A Tightwad's Journey to Health - MC, Raw Food, and Walking
by t1ghtwad

The hardest part of traveling on the MC - food prep!   15 y  
Old habits are hard to break... No nibbling allowed!
Well, I survived. I just finished making sandwiches for our trip. Hubbyís grandma passed down an italian sub sandwich that I make for long trips (to cut expenses). The subs taste better the 2nd and 3rd days, so I have to make them today, and again on Friday night. Thereís a lot of prep work involved, and I usually munch on pickles and olives (and lots of cheese). Thatís the hardest part. Not that I WANT to eat any of it, but that I have to keep aware of what Iím doing, or Iíll find it in my mouth without even thinking about it! Old habits are hard to break! Day 5 for me, so Iím Ēpast t ...   read more

Day 5 Starting Well   15 y  
Scale still dropping fast... I think I'm a little dehydrated.
Another great night of sleep. I woke up at 5 a.m. (thanks, Smooth Move), and am not sleepy. Iíve been to the restroom three times this morning. I think the increased cayenne is really making a difference. Iíll keep increasing it as I progress through the cleanse! I had a MAJOR eczema outbreak this morning. Iím trying so hard not to scratch. My fingers, hands and legs are bad, but this is a necessary step. Itíll clear up soon, and Iíll have another liver flush soon after finishing the MC. I know my liver still needs a lot of attention. The scale is down again, to 230.0 (from 2 ...   read more

Powerful Elimation ends stomach discomfort   15 y  
Feeling much better now
WOW! I was not feeling very well today. Not nauseous, but just ĒyuckyĒ. I havenít felt like drinking my lemonade, so Iíve only had 3 plus a LOT of water. I did an enema, but felt blocked. Then, about an hour ago, I finally eliminated some really foul smelling stuff. Not ropes, just lots of small chunks that were putred! I feel much better now. Iím drinking more lemonade while Iím typing, and will have to work hard to get the rest of it, and my tea, in tonight (itís only 6pm though, so Iíll make it!) Just glad whatever it was is OUT! Roni   visit the page

Day 4 of my MC ... weight dropping FAST!!!!   15 y  
After only 3 days, I've dropped 9.5 pounds!
So, I didnít start Monday or Tuesday, but procrastinated until Saturday. But, I DID get started, and itís going to be a great cleanse! I have been away from the house the better part of each day, so Iíve been making 1/2 gallon to bring with me each day. Days 1-3 I had a bit more than 1/2 the maple syrup per drink. My recipe was 3/4 cups lemon juice, just under 1/2 cup syrup, top off bottle with water, add 1/8 tsp cayenne to each drink. When Iím driving for a long time, I canít add the cayenne, so I just drink it without, and put extra in the next cup. I try to avoid this because I hav ...   read more

This tightwad getting ready to jumpstart her weightloss, again...   15 y  
Getting ready for new MC
Iíve been struggling with trying to get off my meds for my back. The pain and spasms have been too much for me to cope with. But Iím going to stop all but my thyroid medicine after our camping trip this weekend, and start cleansing with the MC. Iíll be starting either Monday or Tuesday of next week. Iíll be using this blog to update my progress, commit to my new goals, etc. Iíll check back next week! Roni   visit the page

Many false steps lead to new start.....   15 y  
Restarting my journey w/new blog...
Well, I am ashamed to see how long my posting lasted. I made it less than 10 days on my MC, and gave in. Returned to bad eating habits, making excuses, etc. Now Iím back and this time Iíll make it. I started a new blog, ĒMy Journey To HealthĒ. Just wanted to add a comment here to tie the two together. I will be using this one again for now....   visit the page

Day 1 Begins   16 y  
Day 1 begins...
Good morning everyone! Today is the first day of my 31 day MC. I woke up with a sore throat and headache, but got my tea down at 5 a.m. Cooked breakfast for hubby (special treat) and then logged on here. Need to continually commit to myself and others. Once I make it past the first week, Iíll no longer start to put food in my mouth without thinking.... The scale showed a bit higher this morning (237.5), but Iíll be using 235 lbs as my starting weight. Iíve been hovering there for a while. Iím sure Iím just retaining extra water this morning, and itíll be gone soon... Iím very ...   read more

A Tightwad's Journey to Health and Fitness, Resuming Tomorrow   16 y  
starting 30 day MC, then raw food; adding exercise; losing weight and gaining health.
Tomorrow, December 1, 2005, I will Ēpick up my torchĒ and rejoin my journey. I started a long time ago, and have had a few brief times of success. I have lost and regained 30-45 pounds several times. My all time high weight was over 250 lbs. I am now restarting at 235, and will document my journey. I have several motivations for weight loss... self-esteem, energy, less back pain (more about that later), more active time with children, and the list could go on for a LONG time. I will be starting with the MC tomorrow, and will continue for the month of December. During this time, I ...   read more


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