Something with some Crunch.
by starstuff

Day 20 & 21!   17 y  
I canít believe three weeks have passed just like that! Day 20 I had a headache all day, I think I caught a bug my son brought home from Kindergarten. Had to get my Mother to mind the kids in the afternoon so I could rest. Didnít get out for my walk. Today Iíve been much better. I needed an extra juice to feel back on top of things, and I got that at the juicebar near here after my walk. I havenít really thought of a 3 week gift for myself...Iím thinking maybe some new clothes....everything I have is very loose!!! 16 pounds lost now :o) Looking forward to a trip to the markets tomorrow, ...   read more

Day 19!   17 y  
Great day.
Nice spring sunshine here, so I spent the morning at the beach with the kids. I took juice in an insulated flask and a bottle of water. Still heavily into the Spring cleaning....itís like Iíve been struck by a force!! I got some arm weights but in fact I think Iím getting more muscle tone cleaning far! Iíve been thinking about how Iím spending a couple of hours a day preparing food, as well as the time it takes to prepare my fruit and veges for juicing. Iíve seen advice in the forums to Ēstay well away from foodĒ. Thatís obviously best if you live alone! But itís not a ...   read more

Days 17 & 18. Absent minded eating!   17 y  
Uh oh!
But I didnít swallow!!! Yesterday evening I absent mindedly put a piece of cooked broccoli in my mouth and started chewing. What the ?!!! If it hadnít tasted so foreign (cooked!) I might have swallowed it I guess but I realised what I was doing in time. I wonder how much I eat without thinking usually. Even if it is mostly healthy stuff Iím preparing for the kids. Scary thought. 14 pounds down and my clothes are getting seriously loose!! I can see my face looks different in the mirror - more like a younger me. My skin is super soft too so Iím feeling really good appearance wise and tha ...   read more

Day 16. NO chewing!!   17 y  
Back into another week.
This has never happened to me on a fast before, but when I went to check my tongue situation (the icky white stuff that comes out in force on a fast), I got terrible cramp in my whole lower jaw and mouth/neck muscles. Itís still sore 5 hours later. Iím guessing things have frozen a bit with the lack of chewing so Iíve been doing some gentle exercises, and cracking the kids up with funny faces! I donít want to actually chew in case that stimulates digestive acids.....I was SO over that ready-to-digest-but-no-foods-a-coming stage 2 weeks ago. Back into another week. I got the kids baki ...   read more

Day 15   17 y  
Doing ok! Now with exercise!
Doing ok. Itís the weekend (my 3rd weekend juice fasting!). I took advantage of having my husband home and had myself a kid free morning, followed by an early afternoon nap! I think my juicer is very efficient. I took this pic of the veges I had looked out for my 5.30pm juice... (Spinach, parsley, cabbage, celery and an apple) and the result when juiced... I went and bought some great walking shoes this morning. They feel so good underfoot! (And they should at that price!). Iíve given them a trial run (walk) this evening and Iíll go further tomorrow and see if I can get a real ...   read more

Days 13 and 14   17 y  
I've just been doing what it takes to get to bedtime without serious thoughts of giving up.
I thought Iíd be updating this blog at least once a day but things have got so busy! Iíve been helping a neighbour friend tidy up her garden for an open home at the weekend. She gave me a ton of organic veges and herbs that sheís grown....more than I can juice so Iíve been freezing some, and I made a big vege curry for the family dinner tonight. I used a heap of fresh coriander (cilantro) in it, and I love this herb in cooking, but I also juiced some (with carrot and celery) and it made me feel unwell! Back to my conservative old standby parsley I guess! From Saturday I wonít have so ma ...   read more

Days 11 and 12   17 y  
I need to start some proper exercise.
So busy this week.... ...Iíve started Spring cleaning, for one thing itís Spring, and another thing - it just seems to fit well along with Spring cleaning my body. Iím in the right frame of mind I guess and Iíve already cleared out a lot of junk we havenít even used since moving to our new house. Iíve been doing well on 6 juices, 2 or 3 small cups of broth, 8 glasses of water plus some hot water and lemon and a smooth move tea before bed. Iím still staying close to home, Iíve refused a couple of invites....this isnít forever and I can catch up with people next month. I did venture to a ...   read more

