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pineal crystals and the end of separation

Dear ones, your energy has grown so rapidly. You are so incredibly beautiful. You carry
that light within your being and letting it come through puts energy on the light from
Home which gives it the most beautiful, human flavor. It is magical and we celebrate
you all the time

Date:   7/16/2009 12:09:10 PM   ( 14 y ) ... viewed 52357 times

~ Pineal Crystals~ 
Beacons of Light: July 2009

From Steve:

In this message the group covers two important but what may seem to be unrelated
topics. It’s always my job at the end to put a label on the message that can describe it to
all of you. That is difficult in this case as the topics they covered were varied but in the
end you can see how they are deeply connected.

One of the items they talked about was the economy. They said that all of the air was
not yet out of the bag, and until it was a solid foundation could not be made to build
lasting growth. They made a point to say that our economic systems were based solely
on perception. They actually say these systems are based on perception of perception.
The group needed to make this point in order for the next part of this message to be
understood. They said we are at a crossroads right now and in the immediate future.
Since 1998 when they first channeled about the Crystal Children, they said when the
Crystal Children begin to enter there will be NO MORE SECRETS. That we are seeing
today. That is what is happening in Iran and many other places on Earth at this

The group said a critical mass is about to be reached in the US when many of these
secrets from many different sources will be revealed. When that happens, how we deal
with it and how we perceive it will determine the future of our economies over the next
ten years. The next ten years will determine the direction our economies over the next
one hundred years. If there is transparency and honesty as these truths are revealed it
can be a positive perception. Even though the initial reaction will most likely be anger
and mistrust, the global perception can be positive overall as a clearing of something
that once revealed can never happen again. If there are attempts to hide or manipulate
this coming wave of raw truth, mistrust will reign and the rest of the air will come out of
the bag in our economies. It is our choice and we can all have an active role in what is
coming. For examples of how to make a difference and make your voice heard, we
need only look to the brave souls in Iran.

The second important point they covered was the Pineal Crystals forming in humans as
part of the re-wire process and what that can mean to all of us. The group has been
talking for years about humans becoming crystalline, and this is the first solid evidence
that it is happening in humans. In fact, medical science has even coined a word for it
now: “Biomineralization.” Now that you all have an image of rock people walking
around, let me say that the group explains that once activated this can be a physical
step toward what can result in new forms of telepathic communication, time travel,
multidimensional awareness and controlling the physical ageing process. Basically, it is
the next step in our evolution. Ready?

I guess that in a way these two topics are related, because if the Pineal Crystals are
activated it will no longer be possible to keep secrets in the first place.

Big hugs and have a great July!

Steve Rother

From the group:

Greetings from Home.

There is much to cover. We will give somewhat of a diverse message this day, because
so much is happening on planet Earth. It is a magical time for humans, for you awaken
from the dream not only as an individual, but as a race of spirits pretending to wear a
physical bubble of biology. What is taking place is that all humans everywhere are
raising their vibrations. Yes, you look around and see the low vibrations on the planet
and it is often these lower vibrations that make the headlines. We have told you that
your human advancement is limited by the lowest vibration on your planet. Even so, you
are not restricted by that. Because as you raise the collective vibration within that
segment of that vibrational range, when you reach a new level, you pull the lowest level
up automatically. Do not concern yourself with going out and saving the world or
changing an individual person. Look at yourself and focus within. Look at what you can
do to activate that light in your eyes. Do what you can to find a purpose within your
heart that you can stay with, and that you can move toward. Now more than ever
before, that is becoming critical on this planet.

Most of you have time-activated contracts and you had to be here at a very specific
time, in order to do the work that your soul and your spirit really wanted you to do. The
good news is you made it. Now let us get on with it, and start owning who you are. Let
us help reflect your energy, so that you may re-member who you really are. The
physical body is in a state of change and it is happening now in many different ways.
The physical re-wire on this planet has already begun in many people and you are
starting to be activated in ways which you are not yet aware. There are levels of your
own dimensions that have been separated for eons of time. As you re-wire, all these
divisions of separation start to go away and that is why we are telling you that each one
of you are starting to become consciously multidimensional. You are starting to realize
that you are not the only person in there. There are 11 different dimensions of time and
space that you exist in. Those dimensions are starting to come together very quietly as
the divisional markers between each one of those levels are starting to disintegrate. As
the re-wire continues your own physical body will begin to perceive things through your
own eyes, ears, nose and mouth that you never have before.

