TODAY I will not drink alcohol!
by FirstFastMay06

Day 4   17 y  
Blood work for liver damage done today at doctor
I went to the doctor today and got blood work done. The nurse checked my stomach and told me that it didnít seem like I had an inlarged liver or anything was abnormal. That made me feel a lot better but I still have to wait for the blood work comes back before I can jump to conclusions. I also told the doctor about insomina that I have been dealing with as long as I have been with drinking. She prescribed me Rozerem and I took it about 45 minutes ago and have to say that I will be making this short because I still have to take a shower before bed and Iím getting really tired in a goo ...   read more

Day 2 and 3   17 y  
starting over
I am back at square one. Immediately after I drank that wine alcohol put my mind back in the sickness further than after the 21 days of sobriety. I am thinking of it a lot again and the reoccuring thought of taking a drink comes frequently. I just have to be strong and I have been going to AA chat rooms in yahoo to find some guidance. I will be going on my 3rd juice fast today or tomorrow. I donít know how long it will last since I am going to be working a lot more starting today. It is easier to eat a sandwich than to prepare juice and take it with me. I need the juice though, it ...   read more

*Day 1   17 y  
Day 1 again, not a shocker, but dissapointed
Iím not shocked by no means, but it hurts me to know that I am truly an alcoholic and that when it comes to choice, it is so hard mentally, that I give in. I can say this... my insides did not like it at all. I think that there might be more damage than I first thought. I felt really bad today and I donít consider that wine a lot of alcohol, but still it put my body through a lot to process it. Yeah, Iím human but I donít plan on giving up. This blog is something new for me and even if it doesnít help me quit totally it has already had a huge impact in just 22 days. I really enjoy th ...   read more

Day 21   17 y  
3 weeks of sobriety so far! 2nd time I made it this long in 10 years!
I have made it 3 weeks now and itís such a relief to have made it this far. I have a lot less stress right now because I donít have to focus so much on school and at work we have been slow so I am not working much. I think by eliminating as much stress as possible, it has really helped me to make it this long. It took me 1 month to mow my grass, but I did it today. I have always mowed the grass while drinking beer to cool me down and they went together so well for a long time. I though of alcohol right before I started mowing, but of course after a while the desire left me. This is g ...   read more

Day 16   17 y  
Lot's of determination and trying to stay motivated to quit.
Itís hard guys. I know it ultimately comes down to a choice, but this is a disease. It changes the way a person thinks. It is far from anything normal. As for today, I am in good spirit. I am on to something this time. It is nice to know that I have this much determination. I didnít know I had it honestly. I am still passing the liquor stores on my way to work and my eyes just wander over to the beer signs and I get a feeling like I am missing something. It is horrible and I hope it will get better. I will ask the doctor if he can prescribe something for me. The last time the doctor pre ...   read more

Day 14 and 15   17 y  
I made it 2 weeks and I'm not looking back!
I made the 2 week mark which I knew I would probably do. I am really worried about these cravings I am getting lately though. I know that it will be a battle for the rest of my life. Today I went for my assessment to get into out-patient rehab. Guess what though? They said my second assessment would be on September the 15th. That is a month and 1 day. Are they stupid or what? This is a failing system. They let court appointed go before people that actually want the help. I will find another place to go if I feel like I canít wait that long, but I think I may be able to if I set my mind ...   read more

Day 11, 12, and 13   17 y  
I am making it on 2 weeks now, but my body is begging for alcohol
I am making it guys. It is Saturday morning on day 13 and in a few hours I will be going to the lake with my fiancťeís family. I will be tempted to drink, but I know that I wont. Even if it is offered to me, I know I have to refuse it. Last night (Friday) I had very strong urges to drink. I just went to sleep early and now that I woke up at 3AM, I wonít have to worry about it for another 4 hours since they donít sell it here until 7AM. I canít do it though. I been this long and if I drank now it would be bad. My Kombucha Tea is almost ready. It will be ready to bottle up in a few ...   read more

Day 10   17 y  
Why is alcohol my drug of choice?
I am making myself do things that my body isnít used to doing. My body has adapted to alcohol and the life with alcohol became so normal for me. Anytime I see a commercial on TV or drive past a store that has alcohol advertised my eyes roll over to it and immediately my body tells me it needs alcohol. I have to stop and think about what is happening and the feeling I get it a lost feeling that feels so weird. It is a feeling that can be described as loosing something and really wanting to find it at all costs. The feeling is such a sick feeling and the only way my body thinks it can take c ...   read more

