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You Are the *Magnet*

"I will tell you, my friend... when you go within and ask to be shown the Truth, hang on to your hat!

Because once you do, there is never any going back to living a numbed-out life of mediocrity -- or of being satisfied with -- and settling for -- a life of constant pain and the turmoil of negative drama, either!"

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You Are the *Magnet* and Your Life is the *Steel*
Laurie Kristensen

YOU ATTRACT Your Experiences By the Dominant Energy Patterns of Your Thoughts, Attitudes, Beliefs, & Expectations!

My Cup Runneth Over, Copyright Laurie Kristensen

What I Have Come to

We TRULY get what
we focus on,

whether wanted
or UN-wanted!


More than your words, it is your feelings and unconscious thoughts that do the attracting of all the experiences in your life -- due to the Universal Law of Attraction in operation on Planet Earth.

When I first learned that "we create our own reality/lives/experiences" I did not understand this fully. And so, when first attempting to consciously or deliberately create (or change) my experiences and manifest the things I wanted, I not only always seemed to fail -- but things often seemed to get even worse!.

At those times, I felt profoundly alone in the universe, more than I ever had felt alone when I still believed that outside forces (such as God or Fate or Destiny) actually have a controlling hand in my life. That is, that they have anything to do with my life in ANY other terms than loving and supporting me on an absolutely UN-conditional -- yet "hands-off" -- basis.

The "Rules of the Game"

As Spirit, you agreed to the "operating system" of this reality before you were born -- and "FREE WILL" is supreme here.

You either HAVE free will, or you DON'T...

...and HERE, you DO.

That doesn't mean that there is no Supreme Force that does not care about you or doesn't want to help you become the highest expression of Spirit creating and experiencing life in a human body that it is possible to BE.

But, you need to ASK for guidance from your own Higher Self and other spiritual forces that you believe in -- invite it, tune into it (it cannot be forced on you) -- and then, it is YOUR CHOICE whether to pay attention to it... or not!

You will not be punished if you don't, and you will not be rewarded if you do -- other than in experiencing what YOU create by your personal choices and underlying beliefs and patterns.

And you ALWAYS have the opportunity to choose AGAIN in every single moment you exist!

To truly realize that I chose to be born into a universe/planet/life where the truth is that I ALONE determine my experiences felt like BOTH a curse and an overwhelmingly huge gift...

It means that if you DON'T LIKE SOMETHING about your life, then YOU ALONE have the power to choose to change it!

The Thrill -- and Burden -- of Complete FREEDOM

The first thing to go (after realizing this) is any opportunity to BLAME anyone else for anything you don't like about YOUR life!

It makes victimhood and martyrhood obsolete, which is a real shock to those of us who are used to blaming others for our troubles and feeling helpless and hopeless and trapped as our excuse for not experiencing better lives!

Living with blame, hate, resentment, and bitterness is (strangely enough, when you think about it), sometimes tough to give up! It eliminates any excuses and puts all responsibility for how you experience your life squarely on YOUR OWN shoulders!

Also, there is nobody telling you what is right or wrong, or what you should do, or HAVE to do -- nobody that is going to "punish" you if you do something that is not of your highest expression of what you are capable of BEING.

And, you do not need to be "saved" from anything -- because the truth is that you are NEVER separated from your Source... and if you ever FEEL separated, it is ONLY in your own mind!

So, I was beginning to grasp the scary (at first!) and yet BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL truth. And my attempts to create something different than I had been experiencing in life up until then became hit or miss, depending on how devastated I felt when I missed!

The missing puzzle piece was learning through the teachings of exactly how the Law of Attraction works, and how my MIS-understanding of that was the cause of most of my frustration in my failed attempts to deliberately create and/or change my life!

There are multitudes of teachers/books/etc. that explain this exact same principle, but it was the Abraham way of explaining it that "turned on the lightbulb" for me.

For Instance... Examples of Negative Attraction

A classic example is, let's say, a woman who constantly fears being raped, and is constantly vigilant and watchful and suspicious... chances are extremely likely that she WILL eventually be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and end up being raped.

I once knew a woman who was extremely spiritual and good in so many ways, but because she did not understand the Law of Attraction, and constantly feared being raped over a very long period of time, she DID get raped.

Again, the time delay in cases such as this can work to your advantage -- spend your time feeling safe and affirming safety in your world, and the Universe will match your desires by keeping you out of harm's way!

Or another example, someone who learns a little bit about these deliberate creation principles, and decides they want a brand new car...

They spend a few minutes writing or saying affirmations and maybe hang a few pictures of the car they desire around their house or workplace.

But then they look around and immediately notice that the new car is NOT here yet. They see others driving that mode on the street and feel jealous. They wonder when or IF it will ever show up for them.

