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Liver flush..   17 y  
liver flush tonite
I am doing my liver flush tonight. Like I said before, I have already completed 5 flushes with much success. I am excited because this is the first one Iíve done since the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse. I have started the flush already, drinking 1 dose of epsom salts with apple juice. I will drink another dose 2 hours from now and then 2 hours later the grapefruit/oo/coke. I will post results tomorrow...:)   visit the page

Update   17 y  
I havenít done the liver flush yet but will very soon so iíll update you when I do. I just got back in town so until later.... My acne is improved but not quite where i want it to be so hopefully the liver flushing will continue to erase it.   visit the page

Day 5 Fast   17 y  
Plans for the future and update
Yesterday was day 5. I didnít get to post because I was on the road all day traveling for the holidays. Anyway hereís the update. As I said I was driving all day and boy was it interesting. I had to stop 3-4 different times just to use the bathroom! I had at least 3 large BMís. They were so big that in the morning when I woke up my stomach actually hurt a little and I felt ill in general. I wasnít sure why but boy did I find out. I think it was the combination of having alot of toxins and sitting for so long. Because sitting for a long time can really stimulate BMís for me. I must o ...   read more

Evening Day Four   17 y  
Liver flush tonight?
I had 2-3 BM today. This stuff just keeps coming and coming!! I love that Iím getting out so many toxins! I take my last Toxin Absorber for the day tonight at 7:30 and I am debating whether to do the Egg/Lime/OO liver flush 3 hours later. I never did this one before but it is supposed to be much gentler and easier than the Hulda Clark LF. I figure with all of the apple juice I have been drinking, this next liver flush should be very successful as they say apple juice softens the stones. Weíll see how I feel later.....   visit the page

Tips for anyone starting the Blessed Herbs Cleanse   17 y  
Tips for Blessed Herbs Cleanse
Even though I am still in the process of the cleanse, I thought I would post some tips because this by far has been a hugely successful flush. 1. Take hot baths not just for relaxation but youíll find the heat stimulates the BMs and you feel great! I started taking them for distraction and relaxation but soon realized how valuable they are! 2. When using the bathroom use a small step stool to put your feet on while sitting on the toilet. I know it sounds weird but it really makes a difference. Anyone whoís been constipated probably knows what Iím talking about. Just try it. Anytim ...   read more

Day Four Fast   17 y  
Great day!!
It is day four of my fast and I feel good today. I got up early and had the first Toxin Absorber and then took a bubble bath. After I passed another 2 feet of plaque. I am happy to say that my face seems to be responding positively to the cleanse. It is smoother and with a better tone today!! I am thinking of doing a liver flush right after the cleanse while I still have some toxin absorber to use after the liver flush so I donít end up with toxins still inside. I am feeling so good that I am up and got my kids up and we are outta here!!! Check ya later!   visit the page

Cheated a little!   17 y  
Cheated alittle...
Okay, okay, I seriously was thinking of not posting this information because I am a little ashamed but I cheated a little on the liquids only fast today. This afternoon my sister was having a small get together for a big football game and asked me if I would come over for a little while. I was so proud of myself because last night I basically made all of the food for this get together without cheating once. Well, I did go over and just couldnít tell everyone I was fasting for a colon cleanse because I am constipated and ate a little. I didnít overdo it! I had some spinach dip with brea ...   read more

Day Three Fast   17 y  
Very please with the cleanse so far..
I am on Day Three of my Fast with the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. This morning I had 3 separate trips to the bathroom with 2 large BMs and 1 small one. I feel good. I am a little fatigued this morning and to be honest itís the first time I feel really hungry. I just drank some Toxin Absorber and while I was drinking it my stomach let out a huge grumble. This could be because I slept in and didnít get up to drink my first Toxin Absorber until 9:30. I am heating up some veggie broth and will eat a little to stave off the hunger. Also I have been sipping on hot tea (without sugar-not much ...   read more

