My 30 Day Juice Fast Journal
by Bearded One
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OK, I'm still good but I've been lazy about posting   17 y  
Did people suddenly un-read me??
Hey there crew, Been doing fine post-fast and am still looking forward to my next one in March. Ihave discovered a strange thing though. My blog suddenly jumped from over 8000 views down to 6700 views??? What gives?? Did people ex-communicate their views of my blog?? (not that I care but---I just referred a good friend over here and told him about my blog and to look for me somewhere in the 8000 views area) Confused, Bearded One   visit the page

Day 3 Post-Fast   17 y  
Attack of the Asthma!!!
Well, I had a very unpleasant experience yesterday. I was feeling perfectly fine in the morning and decided to go for a nice walk on my lunch break. About 15 minutes into the walk I started to feel uneasy. My nose starting running (like before when I had that reaction on day 23 of the fast) then I started having an asthma attack!!! I havnít had one of those in over 10 years. I had to rush back to my work (Drís office) and get put on a albuterol nebulizer. WTF???? I felt miserable for the rest of the day. I feel a little better this moring. I would type more but Iíve got a ton ...   read more

Day 1 & 2 Post-Fast   17 y  
Oh baby I like it Raw (anyone know the ODB song ;)
Wow, Well I havnít lost my appetite for food, that much is for sure. Iíve been enjoying some great raw delicacies at the local Raw Foods bar. If it werenít so expensive I could seriously consider making my whole diet raw foods!!! You seriously do feel better when all you eat are raw foods. Also, itís been nice to return to ĒregularityĒ if you know what I mean. Raw foods definitly help out with that ;) Iím also excited to start a weight training program as well. I do feel like I lost muscle mass during the juice fast. I can tell the difference in my biceps and my quads. I am g ...   read more

Last day of the Juice Fast (almost made 30)   17 y  
I made 22 solid days of juice fasting. No regrets.
Iíve decided to break the fast. My experience yesterday must have kick-started my appetite response as I woke up the morning of day 24 famished. I had a juice as usual but by 11am I was hungry. I could tell that the juice wouldnít have been enough. I had an apple and some grapes which sated me till dinner (when I had a delicious salad) I am content that my first juice fast lasted at least 22 days. I would have liked to make 30 but I feel like I am doing the right thing by listening to my body at this point. I wish I could have gotten to the point where I could have focused the e ...   read more

Day 23 of the Juice Fast (last day???)   17 y  
Worst day of the fast
I had a real set-back on day 23 I made my usual juice in the morning and was planning on taking at least part of the day to meditate. The juice tasted a little funny to me. Almost as if there was some milk in it?? (Iím not sure why). About 2 minutes after drinking the juice I started sneezing uncontrolably (my nose was also running) About 2 minutes after that I started feeling nauseous. I just made it in time to the bathroom to projectile vomit into the toilet. Talk about nasty!! I felt better after I threw up but all of the sudden I was really hungry!!! I decided I would jus ...   read more

Day 21 and 22 of the Juice Fast   17 y  
I see Saw (hehe) and work on the Spiritual side of the fast
I took a break from posting yesterday because I was busy cleaning the house and watching movies. I did see Saw III and liked it (not for the faint of heart though as itís very gruesome). There are some scenes in the movie that would make you not want to eat for 30 days alone!!!! hehehe. Iím trying to take this weekend to focus on spirituality. Iíve been focusing a lot of my energy on bodily changes during this fast but I have been neglecting the spiritual side up till now. Iím going to spend at least an hour meditating today. Iíd also like to read and write some (Iím also planning ...   read more

Day 20 of the Juice Fast   17 y  
My mind starts wandering about a "technical" 30 day juice fast
20 days down and 10 to go!!! By now I am definitly on auto-pilot. My routine is the same every-day. I see now that the difficulty in going the whole 30 days is not the actual juice-fast itself. It is the monotony of drinking your energy for every meal. Iím really struggling with that right now. Technically, since I did 5 days pre-fast (where I had juice for two meals and a salad for dinner) I could be on day 25. Could I then do two juices and start a salad for dinner tonight (for the next 5 days) and still say I stuck with the 30 day juice fast (albiet 10 days were really modifi ...   read more

Day 19 of the Juice Fast   17 y  
Hmmmmm.. not much to say for today.
Ho Hum, Another day another juice. I am trying to either kickstart more weight-loss or get into some type of spiritual groove. Any ideas out there??? (still doing the treadmill for about 1 hour day). Should I try a weight lifting regime??? Peace, Bearded One Still at 211lbs   visit the page

Day 18 of the Juice Fast (Halloween)   17 y  
Halloween brings up some spooky ideas......
So Iím still running like a frigging faucet. My nose hasnít let up. I feel like Iíve sneezed out like a bucket of snot (sorry, I know that image is gross). Yesterday was halloween. I was going to go out and see Saw III (if anyone has seen it...was it any good??) but the wife pooped out on me. So we just stayed home and watched the Omen (the original) on AMC and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Other than that nothing very important happened on day 18. I am starting to feel the boredom that others have written about. Itís not that I donít love my juices (I do). Itís ...   read more

Day 17 of the Juice Fast   17 y  
Blowing my nose and getting good bed.
Well, I was blowing my nose for about 4 hours straight on day 17. My poor little nose wasnít feeling so good. After that stretch though it seemed I got most of the phlem out (seemed being the appropriate word). I had my Masters class (new one started this week--Special Survey & Populations) and got bombarded with a ton of work for the next 4 weeks. This seemed to bring the phlem back to the forefront and I was sneezing and blowing my nose the whole class. Other than that day 17 was pretty run of the mill. Had my two juices and that was it (Iíve decided on Mondays to do one for b ...   read more

Day 16 of the Juice Fast   17 y  
I get sick and tempted
I guess the real purgeing has begun. I woke up on the 16th day of the juice fast feeling terrible. This is really the first time during the fast that Iíve had really noticably persistant negative symptoms. I felt like I had a cold (which considering I was in the presence of literally thousands of people at Vegoose and hundreds of people at 54í may totally be posssible). Throughout the day I was stuffed up and blowing my nose (Iím blowing my nose as I type this on the morning of the 17th day too). I also had my first pangs of hunger. They were short though and I ignored them (and ...   read more

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