Day 9   17 y  
Making sense of reality
It just makes sense to stop now. It is progressing to the destructive stage now. I had a lot of fun drinking and I would like to go back and change a lot of things, but there was some fun in it and there were times that it was not that bad. For the most part though, it has definitely had a small effect on my health and even later will probably show what damage it has really caused. Not only that, but I have broken a lot of bridges because I chose alcohol and it is not normal to live life like that. Life should be as peacful as possible, but the road of alcohol was leading to chaos for ...   read more

Day 8   17 y  
I haven't been sober for 8 days more than 4 times in the last 10 years!
I have been sober for 8 days. I havenít been sober for this long more than 4 times in 10 years. I know I am on the right track and hope I can find more strength each day to fight this and win. I started getting very uncomfortable tonight at everything around me. Everything was irritating me. The bugs that were falling from the ceiling at Sonic while we were having ice cream, my daughter running around everywhere, even my girlfriendís voice was just making me very irritated. I had to go sit in the car by myself for the last 5 minutes that we were there. It helped too. I had that tim ...   read more

Day 6 and 7   17 y  
2 more days of being sober. It has been a long, long, long time since I have been sober for so long!
Yesterday was a lot of fun! We took our daughter to Beech Bend ( ) and she loved it. My girlfriend wouldnít ride the scary rides but my daughter definitely has the same thrill seeking blood that I have. We got on one of the most feared rides in most amusement parks. The one that goes way up in the air and then drops you straight down! She kept wanting me to spin as fast as we could on all the rides. We rode the tea cups 3 times trying and spinned ourselves silly. At one point, we were on a ride and I was spinning it as fast as I could and my whole body jus ...   read more

Day 5   17 y  
An answered prayer? I think so!
It is Friday and normally this is the day I get a little more wasted than during the week. During the week I drink as much as most people that drink on weekends though. I would normally start out at T.G.I.Fridays and have 5-9 16 ounce beers. Usually whatever the special of the month is which always seems to be Bud Light. Sometimes I would have a double shot of Wild Turkey when I am leaving. From there I would go to Kroger and get at least a 6 pack. Most of the time its a 12 pack. I would come home and get on the computer and see if I got any sales and if not, usually play an online ...   read more

Day 4   17 y  
I won't say I'm making it, I won't say I'm doing that good, but it's working.
Have you guys heard of Kombucha Tea? If not, google it or find it all over this site. I found the best place to buy it for the cheapest price. This person has been making it for 3+ years. When you get it, you never have to buy it again. you just keep making it. Anyway, definately google Kombucha Tea and then check prices everywhere and see if you can find it from a better source than here I couldnít find it from a better place. This person is a christian too, so no poisonous mushrooms! LOL DAY 4 --------------------- ...   read more

Day 3   17 y  
Curezones major flaw!
Wow, Iím so tired of writing a full message and then posting but cure zone tells me that I forgot my abstract keywords. So you hit your back arrow and your whole message is gone. I wonít make this mistake the 4th time I promise! The site needs to fix this major flaw because once you click post, it is too late. Anyways, I typed a lot of stuff that I will not type again. I am finished with day 3 and didnít drink. I will leave it at that. Dang it, Iím mad at you right now! lol ow, Iím so tired of writing a full message and then posting but cure zone tells me that I forgot my ...   read more

Day 2   17 y  
Dropping out of college for a semester to tackle this disease
I just wrote the Financial Board of Directors at my college and told him I would not be able to complete my semester at school as of right now. It is putting a lot of stress on me and I have to fix myself right now. I am still coughing a little and there are sharp pains in my organs. I am going to the doctor on Thursday. I want to find out what the damage is because I know there must be some there since I feel the way I do. As far as my second day, I am not thinking of alcohol because I know it is what is causing this horrible pain in my organs in my abdomen. I really just deserve ...   read more

Day 1   17 y  
Alcohol is killing me but its not too late to do something about it!
It is actually day 2 now since I have had a drink and I have decided to quit drinking with some support I know I will get here. Letís start off with a little about me... I am a 31 year old alcoholic that has been drinking for 16 years. Up until 5 years ago, when I had my first and only child, I was drinking liquor very heavily. Since my daughter was born I mainly stuck with beer with the occasional wiskey bottle about 1 time a month. About a week ago I noticed that something was happening. I started feeling pretty bad and 4 days ago I developed flu-like symptoms. I also can tell m ...   read more


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