Pineal Crystals

There are events taking place right now as the physical body re-wires, especially in the
brain. The physical body is evolving and one of those changes is taking place in the
pineal gland, although is not limited to that one location. Crystals are forming in the
pineal gland; these are crystalline structures that you call calcite crystals which are
forming in the brains of humans everywhere. These crystals can be tuned to receive
electromagnetic frequencies. You have communicated with each other through
electromagnetic frequencies (radio waves) that travel through your body. Without even
hampering you many electromagnetic frequencies are running through all of your
physical bodies right now, yet you are unaware of them. That will now change. In the
beginning, you may become hyper-aware which can also be problematic. The idea is to
bring it into your comfort zone to activate yourself. This is not a race, dear ones. Please
take your time and do not push your bodies too fast because they can only take so
much. Yet you will do it, and do it well.

The crystals that have formed in your brain have been there for some time. The reality
is that you started a second wave of empowerment about 60 years ago, and at the
same time these crystals started to form. These crystals have been lying dormant in
your body waiting to be activated. Medical science is now starting to see them and you
can actually look at pictures of these crystals forming in the pineal gland. They are
problematic according to medical science, because they are causing difficulties and
challenges with the human physiological structure. You believe that it is something that
you have done wrong. We tell you it is a natural part of your evolution and incredibly
exciting, because now you can see. You have talked about internal communication and
telepathy, you have even practiced it. Even though most know it to be real, it has always
been just out of reach for most but no longer. How can you activate the crystals and use
them to your highest purpose? And more importantly, how do you tune it to just one
station at a time? That is the challenge that many of you will start working with as you
activate these crystals. Crystals are living; the Earth is living. She is a sentient being,
very conscious. And if crystals are the highest vibrational level of the mineral kingdom,
you could easily say that in planet Earth the crystals are the brain. In fact, the crystals
are the pineal gland of planet Earth. The crystals that you are most familiar with are the
highest vibrational level of the mineral kingdom. It is the reason many of you talk to
crystals, receive messages from crystals, or hold records within crystals. You have the
highest vibrational range of the animal kingdom the same way crystals have the highest
of the mineral kingdom.

Humans are becoming Crystal

You have heard about the Crystal Children and the Indigo Children that come in with
telepathic communications already built in. They do not know how to use it, but they
have an internal communication that with a little bit of work they can fine-tune and use.
You have that, too. That is the formation of these crystals. Learning to use these
crystals and how to adaptsto them will have a very interesting effect on humanity. We
tell you, it is not just the human kingdom we are talking about because if you look at the
cellular structure of plant life, you will see that more and more of plant life is becoming
crystalline in nature. You are starting to see plants and animals take on characteristics
of crystalline energy that has never happened before on this planet. This is part of your
natural evolution; you are becoming crystal.

It is not a difficult shift. If you would see one of your periodic charts, you would know
that the carbon-based structures you currently have and the silicon structure are
actually only a few molecules away. With a few re-arrangements, you have a shift from
one to another. That is happening not only throughout all of Earth, but also the plant ,
insect and animal kingdoms are taking on crystalline structures. The interesting part is
that there will come a time when you will not need the physical crystals and they will
start dissolving. These are temporary situations for you, but you are right at the point
where they are beginning to form.

There have been calcium deposits on the pineal glands of most humans. You have a lot
of reasons for these deposits. Your science believes it has to do with fluoride in your
water. At the beginning of cell phone use on your planet, there was evidence of tumors
forming and a lot of discussion. We tell you that was very real, yet it never really
materialized to become the big problem that was expected. It was the pineal gland that
was vulnerable to a new frequency being held too close, but that has already changed.
Because of the mass appeal of cell phones, the human body adapted and learned to
tune out that singular frequency. You are starting to adapt in many ways. That
adaptation was out of survival and at an unconscious level. Now you will learn to tune it
in a conscious level. You will be able to communicate not only with yourselves, but with
the rest of Earth. You will be able to have conversations through a crystal. There are
many ways that you are going to start to activate this, but the physical evidence is now
showing up on this planet. This is happening with throughout all of humanity, with old
and young alike.