Tons of plaque!!   17 y  
Still passing...
It is still Day Two of the fast and I have passed TONS of mucoid plaque!! yay! I am so relieved because every time I look in the mirror at my blotchy face I sigh... but I feel inspired to keep going. I did go to the store and get the ingredients to make the veggie broth so its stewing right now. Donít get me wrong Iím not really hungry, the Toxin Absorber every 3 hours really fills you up, but I wonít pretend that when my daughter was eating bag of Funyuns I didnít want to curl up and eat some too!:) I just want to be prepared if I get too tempted so the broth is there and ready to stave ...   read more

Spoke too soon!!   17 y  
2 feet mucoid plaque....
After I posted, I had to go back to the bathroom 2 times to pass more mucoid plaque. I probably passed about 2 feet!! It was very rubbery and hollow in the middle. I know, I know, gross!! But I want to be detailed so anyone who wants to try this cleanse has a good idea of what to expect. Thatís what I did. There was another posting about this cleanse that inspired me to try it. Anyway, I am full speed ahead!!! I took the first Toxin Absorber already and will continue throughout the day. Iím still going to take the Digestive Stimulator in between the Toxin Absorber so I can pass as m ...   read more

Day Two Fast   17 y  
Mucoid Plaque!!
I passed some mucoid plaque this morning. It wasnít a huge amount maybe half of a foot but I was pretty constipated so Iím happy for that!! I am continuing with the fast today and am going to take the Digestive Stimulator 5 times today. The instructions recommended that for those with severe constipation and I think I qualify!!! I would like to have another BM today. Right now my stomach looks kind of like Iím 3 months pregnant so I know I have more that needs to come out! :)   visit the page

Day One Fast   17 y  
Day One Fast almost over!!
I did really well today!! I have been taking the Blessed Herbs all day at the scheduled interviews. I am dismayed that I have had only one BM which was extremely foul this morning. I am going to up the Digestive Stimulator tonight because I hope to pass mucoid plaque tomorrow!! I am starting to feel kind of fatigued and I have a slight headache so I am drinking some more apple juice. I think it was good that today was a busy day for me so I didnít think too much about not eating. They say the first day is the hardest so Iím hoping tomorrow will be even easier. I have one more dose o ...   read more

Evening Day 3 Precleanse   17 y  
Mucoid plaque already?
I just took 5 of the Digestive Stimulator pills. I have had 2 BM today and one of them looked a little like it had some mucoid plaque. It floated. I was really excited:) Never thought I would be excited to about a BM!!! If anyone else is thinking of doing this cleanse and it skeptical just wait until you have the first BM that is foul and reflective of mucoid plaque, it will inspire you to continue with the cleanse! When I saw it, I thought about The Blessed Herbs instructional pack says the colon is about 5 feet long so hopefully Iíll get at least 5 feet if not more of mucoid plaque out ...   read more

Day 3 Precleanse   17 y  
Day Three Pre cleanse!!
I woke up and had a BM which wasnít diarrhea but just soft. I hope I have more than one today otherwise Iíll up my dosage for the Digestive Stimulator again. I took 5 yesterday. I feel ready for the fast today. I was thinking of skipping the last pre cleanse day but I decided I should follow the steps as instructed. So onward!! Fast Day One starts tomorrow!! Iím really glad I am doing this before Thanksgiving because the last thing I needed was to pile more food into a colon that couldnít handle it. It feels good not to be constipated:)   visit the page

Drank Toxin Absorber   17 y  
Toxin Absorber
I just drank the Toxin Absorber. I must admit I am glad that the taste of the Toxin Absorber is good. I ordered the Peppermint one and I am relieved that I like the taste since Iíll be drinking it on the fast 5 times a day! Anyway, getting ready for bed. Itís early but like I said Iím very lethargic right now so Iím going to listen to my body and rest. Tomorrow is my 3rd and last precleanse day and then I start the liquid fast. Til Tomorrow....   visit the page