A days worth of juice!   17 y  
Now with pictures...
These were my juices on Day 7. L-R top 9am, apple, parsley and celery 11am, cucumber, apple, broccoli (stalk) and ginger. 1.30pm, beet, cabbage, celery And L-R bottom 3.15pm spinach, apple and parsley 5.30pm carrot and cabbage 7pm carrot, spinach, parsley and cucumber   visit the page

Day 10 juice fasting.   17 y  
1/3 of the way to 30.
In many ways itís easier on a weekday. Theres more structure to my day. Our weekends are usually filled with spontaneous little trips to places the kids will enjoy, and I felt this weekend I needed to stay close to home. We did get down to a local park to feed the geese and admire some newborn ducklings yesterday late afternoon though. My husband is going back to work later tonight so he can be home a little earlier every day this week. That makes the dinner rush hour so much easier on me. Itís great he has the flexibilty with his work hours. I had something extra delicious to drink ...   read more

Day 9. Still in the game.   17 y  
Drink More Water!
I wanted to eat today...not because I was hungry - in fact I felt nauseous after resorting to another salt water flush (desperate measures) this morning. I thought I wanted to eat to get things MOVING and expel some toxins (obviously there are toxins, I still felt like crap!). I imagine, because this is what it really feels like, that if youíre not eliminating regularly some of the rubbish gets recycled - reabsorbed through the bowel and back through the detoxification channels before arriving back in the bowel....where hopefully it might be eliminated this time. Sounds like a waste of bod ...   read more

Day 8. To P&B or not to P&B....   17 y  
All day I've felt toxic and sluggish.
Eliminating is not going well and I feel stuck in a toxin fog! I went toy shopping this morning (birthdays coming up) and afterwards had a fresh squeezed orange juice from a juice place at the mall. Going to the toilets afterward I stood outside reading the signs ĒMen, Women, Disabled,Ē competely at a loss for a minute as to which one I should use. All day Iíve felt toxic and sluggish. Iím going to bring in the pysllium in water, plus enemas regime that Iíve had success with before....I need to get the junk out. Iíve got some bentonite too and Iíll try some of that maybe once a day (eve ...   read more

Day 7. First week update.   17 y  
One week!
I made an effort to get in an extra juice today because I felt depleted after yesterdays *ahem* disruptions, and consequent lack of nutrition. I had a REALLY low mood for a couple of hours this morning. Probably toxin induced. Blew it away with a walk on the beach with the kids. I took juice :o) I photographed all my juices today! Every time I go to drink one I think how pretty it looks (maybe they look prettier to the hungry!), anyway today I took pics and Iíll make a collage showing one typical days worth of juice and other fluids on my fast. Iím doing this fast on top of all my usu ...   read more

Day 6. Tough going.   17 y  
Curse of the salt water flush. Or curse at it...or something.
I said I was going to attack day 6 full force, and it started well enough. I even had a really helpful email through curezone (thanks K) telling me I needed to be really well hydrated (with water, not juice) before doing a salt water flush. So, I made sure I had 3 large glasses of water over an hour before the 4 glasses with the salt. No juice. Within 30 minutes it was all on.....and for the following FOUR AND A HALF HOURS it was ALL ON! WTF?? I visited the bathroom...I donít know....30 or 40 times? I didnít feel well enough to juice until 2pm and then I only felt like carrot and apple. ...   read more

Day 5. Shaky day.   17 y  
Down but not out.
5 juices today, 1 bought organic bottled fruit juice, no broth, and LOTS and LOTS of lemon in hot water. Things went off course when I agreed to meet a friend this morning with our kids at a park. I didnít get to do a salt water flush before we went so I saved it until this afternoon. It didnít work!!....I just burped and burped and my stomach got bigger and bigger and tighter, then I started to feel queasy....and dizzy. 2 hours later I had NO results. How horrible to have all that salt stuck inside me. UGH! Iím off salt water flushes! Maybe I need to read up on them more, perhaps th ...   read more