Perception and Economics

Let us take a moment and address another important situation, your economic
structures on this planet. You have all gone through major changes in the last few
months with the economies of planet Earth. You have been expecting this and have
known about it for some time. You have talked about new structures, new formations
and new ways you would deal with money—new, exciting ideas. It is happening and
now the opportunity is opening up. From our perspective, many economies on Earth
looked like a bag full of hot air. Being full of hot air made the bags appear much larger
than they actually were. The largest of these bags was the economic system in the
United States, where what took place was some of that air leaked out of that bag. That
was really wonderful because what you are seeing is the possibility to build on a more
stable foundation. Even with the cushion gone, there is some air still in the bag. There is
an event coming very soon, so let us speak to you about that and how it will impact your
economic structures. What we tell you is that your economic structures are based on
perception only. There is little basis of fact in most of your economic structures. There is
nothing wrong with that, for it was the way you chose to play the game. When the
Keeper first started receiving information from us he said, “I have these beings on my
shoulder who can see everything. I’m going to ask them about the stock market.” We
laughed hysterically. We thought it hilarious that he would ask us about the stock
market, because the stock market is a human game made inside of another game
inside of another game, based on perception of perception of perception and you want
us to tell you where it is going? We thought that was quite funny. It is a game of your
own creation and that is how you play it. It could only be predicted by the creators of the
game, and you are not doing really well with that. You can play that game on the
vibrational level but nobody else can. So let us speak to you about this, because it is an
important piece.


All economies are based on perception and you are about to pull away part of the veil
and see things that you have never seen before. It will happen in many different areas.
You will find out things about the event that you call 9-11. You will find out many of the
hidden structures that have been on this planet. The veil is being pulled away, so there
will be no more secrets on planet Earth. It is that simple. Even though many of your
leaders do not know that yet, they are finding out very quickly for it is not possible to be
totally out of integrity and be in front of telepathic beings on planet Earth. That is what
many of your governments are finding out. This very day it is seen in the country of
Iran. They are finding out that all eyes are upon them and, therefore, change must
happen or they will disintegrate. It is that simple. It may take time, but that is the process
that is happening. It is the part that you have created to be able to communicate through
your telephones, televisions, Internet and through all the other parts of it. You are
connecting hearts and now you will be able to do it through the pineal gland as well. As
this evolves you will not need the technology. With practice you will be able to release
some of the outside pieces and do it all internally.

There is an event coming on planet Earth that will be of great proportions. All the truth
must come out, so it will be an unveiling of sorts. You will see and feel the truth even if
no one admits to it. Humans everywhere are starting to see truth in themselves. As a
result of many lies and misdirections of energy much has happened that was not public
knowledge. These are the areas that will now come into the light. You will start to
perceive and everyone will know very quickly what took place and what happened.
How that is perceived by the world at large will determine the immediate future of the
economy, beginning first in the United States and quickly spreading to the rest of the
world. Not only are your hearts permanently stitched together because you are actually
one person, but your economies are stitched together too and that is very healthy.

The End of Separation

You are beginning to see that no one is ever alone. No one can segregate themselves
completely, and these illusions of separation have been quietly undermining and killing
humanity. Now is the time to press the re-set button. Search for ways that you are like
each other, rather than look for the ways you are different. You can then see others on
the same path that you can reach out a hand and say, “Come. We found a door. Let us
go through this together.” That is what is taking place on planet Earth, right now.
This is going to activate soon as we see it, for a critical mass is being reached in the
area of truth. The people demand that the truth to be told. The final outcome will not
matter much, as it will be the perception of this event that will determine the future of
your economy for the next ten years. When you look back at your history, you will see
major changes in every one of you right now.

You will also start to become more multidimensional as these crystals activate, because
they do not exist in one dimension alone. They are multidimensional in nature as all
crystals are. As you start using this more, you will become more comfortable and more
powerful with it. You will be able to use it consciously and that will give you a sense of
security, a feeling of never being alone on this planet. That will give you more
confidence in a spirit walking around pretending to be a human than you have ever had
before. You are now starting to carry more of your spirit in your physical body than was
ever thought possible when you developed these physical forms. It is happening; you
are adapting it. That is what is taking place and this is a time for adaptation, a time to
roll with the punches. This is a time to find the light even in the darkness. It is the time to
reach out to find that light and passion within. Moving even the slightest bit in that
direction will change your lives overnight.

We watch some of the struggles. We feel your pain, your loneliness. We feel your
energy sometimes when you cannot find a complementary vibration to validate your
own vibration. We know you feel very alone, but you could not be alone if you tried. We
will come down and tickle your funny bone just to remind you we are here, because we
love you more than you will ever know. You are changing the course of the universe.
You are evolving god, and we are so very proud to watch the humans of planet Earth as
they become godlike. Your energy fields will change. Most of you are healers or
teachers in some fashion. Therefore, when you find something that works for you, turn
around and share it. Figure out a way to show it to someone else. Move that energy
through, because you are opening doors for all of humanity to follow.

