Fasting: Resetting My Life
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Restarting with Day 2   15 y  
I hate brainfog.
Iím going through yet again massively bad brain fog. Perhaps Iíll post for real when I can think again. ATM, brain and hands arent very willing particpants. Took an ES bath at 5am and forgot to soak my shoulders. Now.. they ache but the rest of my body is fine. ~_~ I would take another but its a bit of a waste of money. Will start cayenne therapy and coptis after reaching 48hour mark.   visit the page

Ok, Day 1 of 10 day fast   15 y  
Here we go again
Atleast, I hope I can go that long. Iíll be happy if I break my record of 2 1/2 days from previously. Bulimia reared its ugly head again, and well, there is no money in the bank account til the 15th. So might as well see if I can completely kill the candida. I think the candida is half the problem with the bulimia as it causes all the sugar cravings. The other half is living with someone who can eat the worst junk food in the world and sit happily at 135 lbs. ~_~;; And Iím lazy about making food and his food is always RIGHT THERE.. Anyways. This time around, I found I can stop my fantas ...   read more

Die-off of Candida?   15 y  
Never been this mind-numb before...
It has to be, Iím not used to feeling this glazed over.. feel like someone hit my brain with a squeaky toy. Itís hard to water fast, but the joy of being able to eat like a human being and feel my food digest for once and give me energy rather than make me feel sleepy far outweights a day of brain fog and fantasizing about food. Green tea really speeds up the process I think of burning off fat storing toxins as my detox symptoms multiply not too far after taking Lean Force and drinking my jasmine tea. And taking coptis day and night furthers the brain-fog, as I think the extra bile is a ...   read more

More Thoughts on EOD   15 y  
does fasting every other day work?
EOD fast. Hmm. Also known as Every Other Day fasting. I wonder how badly this would mess up my bowel activity.. because I like the feeling of fasting every other day, I feel refreshed/awake, in control, and my cravings fastly reduced. The study was for three weeks with people describes it as they ate what they wanted on off days and chewed sugarless gum on fast days(which is not a very good idea), but if I could just eat salads and veggies on my good days, I might very well find a fast track program to stable weight and no more candida. I dont like the idea of breaking my metabolism, it wa ...   read more

Day 1 of Weekend Fast   15 y  
Organs hurt
Blasted curezone ate my last post from Thursday evening, describing how I would be fasting again this weekend, today through Monday. Already getting wierd mind obsessions of food that arenít really driving me to want food, just ... wierd mind obsession. Like my mind likes thinking about it. Organs are twisting so badly. Still have not had BM, after two tablespoons of castor oil and senna tea. Hair is looking so shiney after rinsing with ACV.   visit the page

Day 9? Liver Flushing   15 y  
Liver Flush Time!
I fasted yesterday again, up until I started taking ES at 2am, then my olive oil and grapefruit at 9am this morning. I slept til 4, and Iím passing smelly bile basically. Another 1/2 inch flushed off.. Iím really shocked as to how toxic I might of been before this. I am on BC but I didnít think this process would counteract it that quickly. This is my fourth LF, dont know if itíll be successful for stones, but Julia Changís website says even just flushing smelly stagnant bile is beneficial. So I take it in stride. I drank senna tea rather than face more ES and burning pain later. Feel weak ...   read more

Day 5 and 6: Slowly reintroducing food   15 y  
Salads for breakfast? Seems odd, but I like it
Had a little food on day 5, and day 6 I ate several apples, a side salad from BK, a plantain and some walnuts(blast). Iím doing daily yoga, just from what I remember. Iíve NEVER had good core muscles, even after my last bout with yoga, so it must be something that takes longer to build than normal muscles, as I can put back on muscle in under two weeks. I really want to train and build up alot of balance and core strength for when I get to go snowboarding next year. I am incredibly pleased to have a flat belly again, after flushing all the leftover dairy and wheat from my intenstines. I am ...   read more

Day 4: Walnuts are So Tempting   15 y  
Fats are incredibly hard to avoid on a long term basis
I have such a love-hate relationship with nuts. I adore them, yet I know I have to abstain from them for atleast three days prior to flushing, because I canít stand too much ES. So hard to avoid ALL FATS.. not to mention, I was trying to still aloe vera juice fast. Silly walnuts.. why do I lust for you when I wake up in the middle of the night? I think Iíll just start taping the actual containers of food closed, since itíll wierd out my roomie to tape the fridge closed again. So I ate walnuts at 5am this morning, and then I got through the rest of the day on a glass of aloe vera juice, ...   read more

Day Three: Lethargic   15 y  
I hate ketchup.
I broke my water fast with a grapefruit and some walnuts this morning at 5am because I desperately needed sleep. Now Iím onto aloe vera juice and supplements. Another two-three days of this, and Iíll move onto solid foods more regularly. Thankfully work is over for several days after this, and I can focus on my new classes for the semester and relaxing. Someone left their boxed meal behind at work, and the smell of ketchup is making me nauseous. Iíve never liked ketchup, thankfully. Alot of things I rejected as a kid propably helped me stay slim. Why is it as we age we have to learn to ...   read more

Day 2: Epsom Salt Baths Help   15 y  
Feeling nauseous, feverish, and weak...
I decided to water fast til Monday after rereading some of the water fast recommended posts. The body burns off alot of toxins the first two days evidently, but the metabolism stays high which is why I feel so weak and sick. Iím still taking the chinese bitters and coptis. I never ordered GCG or curcuma as Iím poor and I figured I could eat apples to prepare flushes instead. Taking the coptis this morning right before I went to bed did help me sleep, but I had odd odd fever dreams. Understandable, as Iím now feeling like I have a bad bug. The Epsom Salt bath helped with the feverish feelin ...   read more

Day One:   15 y  
Outlining the tools I'll use for this fast.
My fiance has left on a plane for a snowboarding trip. Iíve found its hard to fast with him around, becaues he pressures me in unconscious ways. I think the way my body has spiraled out of control and stimulated his interest in porn pictures, and maybe if I atleast achieve my body goals, I wont be so self concious of his interest in it. I honestly can look at the pictures and think I have better breasts, or better hair, but my overall body isnít on the same par. Secondly, my bulimia is for the most part under control until we get into fights, and then boom, there I am pigging out on pre ...   read more


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