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by Avocadess

Weighing in on My Strengths and Letting Them Work for Me

David "Avocado" Wolfe makes a good point that we should work on our STRENGTHS and be busy working on them rather than our weaknesses -- I like it, I like it!!!!

Date:   1/25/2010 3:11:03 PM   ( 13 y ) ... viewed 3128 times

We all have 'em. Strengths and weaknesses. I know I have spent a lot of time in my life working on my weaknesses, often to little or no avail. This is certainly true when it comes to EATING for me...!!

How can I word this? Well, first I will list my STRENGTHS since that is what I am and shall focus on and work on!! My strengths are that I LOVE the very idea of eating living and wild foods, I very much enjoy trying and eating NEW things, I love EXPERIMENTING with new recipes and making my own. I very much enjoy the magic of fermenting my own foods and beverages (although I have a lot more to learn in that regard, I have thus far made homemade raw sauerkraut, coconut kefir, organic green jasmine tea kombucha is developing as I type -- having developed the "mother" this past month and now waiting yet another week probably before I'll have my actual drink) -- and there are some others I have not made in a while, such as rejuvelac, which I just may make again. I remember it as mild and lemony and simple and easy and was drinking it during some of my most successfully high raw days (both high percentage raw and high weight loss).

Now I will confess something that I don't remember having confessed before, so maybe I haven't. When I went raw back in 1990, in a big way for the first time, after about a month or so I got into the habit of eating "tidbits" of my husband's X-rated foods that were in the refrigerator. He went to the deli nearly every day to get makings for his daily sandwiches and brought other things home. He and I never did eat alike and some of our friends thought that was the strangest thing about our marriage, that we did not eat the same food, haha.

The reason I am mentioning this is because as I look over a full scope of my 20 years of much struggling to be and stay raw (with several years thrown in where I all but gave up at times), I can see that the longest periods of time that I had the MOST success with my raw diet were when I allowed myself the "tidbits." And in fact those were the only times my "tidbits" REMAINED bits (rather than or as opposed to portions or even large portions).

Why? Believe me, if I knew the answer to that, I should think I would know it by now. I don't know why it is this way with me. I think of it as my own personal (though certainly not unusual) WEAKNESS, this need or addiction or compulsion to eat at least a LITTLE bit of whatever it is I think I'm not supposed to have. Like I've just got to have something FORBIDDEN -- but I don't seem to have this problem when I am truly surrounded only by other raw eaters, which is way most of the time that I am NOT surrounded by raw eaters (surprise, surprise).

I have fought this and fought this and fought this for so long and in so very many different ways. I have fought it with water and with fire, with air and with earth. It has not gone away. Yet I HAVE learned how to MINIMIZE it to a point where it is NOT a big problem unless I MAKE it into a problem in my own mind.

So here it is. This is what is WORKING for me:

* Following the basic ideas of David "Avocado" Wolfe of just ADDING IN all manner of the Best Superfoods, Superherbs, Organic Raw Foods and Beverages, Spring Water, Sea Vegetables, Algaes, Phytoplankton, Krill Oil (not vegan but I feel I probably really SHOULD take it), Bee Pollen -- the best of the best, this is my main thrust, my focus, and my JOY and FUN and INSPIRATION...!

* When I get that (sometimes frequent to daily) feeling that I just won't rest until I eat a little bit of something that is not the best ever, I just LET IT HAPPEN WITHOUT A FIGHT BUT USING ALL SENSE OF CONTROL THAT I HAVE TO MAKE IT BE A SMALL PORTION!

And that's it. I prayed a lot to get over my desire for chicken and I thankfully seemed to have my prayer answered because I had a dream where a raw piece of chicken breast (plucked, with skin on, like you see it usually in packages at the store) was laying next to a smaller piece of similar chicken and in the dream the littler piece was the "baby" and the bigger piece was the "mother" -- and when I or someone else picked up the "baby" it cried out that it did not want to leave its mother. STRANGE dream, I know, but it really helped me because it made it more REAL to me that when I see a plucked dead piece of chicken -- which all my life looked to me to be "food" -- now I see a -- well, I see a CHICKEN...! If that makes any sense. And especially since WAY most of the chickens in our society are raised in HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE factory farms, it is a GREAT desire of mine that I never have even a "tidbit" of chicken. You know what I mean?

So anyhow, here's a sample today of my weakness and STRENGTH coming out:

I started the day, getting up from my bed with its grounding sheet and drank some filtered water with drops of Adya Clarity (which purifies the water and helps purify ME), followed by my current daily regime of cleaning herbs to rid myself of "unwanted guests." I put in at least one drop of Adya Clarity for every ounce of water as my rule of thumb, but often closer to 1.5 drops per ounce of water.

Then I had a few sips of my now-2-days-brewed chaga-pau d'arco-astragalus-cat's claw-cacao powder tea, and about 10 oz. of my super cacao drink which has a lot of that same tea in it as well and a good dose of MSM. (Note: Avocado does NOT agree with putting MSM in cacao drinks and dis-recommends it; however, for me, it's the only way I have felt good about taking it thus far and it is helping me so I'm still taking it in my cacao drinks!!)