Evening Day Two   17 y  
Trying to cut down eating....
I havenít had another BM all day so I decided to increase my Digestive Stimulator. I think the diarrhea was due to Epsom salts from liver flush as well so hopefully tomorrow I will have 3 BM at least. I am very tired today. Donít know why. Maybe still having emotional reaction from liver flush. Itís funny, when you actually have to think about not eating itís really hard to not eat! I am only in the pre cleanse stage and already worried I might eat too much so I am watching every thing. I feel good about it so far so I am full speed ahead!!   visit the page

Day two Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse   17 y  
1st BM
I woke up to Day Two of my Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse and had a BM which produced alot more stones that probably got stuck during my liver flush. Yah!! The BM was quite foul and loose. I think I took too many of the Digestive Stimiulator. I took 3 so tonight I probably will take 2. I feel good. Today I have to further cut down on my eating so I ate a small breakfast and will have soup for lunch and probably dinner. Until next time...   visit the page

Crying spells and Blessed Herbs   17 y  
Crying spell after liver flush!!! Blessed herbs start!!
It is still the day after liver flush and I had the strangest thing. I felt so depressed and I didnít think too much of it until it escalated into a crying spell. It didnít last too long but I couldnít stop crying!! I really didnít even know why I was crying!!! I looked up my symptoms and found alot of other people have had this occur after a liver flush. I guess as you release the toxins, you are also releasing emotional toxins. I thought I was going crazy!!! I must say I do feel alot better now!! On a separate note, I recieved my shipment for Blessed Herbs and am starting the prec ...   read more

Liver Flush results   17 y  
Day after liver flush, good results
Last night I did my liver flush. This time I used 1/2 cup grapefruit, 1/2 cup olive oil and 6 oz Classic Coke. I added the Coke for taste because I always feel like Iím going to throw up the cocktail. This morning so far Iíve expelled a lot of gunk and I saw some stones in it. The stones were of good size and Iím glad to get them out!! I am waiting for my shipment which UPS assures me will be on time. I feel good this morning not the ĒblahĒ feeling I usually have the day after liver flushing. Iíll be back to update when I get my shipment!   visit the page

Liver Flush   17 y  
Liver Flush day before start of Blessed Herbs.
Tomorrow is the big day!!! I am actually very excited to start my Colon flush with Blessed Herbs! I decided to do a liver flush tonight since I really wanted to do another one before Thanksgiving. Since I am starting the Blessed herbs cleanse and it is an 8 day cleanse I would be cutting it close if I tried to do one afterwards before Thanksgiving. Right now I am about an hour away form the oo/grapefruit cocktail. I donít feel as tired as I usually do from not eating which is really great! Anyways, Iíll keep you posted on the results!!   visit the page

Preparation, Zapping, Olive leaf   17 y  
Shipment Monday, will zap until then....
My shipment will not be in until Monday so I decided to do some preparations for the cleanse. I started zapping with the Terminator II zapper . Actually this is how my acne flared up. I was zapping over 8 hours a day and wasnít releasing the toxins fast enough so they began releasing through my skin. I got very frustrated so I eased on the zapping and decided to cleanse. I have done 4 liver flushes so far with some success. I expelled probably 100-200 stones so far but my colon is getting blocked up with constipation. Thus, the Blessed Herbs cleanse! I am going to drink alot of lem ...   read more

Blessed Herbs Cleanse   17 y  
Blessed Herbs Cleanse to start Saturday.
I am currently cleansing to clear up acne. I have been doing the liver cleanses which have helped tremendously but I think my bowel could use some cleansing as I suffer from constipation lately that just doesnít seem to want to go away. So I ordered the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse today and will begin it Saturday. I thought it would be motivating to me to post a blog about it because I have to fast during the cleanse. I really want to be successful with it and provide insight for anyone else that is thinking of bowel cleansing.   visit the page


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I am going to start the Blessed Herbs cleanse soon and thought I would set up a blog to track my progress. I ordered the Blessed Herb colon cleanse today and should get it Saturday. I am currently cleansing to clear up acne.Ö more...

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