Eye Of Newt : Beauty Tips
by Wrenn

The freak show   17 y  
Horrors of days gone by: do NOT attempt anything here in this message! !!. It is intended to show the things one can do for beauties' sake from days of ignorance thankfully long gone.
sillie things / DO NOT TRY!!!!! FOR AMUSEMENT ONLY!! __________________________________________________ 1715; to make a hairy place bald... take dried cats dung.crush and mix with strong vinegar to a pap. smear this on often, and rub it in firmly. In a few days the hairy place will become bald. ______________________________________________________________ 1655: how to color the head or beard into a chestnut color in half an hour. Take one part of LEAD caleined with sulphur and one part of quicke LIME. temper them somewhat with water. Let it upon the haire, chafing ...   read more

Boil, Toil, Stir and Bubble   17 y  
Basics of making you own infusions, decoctions, salves, poultices, compresses, tinctures, syrups, and vinegars for use in any circumstance regarding uses of herbs
infusions a tea made by steeping herbs in cold or boiled water. the difference between a decoction and an infusion is that the herbs are steeped for infusions, and boiled or simmered for a decoction. the longer a preparation steeps, the more phytochemicals will be extracted. also the longer it steeps , the more tannins will be extracted , making it more bitter. usual method for medicinal purposes are appr 1 oz dried, or 1 & 1/2 oz fresh herbs, in a pint of water (cold or boiled will vary with recipe) for 5-10 minutes (will vary as much as 30 min to overnight depending ...   read more

Face facts   17 y  
facial care homemade cream, gel, wash , mask to get you started.
2nd Century AD by GALEN the first cold cream 150 grams white wax (= 5oz or 10 tablespoons) 400 grams sweet almond oil (=13-14 oz or 17 tablespoons) 1 cup distilled water with a few drops of spirit vinegar melt in pan over boiling/or heating water, first the oil and white wax. then add the water and spirits. remove from heat and beat into a cream. this is an excellent base for any facial cream/ play with it.. maybe use beeswax./ calendula wax etc. maybe use rosewater instead of distilled... or use a herbal infusion you like. and use vodka or so (for the alcohol preservat ...   read more

More Galore (or face facts 2 )   17 y  
Facial care basics: determining skin type, with recipes for cleansers, toners, moisturisers for each skin type.
basic face care process guideline 1. determine skin type: press a single ply tissue gently to your face then remove. if see greasy residue then you have oily skin type. test different areas of your face, since it will vary from spot to spot. 2.cleansing: ph of soap can strip skin and leave it dry and tight. deep cleansing can only occur when face is steamed or warmed. and pores are opened.. 1-2 times a week is plenty, and do not deep clean on a day before a scheduled outting etc..as sometimes.. drawing impurites out can lead to small blemishes it will take about a day ...   read more

Skinny Dip Delights   17 y  
foundational body skin care recipes
Astringent Body Wash/Rinse will improve skin color. slice 2 fresh lemons, 2 fresh oranges. (or 4 fresh lemons) simmer gently on low for 1/2 hour in 2 litres of water. cool and sieve out the fruit. sponge mixture slowly and gently over all your body . _________________________________________ Cellulite Oil use after hot bath or shower massage into affected areas (contains lymphatic drainers) esp use around chest and upper arms to removetoxins before they are stored rosemary /improve circulation fennel/jumiper/ detox 4 Tablespoons sweet almond oi ...   read more

Lighten up   17 y  
natural skin lightener tips
Anti-Freckle Cream Pumpkin seed kernels olive oil pound the pumpkin seed kernels into a powder. add just enough olive oil to form a paste. this is an ancient recipe. keeps skin soft and removes freckles. ____________________________________________________- anti freckle things to try lemon juice parsley juice regular washing with rosemary tea Squashed tomatoes or eggplant juice NOTE!!! use face compress use thin muslin.cover face cut out holes for eyes and nose avoid eye areas/ apply juice to compress . cucumber with lemon juice use with compr ...   read more

Smell that Smell   17 y  
deodorants (even one for doggies)
deodorant sprays NOTE!! use sm glass spray pump bottles see the web on product supplies or search internet to compare. all of these contain essential oils and should be used in glass bottles Also: use your imagination play around til you get your own mix personal and original 8) ______________________________________________________ strong & antibacterial 3 tablespoons vodka 3 tablespoons distilled water 2 drops tea tree essential oil 2 drops thyme essential oil 2 drops eucalyptus essential oil combine ingredients in spray pump bottle shake well to disperse o ...   read more

Those eyes   17 y  
eyelash thickener, tired eyes wash, under eyes circles, and great link to health problems recipes for diseases of the eyes
eyelash thickener will strenghten eye lashes if use regularly 1 tablespoon beeswax 5 drops sweet almond oil 2 drops alder tincture 1 drop lemon essential oil heat beeswax in a small bowl/ OVER simmering water when melted add the almond oil allow mixture to cool slightly til it BEGINS to solidify add tinctures and essential oils mix well transfer to a small screwtop jar (will look like a gel ) to use; apply a small amount with ring finger best or pinky do not apply too much just a bare light coat or eyelashes will stick together. can get beeswax etc.. at ...   read more

Hair: there and everywhere   17 y  
shampoos, condtioners, deep healing treatments, and dry scalp recipes
For Dry Scalp: peppermint and tea tree shampoo 2 drops peppermint essential oil 2 drops tea tree esential oil 4 table spoons shampoo base. mix oils thoroughly with the base. shampoo as usual but leave lather in hair a few minutes before rinsing. can get shampoo base 32 oz at http://www.mountainroseherbs.com or http://www.wildroots.com or make your own. ____________________________________________ Shampoos for blonde hair= 2 dessertspoons DRIED camomile flowers the JUICE fresh of 1/2 lemon 150 g castile soap 1 Litre water bring water to a ...   read more

The wonder of color   17 y  
Assortment of natural hair lighteners, dyes, covering grey, and adding shine
henna info from Liz Sanderson / How to make your own cosmetics Egyptian Privet Leaves (or Henna) can really dye your hair semi-permanently Many users are put off by the bright orange that it can dye on blonde or bleached hair. but on dark or middle brown hair it can give beautiful coppery colors. and above all is a fantastic hair conditioner. some even claim it causes individual hairs to swell and therefore thickens hair. what is certain is that a henna treatment will leave hair supple, shining and easy to handle. Before using henna , test a little one one or 2 strands of hair ...   read more


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Homemade beauty care tips that you can learn to make for yourself quite easily. Enjoy! thanks for being patient as i edit these for spelling errors as my time allows… more...

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