Juice Fasting: The Ultimate Battle Between Me & Myself
by crazybutterfly

Days 2-4 of my new water fast   17 y  
I can't believe it..
Today is actually the afternoon of day 5 of my water fast. But Iím going to write about days 2-4. Iíve been so busy lately, I couldnít believe how Iím doing this fast. My insomnia still continues and on Wednesday and Thursday, I didnít have any sleep for around 36 hours.. And I was out during most of those hours because Iíve been fixing my papers for Dubai. The weird thing was, even after being awake for around 25 hours, I was still restless.. Maybe itís a cleansing reaction.. I donít know. Anyway, when I got home, I still had stuff to do, and I had the shakes. Not feeling cold kind of ...   read more

Day 2 of my new fast: a water fast   17 y  
Getting back up on my feet.. :)
Well, Iím now on a water fast. I already finished 2 days. Iím still deciding if I should make this into a 10 day water fast.. But Iím thinking since I just came off a 21 day juice fast, then had 5 days of a loss of self-control by bingeing on mostly carbs (white bread with looots of butter, cookies, nuts, seafood, butterscotch bars, chocolate, etc.. but, thankfully no meat), Iím just going to let my body decide for me when I should break this water fast just to knock me back to my senses and start eating right.. I had so many plans of eating just fruits and vegetables for a week after my j ...   read more

I fucked up... BIG TIME   17 y  
I havenít been able to write until now because Iíve been so busy arranging documents for my plan to go to Dubai early September. Thereís so much to do and so little time... Sigh... Anyway... Well, the good news is that I finished my 21 day juice fast. Though I didnít lose any more pounds after the 2nd week, at least I lost 13lbs in all. And I was okay with that. But... Because I didnít plan my meals post-fast... I f***ed up... BIG TIME... I didnít just eat. I devoured whatever I could get my hands on. Though not meat. Mostly carbs. White bread with butter. I stuffed myself sick. A ...   read more

Day 20 and Days 15-19   17 y  
Day 20 and summary of Days 15-19
I know I havenít been able to post for a while.. There were so many things on my mind that I just couldnít focus.. Right now, I couldnít sleep so I decided to write about the past few days. And also tomorrow is the last day of my 21 day fast. :D :D :D So I thought I might write an evaluation of my first ever juice fast. Well, I weighed myself on Day 15, and I was right. My body has already adjusted to the fast and I lost only about 3lbs on one week of fasting. But Iím not complaining. I mean, to think I already lost 13 pounds on Day 15, I can fit into my Ēskinny jeansĒ.. Itís definit ...   read more

Day 14 (TWO WEEKS! YAY!)   17 y  
Day 14, two whole weeks of fasting! Yay!!!
I stuck it out yesterday and now the weakness is gone. Though I still feel weak from my STILL lack of exercise, but it wasnít the same feeling as yesterday. :) So, itís good. I feel like I can still continue until day 21. Iíll weigh myself tomorrow and see how much I lost on two weeks of fasting. I think itís only going to be around maybe 4lbs-5lbs because I have a feeling that my bodyís already used to my fasting.. Oh, well. Iíll know tomorrow. Tomorrow Iíll also start on planning how Iím going to break this fast. Iíll have a plan outlined for a week or so.. And Iíll also start on r ...   read more

Day 13..   17 y  
Day 13, weakness and feeling really cold
Today I felt really, really weak.. I felt so cold I put on a sweater and wrapped myself up in a blanket.. I decided to drink up on my juices (though I had only four) hoping the weakness would go away.. It didnít. I wanted to eat something but I remembered Dazzleís advice to wait it out until the next day.. So, I will..   visit the page

Day 12   17 y  
Day 12 boredom, however, some realizations..
Woke up really late.. Almost 1pm. And yet, I slept at around 1am. Huh. Around 12hours of sleep. Thatís too much. But I just couldnít get myself to stand up.. Itís been raining (as usual), and the weatherís really cold. Sigh.. I really miss the sun. Today isnít any good. Still couldnít get past my feelings of being bored with my fast.. I donít even know why Iím bored.. Maybe the ritual of juicing? Or maybe I donít have enough variety in my fruits or vegetables? I donít know. But I still want to finish with 21 days.. I had only 1 juice today. I just didnít feel like having anymore.. I ...   read more

Day 11   17 y  
Day 11 and boredom
My plan of not sleeping the whole day went out the window as soon as I finished typing about day 10. I just lay my head for a while and the next thing I know, itís 1pm. Oh, well. I didnít drink much juice today. I just didnít feel like it.. I think Iím starting to get tired of drinking juice.. I donít think the party had anything to do with affecting my fast.. Itís just me. Oh, well.   visit the page

