Saving My Life
by Aeval

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly   17 y  
Mixed feelings today...
The Good: Iím still on track with proper diet and light exercise. Iím increasing the exercise as my endurance allows. My skin looks better everyday. My husband said he can tell a difference in me. He says that thereís some inscrutable difference in my face and overall appearance that is really positive. Iím finding veggie juice with spirulina a bit more appealing than it used to be. Not quite yummy, but itíll do. The Bad: I havenít lost any more weight since Friday. Not an ounce. That first six pounds was surely water weight, and it flew off, but now Iím going to be working against ...   read more

Protein Packed Tuna Salad   17 y  
A fishy lunchtime
After my adventures in rebounding, I worked up quite an appetite. I was really craving some protein and a tuna salad sounded like it would hit the spot. Hereís what I threw together from the ingredients that I had on-hand. Ingredients: Spinach (about two big fistfuls, torn) 1/2 can of Kidney Beans Grape tomatoes (handful, sliced into halves) 1 mushroom, sliced Onion (just a bit, diced) 1/2 clove garlic, sliced thin 1/2 tin solid white tuna, separated with a fork 1 stalk celery, diced 1 tsp balsamic vinegar (I love Newmanís Own Organic Balsamic Vinegar) 1 tsp olive oil A big dollop o ...   read more

The Wonderful World Of Rebounding   17 y  
Bouncy, bouncy!
Well, I did it. I bought my rebounder/trampette last night. And...WOW! Hmm, I should point out that itís a two-part ĒWOWĒ... 1)WOW: This is fun and convenient. What a great way to get fit and get the heart pumping. 2)WOW: Iím really, really out of shape. I cranked up the music and started going at it, but my body was quick to protest. It didnít take long at all for the heavy breathing and weak legs to sabotage me :) Iíve decided Iíll have to start with two short sessions everyday day--very short. Iíll add more time as my endurance builds up. Iím excited to keep this up no matte ...   read more

Open-face Roasted Veggie Sandwich   17 y  
Last night's yummy and filling dinner...
I was really craving something rich and filling the other night, so after a little thought I whipped together this yummy sandwich.†It was so good I thought Iíd share. The bread is one Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain English Muffin cut in half and warmed After slicing everything, I poured a tiny bit on olive oil in my hand and lightly rubbed the veggies. The onions went in a skillet on medium heat.†After they browned slightly, I added a thinly sliced clove of garlic. The bell peppers and mushrooms went into a pan in the oven @ 350 degrees. After a few minutes I added a little bit of w ...   read more

A Use For Pulp   17 y  
Salvaging some goodies from juicing...
My juicer has its drawbacks. One of which is that the pulp leftover from soft fruits, like berries and grapes, tends to retain quite a bit of juice. A second pass doesnít get the moisture out, so I wanted to find a use for all that wasted yummy. I was also faced with eating my morning oats without the cream and sugar that once would have graced them. Two problems, one solution: I cook the whole oats first, then stir in the pulp. In this case it was strawberry/grape pulp. If the pulp isnít quite sweet enough I might add a tiny drizzle of organic grade b maple syrup. I ...   read more

Why Iím Doing This   17 y  
And why I call this blog ďSaving My LifeĒ
Why am I doing this? It seems like that would be a fairly cut and dry answeróbetter health! If that were the whole truth, I would have done it years ago. We all want better health, but doing the work to get there usually requires an incentive beyond that want. Thatís what Iíd like to talk about here. A couple of months ago I had the misfortune of watching my best friend, my beautiful mother die. She was only 60 years old, much too young to go with still so many unfulfilled dreams. I canít accurately retell the pain of seeing her everyday, her body struggling against an illness that left ...   read more

Where Iím Starting From   17 y  
Wherein the author puts all her cards on the table.
I hope to look back at this by the end of the year and think, ďMy God! That was me? I feel so great now that Iíve nearly forgotten how bad it was.Ē This post may not be of interest to anyone but one but myself, as it goes deeply into the minutia of my current health, stats, complaints, goals and initial successes. I wanted to write it all out because sometimes when I make positive changes I donít realize how much better Iím doing than I was before. If I forget what sort of difference the positive changes are making, Iím more likely to ease back into bad habits. ††† Star ...   read more


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I will use this blog to document my path to better health. While I may often focus on my physical health, it is my intent to improve myself mentally and spiritually, as well. Keeping a record and reminder of all the steps will help me along the way, and I hope it may help others, too. I pledge to stay truthful with readers (if there are any) and myself by posting my successes and, though hopefully theyíre few in number, my failures, too. All comments are welcome, whether positive, negative or simply observational. Let the healthy living begin!Ö more...

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