My Healing from ALS - "Lou Gehrigs Disease"
by jabba

Dr. Natura Colonic colon cleanse started   13 y  
follow my colon cleanse.
Hello: I wanted to post the progress of my colon cleanse. Just yesterday I started both the colonix and toxin out products. Nothing special to report today but I will keep you posted.   visit the page

I'm back   15 y  
I'm back again trying to get healthy
(this is the same as what I just posted as a response to a comment to my coated tonque post) I’m OK and I’m back. I did about 2 weeks on my 40 day fast then got drunk and ate some pizza. I then got back on the fast for a couple of days and then got drunk and ate pizza seems to be a recurring theme...especially the getting drunk part and the pizza too I guess. But I want to get going again on getting healthy. I feel (and look) fat (235 this morning), unmotivated and tired. Its going to be hard to get going again but I know that if I don’t do something I am only going to feel worse, ...   read more

Coated tongue   15 y  
First signs of detox - coated tongue
Yuck I have a thick nasty coating on my tongue. My tongue has been a bit white for a while but this is nasty. I am pretty sure that I have a Candida overgrowth as most of us have. I happened to catch a glimpse of my tongue at a stoplight today and could not believe how white it was. I stuck my tongue out and scrapped it against my top teath and was totally grossed out by how much thick white gunk was on my teath and the solid line left on my tongue. I guess I should be happy to see the first signs of my detox.   visit the page

40 day juice fast day 2   15 y  
an update on day two and some questions
Breakfast today was a glass of pure water with a scoop of Barlean’s Greens, two droppers of ChlorOxygen (approx 36 drops), and 8 drops of Liqui-Kelp.  I also took some of my normal supplements (FYI I am only a customer and have no financial interest in these) that I have been taking for a few years now.  They are from Biometics and the ones I took today were a vitamin B supplement with lots of other goodies, another has Calcium and magnesium and the third is an amino acid supplement.   Do any other juicers take supplements also?  These ar ...   read more

To strain or not to strain...that is my question?   15 y  
a question on how much if any fiber is left in the juice
I have a question for all of you juicers out there. Do you strain your juice after you juice it? The reason that i ask is that I am using a cheap juicer. I had been juicing in a vita-mix and needed to strain out the fiber. I would first strain in a mesh collinder and then through a reusuable fine mesh coffee filter. I have also been straining the juice now from the cheap juicer through the coffee filter. there is a surprising amount of sediment in the coffee filter. Is this necessary? Also lunch today was 4 carrots, for kale, 1/2 head of lettuce.   visit the page

40-Day Juice fast - Day 1 weigh in and measurements   15 y  
This is the beggining of my detox and healing cleanse.
Well Lent has begun and so has my cleansing, healing and rejuvenating fast.   Here are the vital stats of my weight and measurements.   Juice fast beginning measurements 46” belly 43” hips 45” butt 47” chest Urine PH? I forgot to test this this morning.  My urine PH has been consistently at a 5 or below so I will try to do this tomorrow. weight 227 - This has been fluctuating so much lately.  In the last month I have been as low as 214 and thi ...   read more

40 day juice fast for Lent   15 y  
Announcing my 40 Day juice fast over Lent
Hello: Just a quick note to note that I will be starting a 40 day juice fast on March 1. If there are any others out there looking to start a juice fast please join me on my fast.   visit the page

Sprouts   15 y  
I have started a small sprout farm on my counter.
A couple of weeks ago I started experimenting with sprouts. I first tried Mung Bean and then Sunflower. I have had two harvests of quart mason jars of mung and a couple of pints of sunflowers. I had to throw one pint of sunflowers away as they got stinky. Since then I have done more research and found Sunflowers are done in 1-2 days and do get stinky quick. I made my own sprout containers from mason jars rubber bands and some fine mesh material from the fabric store. I have been buying my seeds from Whole foods in their bulk foods and am only using organic seeds. I am getting my s ...   read more

Dry Skin Brushing   15 y  
Dry skin brushing now part of my cleansing
I just wanted to note that I have added Dry Skin brushing to my cleansing routine last Monday. So today was my fifth day brushing and I really like it. I feel so invigorated as I step into the shower. It is amazing that something so simple can have so many positive effects on the body.   visit the page

historical data on my first symptoms and diagnosis   15 y  
This is a recap of my first symptom and the diagnosis process
Hello: Here is some historical data on my first symptoms and diagnosis. In the spring of 2003, I think in March or so, my Dad and I were building a deck at my Grandmothers home and I thought there was a problem with my circular saw, for some reason I could not pull the trigger consistently. I knew it had to be the saw, I mean what else could it be? Which makes me think of my Grandfather. When he was alive he was one of those guys that loves a strong handshake. I used to love shaking hands with him and seeing who would give up first. I don’t think I ever saw him back down from an ...   read more

My first Blog   15 y  
Welcome to my blog, I have been diagnosed with ALS and have decided to heal myself.
Hello: Welcome to my first blog! If you have found your way here then either my medical condition or my approach to healing myself has interest to you. So thank you for your interest. I am writing this blog to help me document the steps that I am taking to cure and bring my self back to good health. I hope that my experiences will help others to battle their health issues. I started this process to heal myself at Christmas 2005 when my best friend gave me the Kevin Trudeau book ”Natural Cures ”They” don’t want you to know”. Whether Kevin turns out to be the health advocate h ...   read more


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This Blog is for me to document the process that I am going through to cure myself of ALS also known as Lou Gehrigs Disease. more...

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