My juice fasting history.   17 y  
I would love to achieve 30 days this time.
1997: 5 days (inspired by Raw Energy book.) This was before I was married or had kids. Iíd had CFS for 8 years at this point. I had previuosly done a 5 day ĒLamb and PearĒ exclusion diet to try and identify allergies but this was my first experience with actual fasting. It went well but I was bedridden for the first 4 days with bad headaches and fatigue. 1998: 5 days again. Similar experience to above, but I branched out and juiced things like broccoli, beets and parsley. I was living with my now husband and he was very supportive. 2000: 7 days juice fast with psyllium and enemas (n ...   read more

Day 4. Feeling better than good....   17 y  
I did a salt water flush this morning....and no more headache!
Really, I feel better than good. Itís more than just having had the burden of digestion lifted, and more than the quick delivery of vitamins and minerals you get with juicing. In my case Iím convinced I must usually eat something (Wheat? Dairy? Eggs? OK, Chocolate??) that Iíd be better off without. I feel SO much more clear headed and energetic now the first few rough days are over. This is why I LOVE juice fasting. I did a salt water flush this morning....and no more headache! The salt water wasnít too bad to take. I did what another blogger recommended and had all the salt in one cup ...   read more

Day 3. Nasty headache day.   17 y  
Too busy to blog, this update is a bit late. It's part way through day 4 really.
This isnít hard so long as I donít go too long between juices. So far I havenít ventured out except a 30 minute walk to the fruit and vege shop. I got some fabulous organic broccolis that were being delivered from a home gardener while I was there......oh to be able to get my hands on produce THAT FRESH every day of the week! They had great long stalks which I juiced and I put some of the big dark leaves through too, though not much came out of the leaves in the juicer. I juiced a 1/3 of a sweet potato today too and it was good....Iím going to try it with pear and ginger sometime for a tre ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
Family support. Essential.
Six glasses of juice again, several drinks of Lemon juice squeezed into hot water (our tree is bursting with lemons at the moment!) plus two cups of broth in the evening. I bought an organic cabbage yesterday and a few beets...both taste a bit earthy compared to the old lightweight apple and carrot combos but Iíve added them in gradually and Iím increasing the amounts...especially cabbage. I had a headache all day..enough for me to need to lie down after dinner. Dinner...Haha...that would be the roast chicken and veges I made for the family! (I took a cup of broth down to the bedroom ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Hunger pangs kicked in this evening.
Iíve done pretty well. Six glasses (8oz) of juice, two cups of broth, one hot ginger drink and six plus glasses of water today. Hunger pangs kicked in this evening, especially when I was preparing dinner for the family! Iíve pulled up a couple of blogs by juice fasters who managed while caring for kids and family and Iím going to keep referring to them for motivation. (ausjulieís 30 day fast) and (an 11 day fast) ...Which led me to this one (Dazzle) which i ...   read more

J Day - morning update.   17 y  
Simple so far.
Itís simple so far...just going through the motions really. Iíve had 2 glasses of apple, carrot and parsley juice, several glasses of water and Iím feeling extra well hydrated but not much else yet! Also had a hot drink of boiling water poured over grated ginger root then strained.....wasnít bad at all. I used to drink this in the wintertime when I got up early to work and my circulation needed a kickstart! I had terrible (*understatement) tooth pain in the night (after NO pain all day yesterday), so thatís disappointing. I needed painkillers at 1 am and Iím wonderfing about the wisdom ...   read more

Getting ready to start...   17 y  
J-Day minus 1 !
I made some Vege broth tonight and I made a special trip to the market for fresh produce. I picked up 3kg of carrots, a couple of good size bundles of spinach, parsley, celery, a cucumber and two big bags of organic apples. Iíve done several 5 - 10 day juice fasts / cleanses before and I want to do at least 10 days this time. Itís getting close to the start of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere (weíve had daffodils out on our lawn for 4 weeks now!) and the time feels right. So, I intend to drink fresh juice (Iím an at home Mother so I can juice as I go) and lots of water. Iíll ...   read more


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