The Meaning of Juice
by aliveandkickin

December Juice Fast Eve   19 y  
Three times the charm?
Ok Ok so this juice thing is getting to be a monthly habit. Unfortunately each time Iíve gone off it Iíve gone back to eating crappy foods. This time was ridiculous though. The second I was off the diet all the low-carb food I bought made me sick to even think about it so I ended up just eating whatever and whenever and a TON of fast food. Iím terrified to weigh myself but Iím going to do it first thing tomorrow morning. I feel absolutely massive and disgusting. All weekend my roommate and I have been cleaning out our rooms, major deep cleaning. We also had someone come in and clean ...   read more

days 6, 7 & 8   19 y  
Still on the juice and finally down to 138 as of this morning!
Still on the juice and finally down to 138 as of this morning! I was told that I was wasting away to nothing yesterday which pleased me of course. 11 pounds total from the start of the first fast. I can definitely see a difference in the mirror now. My stomach is virtually flat (as flat as mine can get) and I feel so strangely light. My new goal is to make it to ten days, and since tomorrow is day 9 it doesnít seem so impossible. The last few evenings I keep telling myself Iím going to eat a tomato but something keeps pushing me on and fine again all day until I get home. My boss had ...   read more

days 2 + 3   19 y  
I was fine all day until I got home and the cravings started kicking in.
One thing I forgot to mention was that on the plane to New York, on my last fast, my nose started running like crazy out of nowhere. I kept having to blow my nose, meanwhile thinking, damn now Iím gonna have a cold the whole time Iím on vacation, but within less than an hour my freakish sudden runny nose was completely cured without even a trace! DAY 2- I was fine all day until I got home and the cravings started kicking in. I really REALLY thought I was going to give in. I even had the chinese menu in hand planning out what I would order. But the thought of how Iíd feel the next d ...   read more

days 5-7   19 y  
Well...I broke the fast on the seventh day (doesnít somethign about that sound so biblical!) at 141.2 lbs. I will start the fast again on Halloween when I return to Los Angeles. Because of my hectic work schedule the last three days of the fast I barely drank any juice and almost no water so as you can imagine I was weak, light headed, cranky and unable to do my job. I know I should have found time to get the right juice but when I went to the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle to stock up on the proper organic juice the line was literally wrapping around half of the store and I only had a ...   read more

Day 4   19 y  
DAY FOUR: SUNDAY Morning Weight: 143.0 Woke up the same period cramps this morning. Iím dragging but other than the cramps I feel good: wide awake, no hunger, no light-headedness, no stomach eating itself tightness. Itís odd how itís easier to eat nothing than to eat small portions throughout the day. The thing is my normal diet is not bad by any means, itís just that I overdo it and consume too many calories. For the last year or so Iíve eaten mostly good stuff: pears, apples, cabbage, butternut squash, blueberries, papayas, kiwis, mangos, mashed califlower, sweet potatoes, vegg ...   read more

Day 2   19 y  
DAY TWO: FRIDAY Morning Weight: 146.4 I slept very deeply until around 6 am but forced myself to go back to sleep. This is a whole new bag. I donít work on Fridays so I was nervous that all the endless hours of idle hands and idle brain would get to me and Iíd start reaching for solid food. The weight loss was a great way to start the day. Though Iím sure it was mostly water Iím still happy to see it gone. Oh yeah LOTS of trips to the bathroom with all this fluid consumption. I had also taken a cup of Laci LeBeauís Super Dieterís Tea before bed last night and that kicked in rig ...   read more

Day 1   19 y  
Just to let everyone know, Iím starting this blog on day three of my juice fast/cleanse, whathaveyou. I will try to be as accurate as possible in what I remember. DAY ONE: MORNING WEIGHT: 149 lbs The first day was not even close to as bad as I thought it would be. I drank Santa Cruz Organice Apple Juice and so much water that I actually felt almost full from time to time. I also had a lot of energy. One reason I think this could be is that I have very little sugar in my regular diet, except for the occasional ice-blended from Coffee Bean, so my diet is mostly sugar free. So m ...   read more

measurements   19 y  
Starting Measurements are:
MEASUREMENTS: OK So I canít find my tape measure in this mess of a room so I will have to come back and fill this part in later today. Also note that all the measurements taken (besides weight)are from third day of cleanse. Starting Weight: 149 lbs Bust: 35.5 Waist: 28 Hips: 38 Thighs: 23 Calves: 14 Upper Arms: 12 STATS: Age: 26 Height: 5í6 Sex: Female Location: Los Angeles, CA Marital Status: Single, no kids   visit the page

materials   19 y  
Materials needed:
MATERIALS: Lots and lots of juice, an enema kit, lots and lots of water, Zandís Quick Cleanse Kit (thistle cleanse, cleansing fiber, and clenasing laxaive)   visit the page

hypothesis   19 y  
What do I think will happen? Well...
HYPOTHESIS: That I will last until about day 6, give up in weak, emotionally exhausted flurry of tears and a call to my best friend who will tell me I can eat if I want and that she doesnít like to see me so upset, and then I will beat myself up for choosing to be overwieght and be on another diet by the end of the week.   visit the page


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This blog is an attempt to record the details of my 14-day juice fast journey for others who may want to try it themselves. more...

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