It’s Up to You

Please do not get wrapped up in the dramas or the fears, because there will be many.
Much was hidden on planet Earth. Many of the conspiracies that some people thought
were true, might turn out to be true. The challenge here is to see things the way they
really are rather than get wrapped into the drama. It will be difficult to trust leaders of
any kind immediately after that happens. We tell you, that is perfect because leaders
are not going to change your lives. You are. You are the only ones that can take
responsibility for that, and that is what you are about to find out. Each of you has an
opportunity to determine your own fate as these energies move. You can be anywhere
you want, and you can change it any time you want. All you need to know is that you
actually have the choice and it is on a conscious level.

Dear ones, your energy has grown so rapidly. You are so incredibly beautiful. You carry
that light within your being and letting it come through puts energy on the light from
Home which gives it the most beautiful, human flavor. It is magical and we celebrate
you all the time. We will celebrate you Home, when you decide to return Home. Many
will choose that, as the times ahead will be very stressful. Some will simply say, “I need
to go Home.” There is no right or wrong about going Home. It is absolutely the most
beautiful, human experience you will ever have. Returning Home is the greatest peace.
All of you can do that without leaving your physical bodies now, for that is what is
directly ahead. Enjoy this ride and hang on, because it is going to be quite a ride.
It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture
one another at every opportunity and re-member it is a game. Play well together.


The group


By Barbara Rother


We have just returned from our two-week trip to Moscow. We have been traveling to
different parts of Russia for five years now. Each time we hearts connect more deeply
to this land and the tremendously warm people.

You could call it a coincidence, but we all know there is no such thing, that we were in
Moscow at the same time our new president, Barack Obama, was there. His purpose
for his trip was to bridge the gap between Russia and the United States. His agenda
covered much more as he continued his journey. I feel in our own way through
Lightworker we were on the same mission. I am happy how Steve and I connected the
hearts with the people who attended our seminar and open evening that was well
attended. I am proud how Steve was able to reach a new group of people through a
business seminar at one of Russia’s top banks. He did a wonderful two hour talk to 50
high level managers then went on to do private readings for two days with some of
these same people. He won them over with his charm and the messages of
empowerment from the group. This is one of our dreams to connect all people who are
into this energy and to awake the mainstream as well.

Without getting into politics I can say I am truly proud to have such a man as Barack
Obama who seems to be of great integrity be our president. He gives not just our
country but also the world new hope and that is what we need to focus our attention on.
That is the way we will recover from our worldwide economical pitfall. When we can
look at the positive and still acknowledge the negative we can move forward on the

While we were there we presented our Transition Team seminar. This is one of our
favorite seminars but one of our lower turned out events. Many people do not like to
focus about transitioning to the other side but we talk about it in a beautiful way that
allows people to let go of fear. This is only one aspect of this presentation. We also
view the transition from home to becoming a human on earth. It was a powerful event
with life changing results. The timing of this information could not have been more
perfect. Another ‘coincidence’? I don’t think so. Many people have passed lately and
the group has said many more will in the near future. Since my phantom death two
months ago I have been reevaluating my own life. I feel I have a different aspect on
this subject now. I have always been passionate about the birth process but now I had
a new understanding on crossing to the other side. I firmly believe that my time in this
life has a long ways to go. I am loving life too much to return home yet. I feel like I
have heaven on earth right here with Steve, my beautiful family, both biological and
spiritual and with our travels that allow us to reach out with our Lightworker message
wherever we go.

At night we viewed the news before going to bed. There was a story that grabbed both
of our hearts about a twelve-year-old girl in Russia who wrote to the then president
Ronald Regan about how she was so concerned about the distance between the USA
and Russia, during the height of the Cold War. Her letter went far beyond her hopes and
dreams. She was invited to the White House, met Regan personally and from that day
forward became an ambassador of peace. Isn’t it beautiful how a simple
communication from a child taught us all how we can make a difference?
I remember as a child not really knowing anything about Russia except talk about
Communism and that in some mysterious way they were the “enemy” and the USA was
theirs. Back then people had bomb shelters and in school we practiced drills to hide
under our desk for protection from an explosive invasion from the Russians. I thank
God for how far we have advanced from this backward fear way of thinking. We know
now that everyone in this world is a connection to who we are. It is a small world. The
hotel we stayed at in Moscow for two weeks was filled with people from various
countries, Israel, Italy, Spain and many more. I enjoyed trying to communicate with
them even though we did not speak the same language. It is a fun way to spend the
time in an elevator connecting if only with saying hello. With reaching out with
communication and love we all will move forward with unity.

We can all make a difference toward peace in our own daily worlds that surround us.
Give your soul contact through your eyes and spread your light with your smile and kind
words. One heart at a time we can bring this world together.

With Love and Light,


Lightworker is a non-profit conscious corporation dedicated to spreading Light through empowerment. 

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