of Creation and the idea that we are responsible for our own lives may be a little tough for some people to accept. It is easy to accept responsibility for all the great things in our lives, but not so easy to point the finger at ourselves for the “shortcomings” or “failures.” It is not easy to accept that the responsibility lies on you. That there are no more excuses. No more blaming him, her, this, that or them. No, it’s not easy.

If you are having difficulty with this concept then think about this:

Do you want your life to remain as is?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to create your life the way you really want it?

Wouldn’t you love to be able to create success in every area of your life? Not wondering what life has in store for you in the future, but knowing where you are going because you’re creating it on a conscious level.

Think about it! The Universal Law of Creation is a lot more responsibility. But, it also means that when you get good at controlling it, you can control your life better, and create your life the way you want it, on a conscious level. In other words, you can begin to create all of you goals, dreams, and desires. Is it worth the added responsibility? You bet!

The Universal Law of Creation is about the fact that if we choose to do so, we can all consciously direct this incredible, invisible, magical force called thought. And, with practice, we can all learn to control and direct it to create all of our goals, dreams, desires and truly reach our full potential. Or, we can just ignore this awesome opportunity and let it create in our lives whatever rubbish happens to pop into our heads. The choice of course, is always yours!

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