Day 10 and oh, I am so proud of myself! :)   17 y  
Day 10 and a whole lot of willpower!!!
Day 10 of my fast and like every night before this, last night I slept around 1am or 2am. I woke up at 12nn. Today, I couldnít stick to my usual schedule of juice every 2 hours. My brother and I went to the mall again and we came back home 1 hour late for my second juice. But it was quite fine. Though I felt a bit hungry while we were out. After we got home, I immediately got ready for a friendís birthday party at one of my favorite grilled seafood restaurants. I was trying on my clothes and I felt really happy because I could wear my ískinny jeansí again! After almost a year! And I wor ...   read more

Day 9   17 y  
Day 9, my lack of activity and being such a good girl..
Well, day 9.. I felt weak all throughout the day. Again, I believe it to be the lack of exercise. I think my bodyís forgotten how itís like to move. I jokingly told the people living with us that I think Iím starting to become a vegetable from all the vegetable Iíve been drinking. Hehe. But seriously, after being used to various activities (Iím a pretty active person), my lack of activity for the past weeks is starting to catch up on me. Iíve been planning to at least walk around but itís been raining continually for the past weeks. (Sigh..) So, to have something to do, I decided to mak ...   read more

Day 8, I've already done one week of my juice fast! :)   17 y  
Day 8 (I've lost around 8lbs-10lbs!), and other ramblings like how I'm doing my fast and other reasons for this fast.
I woke up at 10am today really cranky. Itís probably because, like the past few days, I couldnít sleep. I lie down at 10pm, after much tossing and turning for about an hour and a half, I give up and go online until I get sleepy at around 3am. I think maybe itís because of the (still!) lack of exercise. I know this isnít a detox symptom because from what I read of othersí blogs, some were able to sleep like a rock. I weighed myself this morning and after one week on the juice fast, from 120lbs, I weighed somewhere between 110lbs-112lbs. The scale canít decide on which. So, YAY! :) I h ...   read more

Day 7   17 y  
Oh.. the thirst!!!
Yay! Iíve already done 1 whole week of the juice fast!!! :) Havenít done much today. I drank 1 less juice that what I usually drink because I felt full. Itís probably because of all the water I drank. Iím not sure if itís a symptom of detox, but I felt really, really, really thirsty all day! I had around 5 liters of water! I do hope that Iím detoxing.. Because so far, I havenít experienced much cleansing reactions. Not that Iím complaining.. Maybe itíll happen around the end or something, Iím not sure. But so far, the only reaction I had was on day 4 when I felt nauseated. And now, mayb ...   read more

Day 6   17 y  
Day 6 and what I did with it, MY NEW BIKINI BOTTOMS!, watermelon juice, and other ramblings.. :)
Last night I had so much trouble sleeping that I slept at 3am. :( But I woke up at 7am because I had to meet a friend at the mall. At the mall, my friend and I spent almost the whole time walking (that was practically the only exercise Iíve had since I started this fast). And at lunch time, though he didnít want to eat because he didnít feel right that I wasnít going to eat, I told him not to worry about it. He ate at Sbarroís and the pizza and spaghetti he ate looked sooooo goooood. But, happily, I wasnít salivating or anything.. I was really happy about this improvement in me. I know ...   read more

Day 5   17 y  
Day 5, sleeping in, and cravings!
Today was Day 5 of my fast. It went okay, no cleansing reaction like from yesterday. No hunger pains. Just cravings which I know is all in my mind. But still no bowel movement.. What to do? Also, I keep on sleeping at least TEN HOURS! No matter how early I want to wake up, I just keep on sleeping in! Itís been like that for the past week. Iím not sure if itís normal while fasting or not, but Iím hoping to cut back on my sleep. Iím also thinking I need some exercise. All Iíve been doing throughout this fast is surfing the net or watching television. Iíve been intending to start doing yog ...   read more

Days 1-4   17 y  
Summary of days 1-4 and a whole lot of questions! :)
Iíve been meaning to write about the start of my fast but Iím a born procrastinator! Hehe. But hereís a summary.. I started this fast on July 20. Everyday I drink juice every 2 hours. I decided to time my juices because itís easier and much more doable for me. I am also following what a friend of mine suggested, fruit in the morning and vegetables in the evening. Why? I have no idea. If anyone knows, please tell me. :) Days 1-3 were pretty okay. I was expecting it to be difficult from what I read from others blogs but I didnít experience any cleansing reactions. I didnít even experie ...   read more

Introduction   17 y  
Introduction to my journey on juice fasting..
I decided to start this blog about my journey to win the battle of wills against myself by doing a juice fast for 21 days for the reason that I need an outlet to ride out the detox reactions that I am currently experiencing (nausea, dizziness, etc.) and hopefully, to get some support along the way with other people who are also going through the same thing. I named this blog ĒThe Ultimate Battle..Ē because that is truly how I feel. I have this love-hate relationship with food and Iíve been trying to lose weight since I was around 14 years old or so, and now Iím 22. I could never stick t ...   read more


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