Adventures with fasting and other ancient practices.
by superfriend

Coincidences?, grounding, and challenge yourself   10 y  
Recent thoughts and coincidences, and grounding exercise.
I had a very good laugh when I just checked my last blog message, it was viewed 1013 times. That is the same as the store number as the store I work at... hahaha. Seriously, what are the chances? Coincidence maybe? Or not? Now on the radio, is the song ”Don’t fear the reaper” by Blue Oster Cult”, and I am posting about immortality... another coincidence maybe? Sorry that I haven’t posted in way too long. I’ve got a two week vacation starting in three days, it should be awesome, planning to do a LOT of upgrading to myself, campfires, meditation, herbs, sunlight, opening up my third ey ...   read more

emotional freedom technique (EFT) blood type diet, brominate   11 y  
EFT, tapping, conquered a very long time food intolerance yesterday
I posted this is the A blood type diet forum, also the EFT forum a few minutes ago. So, as a A blood type, have a problem with nightshades/ causes my bone spur on my heel to cause me to limp (because of drinking way to much chocolate cow’s milk over many years). Also, I used to have a problem with drinking stuff with brominated vegetable oil ( / or glycerol ester of wood rosin. I would feel like my brain was swishing around in my skull/ very bad feeling. This feeling, even when trying a brand new drink, not even looking at the label, ...   read more

What is new with me   11 y  
sungazing progress enlightenment
Today, I am re-watching videos by sunyogi Uma Shankar, and Genesis Sunfire, breatharians, sungazers. Very enlightened people. I’m still overweight at around 245 pounds, going to sungaze tonight at sunset if it is not cloudy. Looked up old emails and found that I’ve known about sungazing for at least six years, not sure why I haven’t did the HRM (Hira Ratan Manek at protocol of 10 seconds per day, taking nine months to achieve 44 minutes of sungazing. Mostly because everybody I mention it to thinks it is bull-crap, which is understandable. But why not do it anyway? S ...   read more

Am I Lazy? or scared? or both...   14 y  
new start
So, looked up my posting history on curezone, 260 posts, eight years! My favorite forum is ask Barefoot. His favorite number is eight and 108. I feel like today is the day to make a real change, and did some EFT emotional clearing on eliminating procrastination a couple hours ago. Have always considered going fruitarian, and I think I’m ready... My Arnold Ehret and fasting books will be re-read this week. Food plan will be raw nuts and seeds (not much), coconut, goji berries, wild foraged green herbs, distilled water, I watched a video today online about a real breatharian = http ...   read more

New emotions   15 y  
new emotions
Well it seems that it has been two years since I have posted a message... I was surprised and honored that one of my blog messages was rated a ”RN”. Well I have found and applied new knowledge, hope everyone likes it. Orgonite, developed by Wilhelm Reich, who worked with Einstein and Freud. Do a search and be amazed. There are many videos about orgonite on youtube about it. Orgonite really works, buy some or make some yourself. Currently, I’ve got a ”Harmonic Protector” + ”St. Buster’s Button” from Carol Croft at . Also, an orgonite pyramid ...   read more

to GingerH & new ideas and stuff   18 y  
new strategies to block attempts at my new diet!
GingerH, Congratulations on correcting your dietary sins!! **High five** I talk to my friends about herbs and fasting, but they don’t listen to me. But I guess when I fully go vegetarian/raw/wild foods/foraging they will listen more, maybe? They eat a lot of crap, but so do I, and from now on when they ask if I want to go eat somewhere, I should say that either 1). I just ate, 2). I’m not hungry 3). I’m doing a fruit fast, juice or water fast, and eventually they won’t ask anymore? I’ve also asked a friend to multiple times to never ask me to eat out, and once two days later he as ...   read more

Not a veggie head but trying again   18 y  
Try again, time to do a super ultra mega power cleanse!
Well it didn’t work, I’m not a veggie dude yet, but closer than last time. I think I should stick to what I used to do when I wanted to eat meat, I ate some mixed nuts and the craving for meat went bye bye. Maybe I should eat organic eggs (Amish) sometimes instead of nuts for a variety. A box of Schultze intestinal formula #1 & #2 is on the way to my house, and those will open the floodgates and sweep away my dietary sins. I haven’t used these in at leastfour months and he says he made the #1 stronger and made the capsule bigger. I got the #2 in capsules so I can take them anytime. I ...   read more

My attempt to be a vegetarian for the 3rd time...   18 y  
Try, trip, and try again for the perfect diet.
As of now, I am going to be veggie again, please pray for me if you can! :-) I am a blood type A, vegetarian diet is recommended on type A. The longest I have be vegetarian was five months this year (feb-aug). Before that, in 2005, I was veggie for 3 months of the year (one month mostly raw). This year, I did longer than last time, but now I feel like crap most of the time and have no energy. I have a friend that is a veggieman for the last year and a half or so, but he eats mostly cooked stuff with a lot of spices, and he is very big (260 lbs). I weight 205 as of yesterday, and ...   read more

Go Forward   18 y  
Is it possible to live forever and gain powers of the enlightened masters? If so, how?
Well awhile ago, I got some Superman dog tags from the Christopher Reeve foundation, and to show me that some people have bad luck and still keep going. It also reminds me that it might just be possible for people to ”Go Forward” and evolve right now, as is show by reading about Indigo Children, the next generation in humanity. Superman gains his power from the sun, and if you believe in sungazing and fasting, there is a strong correlation between the comic book superhero and what can be done right here, right now, on planet Earth, if you try hard enough. Strong words, you say... Well, ...   read more

my story   18 y  
The story about the last few years and the amazing information that I've learned.
I used to work at a fast food pizza joint and ate that pizza constantly (1998-2005). I got interested in nutrition/cleansing after having galbladder attacks back in mid 1998. They sucked- bad, horrible pain. General slothyness, feeling ”blah” all the time was annoying as well. So I started looking for books so I could get healtier. The first were the Paul/Patricia Bragg books. Then Perscription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis and James Balch. Following that were books on juice fasting and water fasting, especially interesting were the books by Arnold Ehret. Urine therapy boo ...   read more

Howdy everybody!   18 y  
First blog entry, short list of odd things that I have done.
My life has been enriched within the last couple years doing odd things such as... fun with herbs, sungazing, energy healing, water fasting, liver flushes, and colon cleanses. This blog will have funny and no so funny stories about the struggle with various therapies that most people have no knowledge of. I have been the recipient of anger, frustration, laughter and jokes because of the things that I have done but I want people to know how amazing they are. I will list recommended authors and books that I have read and think are essential to being healthy in this day in age in the USA.   visit the page


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The story of my adventures with cleansing and being healthier. Personal funny and not so funny struggles with food and emotions. How my life has changed after exeperiencing fasting, learning awesome herbal knowledge and stuff that most people never learn.… more...

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