*A Master Cleanse - Dramatic MAKE OVER!*
by shortfatfanny

And In The Beginning, There Was THIN!   18 y  
There are so many reasons why I doubled in size. We all have excuses for putting on weight. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol or smoking or all of the above when they get stressed out. I don't know which is worse. Maybe I should have become a Junkie and an alcoholic. At least I'd be thin. Yea! I'd look good in my Coffin!
There are so many reasons why I doubled in size. 1. Unhappy Relationship... 20 pounds! 2. Torn Calf Muscle - On crutches for 10 weeks... 20 pounds! 3. 80 yr old Father get Brutally Murdered (stabbed over 50 times) by 38 year girl friend... 20 pounds! 4. Significant other turns into a Crack Head and drives me NUTS... 20 pounds! 5. Living without Electricity and Water for nearly 3 months, living on junk food... 20 pounds! 6. Crack People Burn Home Down, Pets die in fire and have to relocate ”OVERNIGHT”... 20 pounds. 7. The other 3 pounds... well I must have have an extra ...   read more


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When a Person has to lose nearly half their body weight, as in... they are right now TWICE their NORMAL size, that's pretty DRAMATIC! more...

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