They spend more time thinking about NOT having the car than they spend really imagining it is theirs and how it feels to own it and drive it -- and in the meantime savoring the expectation of KNOWING it's on its way!

However, the situation you attract may not always be an EXACT match to the precise thing you hold in your conscious or unconscious awareness... a fearful attitude about ANYthing can attract all kinds of situations to BE fearful about... concentrating on the lack of one thing or, many things in general, will attract more of the same... etc.

The 51-percent Factor

The trick is to spend at least 51 percent more time thinking/believing/expecting the car (or whatever you desire to create) than you spend focusing on the lack of what you desire in your life, wondering when it will show up (if ever) and so forth.

But it's MOST important to spend the time it takes to get into the FEELING place of believing this is ALREADY true!

Then, go on about your life in that confident expectation!

The more you try and figure out the "HOW," the more limited the options become for the Universe to bring it to you. Because, some amazing and downright miraculous stuff can happen when you just trust and let go and do everything possible to feel good in the present moment -- moment to moment -- as you go about your life in confident expectation!

Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams, Desires, & Goals:

1) Desire...

2) The Universe Arranges Delivery...

3) Allow!

Anytime you experience something that you do not like, you are automatically and unconsciously ALREADY emitting a vibratory message to the Universe about exactly what you would PREFER. You can't help it, because it's so natural that you often never even realize it's happening!

The Universe immediately responds by beginning to coordinate the process of bringing your desires to you!

It's really not necessary to spend a lot of conscious focused attention on trying to put your desires into words.

In fact, sometimes the very act of trying so hard has the effect of making you think more about not having what you want -- and sending contradicting messages to The Universe (this is often called "resistance").

However, the act of putting your desires into words CAN be a helpful tool for you to sort out and clarify your desires to your conscious mind, if used in the proper way.

According to Marilyn Jenett (as well as MANY other spiritual and personal development teachers of all kinds), your words DO have a lot of power, as well as your thoughts -- conscious and unconscious!

Abraham agrees and also emphasizes that consciously focusing on your desires CAN BE very powerful -- BUT ONLY up to the point where you begin to feel resistance.

THAT was a crucial understanding for me!

I would spend great effort on precisely writing or visualizing my dreams and desires in exquisite detail -- and for the actual time I did that, I probably was in alignment with them.

BUT THEN I would then go back about my life and focus on my frustration that my desires did not manifest instantly!

I spent WAY more than 51% of my time being "in resistance" -- focusing on what I did not want, frustrated that my efforts did not create positive changes faster -- rather than being "in alignment" with what I wanted to create.... thereby perpetuating exactly the opposite of my desires.
Time is On Your Side!

The truth is that we generally cannot make things INSTANTLY manifest (at least, those of us who are not enlightened Masters) for at least two reasons:

1) Because we cannot control our thoughts well enough! Just think what it would be like if every thought you (and everybody else!) ever think manifested immediately!

2) The factor that everything we are experiencing right NOW has been created out of the accumulation of what we have been thinking and feeling our whole life up until now!

When you begin to change how you think and feel, there MAY BE a bit of a time delay in manifesting your new dreams, desires, and goals.
Your Ego... Friend or Enemy?

Your ego may try to keep you stuck in your old patterns, because that is how it feels safe. It does that (most importantly) NOT because it is an "evil entity" bent on your destruction -- it is because that is how it perceives its job in keeping YOU safe!

I once heard someone say they heard a quote from somewhere (source unknown) that EGO could stand for "Edge God Out" -- meaning that when you begin to reach for higher energy, you may feel some resistance from within!

Again, it arises out of all the experiences you've ever had, and the decisions you made consciously and unconsciously that fit with the information you had and understood AT THE TIME.

You (and everybody else, too) are always doing the very best that you can with what you know, at any given time!

As you learn more and discover BETTER knowledge and understanding, you grow -- and you can't go back, not that you'd want to!

Now, you are seeking and being given HIGHER, LIGHTER information, and the old energy is more dense (not bad, just obsolete) and your ego may resist making way for the newer, higher, lighter energy that comes from your new knowledge and from healing and clearing out the old patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

That is when it is even more crucial to keep on having faith that you are on a rising path! And to keep up with your prosperity work on a consistent basis!
Summing Up 3 Steps to Manifesting Your Desires, Dreams, & Goals

SO, to sum up a HUGE topic as briefly as possible for this format...

When meditating or visualizing your desires, do it ONLY as long as it is FEELING GOOD -- stop before you get to a point of feeling resistance!

Then forget about it, go about your life, and do everything in your power to choose thoughts and experiences that keep you feeling good!

The goal is to get your "dominant vibration" to a place of feeling good... that 51% (or more!) factor.