Then Weakness called me -- shall I give her a name? Okay, I'll call her Winnie the Woos. So Winnie calls me and says, "Hey, let's go get some lasagna from that buffet at the corner health food store." Note: it is a health food store. It is NOT health food lasagne. It is cheese lasagne. The only good thing to be said about it is that is contains no meat products. End of good things to say about its virtues. So I says, "Yeah, well maybe I shouldn't, but maybe I will. No. Yes. No. Okay, maybe yes. No no no. Yes yes yes. Okay, Winnie. You win. I'll just get a LITTLE."

So I went over to the store and paid close attention to cut out a SMALL portion of lasagne (about 1/4 the size of a typical serving) and about 1/4 the size of a typical service of chocolate-berry bread pudding as well. (It's purchased by weight so I have total control over serving size, and this is a GOOD thing!!!) Then I walked quickly away from the buffet. Best not to "hang around."

Funny thing. Then I went over to the produce section to get some jalapenos and garnet yams for my BEST EVER GUACAMOLE and RAW DEHYDRATED YAM CHIPS and I ran into a friend who recently -- and quite literally -- DIED for the third or fourth time last year. Joe Marshalla. He has been learning to live a raw lifestyle for his health. I think his last surgery was something like a quadruple bypass. He's a cosmic guy and has all kinds of great stories to tell of what he remembers from when his physical body was dead for minutes or hours (can't remember the exact timing) and is old friends with people like Baba Ram Dass and Deepak Chopra.

So there was Joe with his cart full of all living and fresh organic foods straight from the produce section, and there I am standing with my little paper container with cheese lasagne and chocolate bread pudding. And I'm like, geez, this poor guy has DIED 3 or 4 times and really NEEDS to be raw to live and in what possible way am I being of any help whatsoEVER standing here with lasagne and bread pudding in my hand?! And I said to him, "Well, I figure if I can eat this and still stay mostly raw, I guess that means ANYONE can eat mostly raw."

And there you have it. I figure that is my strength. Not that it is unique or uncommon. I guess the only uncommon thing about it is that I have been striving toward raw for so long (and I love it so much)? Whatever it is, I know I am special -- just as I know YOU are special -- and we just need to OWN it -- and for me, maybe I just need to forgive, accept and live with my weaknesses and get on with CELEBRATING my strengths. Feels good to me!

I'm really, really, really, REALLY glad there are people like David "Avocado" Wolfe around that can eat no cooked or denatured or processed foods EVER AGAIN. I celebrate HIM for that and many of his other strengths and I am VERY grateful he has them!!! And I also believe that if and when I live in a community that is pretty much ALL raw, then I'll be ALL raw too. Until then, I still think of myself as "RAW." Believe me -- compared to how I used to eat there is no comparison -- in the food OR in how I feel.

Thank you God for these wonderful foods of Nature...!!!

Wishing you all the Best Day EVER...!

Until next time,

Michele / Avocadess

UPDATE or P.S. Forgot to mention my ZAPPER...! Or zappers actually coz I have two. When I'm sitting typing most of the time I put my Terminator zapper just under my belly button with the copper against my skin while I'm typing. Never have had any problem with it tingling or burning there but if a zapper ever gives you a burning or tingling feeling it means you should MOVE IT to a new location so you don't burn yourself. Zappers are VERY safe but you CAN get some annoying burns when your skin is too acidic, which can happen especially when you first start using zappers and first start transitioning to raw, etc.

I am also using my NEWER zapper which is the Terminator T-Rex and just like the Terminator zapper except it has different crystals and minerals in the orgone section inside that -- although no one including the inventors know why -- for some reason seem to speed up healing. I'll be reporting on this and my experience with it but I have only had it for one week so it's too early to report on the results. Currently I am putting a loose sock-like wool (really meant for the arms, haha) on my right foot to hold the T-Rex against my foot -- the foot with the nasty psoriasis. I have had psoriasis in a serious way on my feet (and now just one foot) for about 3 years now, and all the psoriasis in my left foot was never as severe as my right foot and and the left food is all CLEARED UP, which I attribute to Sun, raw diet AND taking MSM regularly -- but the right foot still has a real PROBLEM...!

This is my guess why it's the right foot: I'm a transcriptionist by trade and my right foot is the one that is in contact with the transcription foot pedal many, many hours a day nearly 7 days a week. I think either "dirty electricity" or "bad EMF" is probably coming through that foot pedal into my right foot. Makes sense, huh? This is where I am very EXCITED to try the Zapper technology on it -- because according to David Wolfe and others, the Zapper will PROTECT me from bad EMF. It creates its own BENEFICIAL electromagnetic wave frequency which "pushes out" the detrimental kind. And another good reason to wear a zapper while at the computer or when not otherwise grounded to Earth by bare feet or grounding technology.

The thing about the T-Rex I should tell you right now: Don and Carol Croft are the ones that sell it and they won't sell it to you until and unless you ALREADY have a regular Terminator (referred to by many as a Terminator 2 but is the same thing -- and the only kind Don Croft sells on his website is the Terminator and the Terminator T-Rex). The T-Rex costs about $50 more than the Terminator but apparently is also more likely to cause a newbie some sort of irritation, and since the Crofts want all their customers to be happy customers, they want people to already be accustomed to the superior frequencies of their Terminator zapper (which is a very high-quality zapper with orgonite and an extra magnet in it for extra effectiveness) before they even CONSIDER checking out the T-Rex. So you might say I'm one of the early Guinea Pigs, haha!!

Okay. Got to get to my income-earning work. Catch you later!!

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