Do it in small chunks throughout your day. Abraham teaches a fun process called Virtual Reality that explains this very well.

When you do decide to spend focused effort on creating your particular desires, do this:

1) Decide what you desire, by thinking, daydreaming, or visualizing about it (and maybe write it down),

2) Spend some time on feeling it and visualizing it with all your senses as if it IS ALREADY TRUE, knowing that it's on its way to you right now!

(Just a little bit of time every day on a consistent basis can create miracles!)

3) Then go about your day, confidently knowing that you are in the process of creating the life of your dreams -- and that the Universe is speedily at work lining up people, events, opportunities, and giving you signs for "inspired-next-steps" to take that match your desires!

THEN... pay attention to what shows up in your life as opportunities, signs, helpful people, and messages of encouragement and confirmation that you are on the right track -- and take any inspired actions that come to your attention!
Additional Ideas to Raise Your "Dominant Vibration"

Another wonderful, playful tool to help keep your desires and dreams within your "energy stream" in a symbolic way would be to create a collage of pictures and words that represent them. Keep it in a place that you are around often, so it is a kind of a subliminal reminder to your subconscious. You can make it into anything that is fun for YOU, and be creative and unique with your own ideas.

Also, place colorful post-it notes or attractive little signs with your favorite positive affirmations or pictures and symbols of your dreams and goals all over your spaces! All of these will add to your "energy stream" and help to keep you focused on higher energy, even if you are not paying detailed attention to them!

One of my all-time favorite things to do is to listen to audio tapes while driving... Abraham-Hicks sells weekly or monthly tapes or CDs of excerpts from the workshops they do every weekend all over the country, where Abraham answers real questions from real folks about how to apply the universal laws to their lives for the better!

For MANY MORE ideas and information about manifesting Abundance and Prosperity, visit

We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to -- whether wanted or UN-wanted.

~ Abraham-Hicks ~

This is my understanding of the Law of Attraction in a nutshell! The Abraham-Hicks material is excellent for establishing a true understanding of that plus the Law of Deliberate Creation, and the Law of Allowing... three basic universal laws, the understanding of which can change your life!

Abraham also offers effective writing, visualizing, and focusing exercises to do which will help to hone your ability to focus and raise your dominant inner energy vibrations to be a match for what you are wanting to create.

I've learned about other laws, such as the Law of Reversed Effort, as well as an amplified understanding and how exactly how to APPLY the basic laws that Abraham teaches about.

Many Varieties and Styles of Teachings -- All with Universal Truth

Of course, again, there are truly TONS of resources available now that talk about these principles, and it's a matter of finding what resonates within YOU!

Another one of my highly recommended prosperity adventures was participating in a wonderful source of group coaching called the Project Prosperity and the Prosperity Partnership Program (PPP).

Facilitated by coach Elyse Hope Killoran along with other wise and inspiring spirit coaches, the PPP brings together, in wonderfully synergistic ways, universal wisdom from MANY sources, authors, and spiritual writings to teach about how to allow prosperity into your life.

Best of all, there is a FREE two-week trial of the program offered at the beginning of every month! Even if you do not choose to enroll for more of the program, you get to experience two real-live teleclasses along with the actively enrolled members of the program, as well as access to the members-only discussion forum..

Hang On To Your Hat!

I will tell you, my friend... when you go within and ask to be shown the Truth, hang on to your hat!

Because once you do, there is never any going back to living a numbed-out life of mediocrity -- or of being satisfied with -- and settling for -- a life of constant pain and the turmoil of negative drama, either!

There IS such a thing as positive drama, if the excitement of drama is what you truly love... and, you can ALSO grow through joyful, loving, and fulfilling circumstances and experiences!


To say, "I want growth," is a good thing. However, to say,
"I want growth through joyous experience,"
gives you more deliberate control.

~ Abraham

"The subconscious mind acts on the dominant thought therein. The repetition of positive words will eventually replace negative patterns in the subconscious, which block our success and limit our income and our good.

"If we persist in adding clean water, drop by drop, into a bucket of muddy water, eventually we will end up with a bucket of clean water. The good news is that we don’t need to completely fill our mind bucket; the dominant thought is all that is necessary for the subconscious to respond and create our desired result. So we don’t have to completely eliminate the negative thoughts. 51% positive and we get the golden ring.

"I know you are asking, how long will this take? I believe it will depend upon how diligently you apply the techniques and use positive words. And just as importantly, how carefully you monitor yourself so that you don’t counteract the good mental work you are doing. If you asked a taxi driver to take you somewhere but gave him two addresses, where would you end up? Certainly not at your destination."

Lesson One, The Spoken Word
Feel Free to Prosper

© Copyright 2003, 2004 Marilyn Jenett

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