Muse Du' Zemo
by Wrenn
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Reality Song   19 y  
just a new song *smile*
Reality (song) ___________________________________________- Baby... don’cha know we might (maybe) see a little reality... in the universe of you .. (you and me) We can see.. oh so clearly eternally, (if we only have eyes to see) Truth revealed in WE (we are free) Holdin’hands,.. all the world across the land.., sending love to everyone, shining out like the sun (we are ONE) Ami Joi Benton Sept 2005   visit the page

1431: Jean du'Arc: song   19 y  
A song about Jean du'Arc, more commonly called Joan, after her father (John). The date: 1431 is the time of the Great Trial which led to her prosecution of which she was later absolved after the betrayal of the very King she restored back on his rightful throne and thus broke the 100 year war between England and France, regaining France's Liberation. She had 2 desires only for her service: one to return to her home, which she was never allowed, and 2 ; to have taxes remitted on her town of Domremy which to this day remains tax free. She was the youngest person ever to hold Supreme Commander in Chief over an entire Nations armies at age 17, and she was a woman/child
1431 Jean du’Arc vs 1: Baby with..( the golden hair )- I’ never seen ..( one so fair ) Born to hold the Sword of Life, Born to be a Living Sacrifice. Sing! .. ( you sing )..of Domremy! Dance! ..( you dance )..beneath the tree. Hold!...( hold fast ).. your memory. Fight the fight, ..( Fight for Liberty! ) ch: Fires burnin’...burning deep within your heart. Voices callin’...calling for a Patriot. ( Joan ) Never mind, you a Woman... Never mind, you a child; Never mind, you a baby... you gonna feel the fire- ( burning wild ) vs 2: All your friends,..surro ...   read more

Living in You : Love song   19 y  
song- poem/ love song to universe.
Living in You: love song to the universe. Once: there was a time... ( I didn’t know which way to go ). But now I can see...( all of the things )- ( that were so hard for me, ) come easily- with you: ( guiding me through ) Learning to fly ... couldn’t be easier to do, with you by my side...( all of the world ) Waitin’ before my eyes - ( a sweet surprise ) from you,- ( only from you ) For you are my love:..( you are my life ) You are the miracle that I’ve been waiting for... All of my life ...( all of my life ) _______________________________________________ Living i ...   read more

Crystal Poems: Truth revealed   19 y  
2 poems on dow and inclusion crystal characteristic qualities
2 Crystaline Poems: _____________________________________________ DOW crystals: We travel with the wind, from Beginning to end... Wither she goes, there also shall we. Whether by spirit form, or in physical reality, does not alter the truth of these : (facts we share universally...) Of me in you, and you in me. _________________________________________________ Inclusion Crystals: Superficially (we see) Imperfections of scars.. (Wounds that would marr) from many views: Illusions construed in concepts of being ”Beautiful ” When Truth re ...   read more

Toujours Moire (always forever shimmering)   19 y  
Toujours Moire ; (always forever shimmering) .............................................. Toujours moire (are you ), my sweet... in my dreams.. (i think of you ) But only in that time- can you be mine; when you’re so far away; (at least another day away) from me. & i thought a dream.... (ooh, a scream)- (of desire) ..consumed by fire... (such as yours can only be) Captured me, within it’s power.. (your power): to hold me,.. to keep me.. (to wrap your arms around me) & claim me. (as yours). More- (i only wanted more) One More Night. (a flight across that des ...   read more

This Feeling Inside   19 y  
This Feeling Inside I’ve........... got this feeling inside, (Somehow,..Someday ) You’ll be going away.... (Someday,..Soon ) Maybe then you will see, that this reality.. is not what it would seem... in Eternity... (In Eternity ) ....................... You............ took a piece of my soul, (a piece of my heart) and you tore it apart (with your jealousy) Tell me; what did you see? (what did you see in me? ) to make you want to do what you did to me? (What you did to me) .................... We............. have got to find a way (to take ...   read more

Words Words Words   19 y  
Words Words Words ”Probably’s don’t cut it.. ”maybes’” rarely do,... ”I don’t know” means ”Never” (all these words I learned from you ) A definite ”whatever”, ..a simple ”Yes” or ”No” are words not yet discovered in your ”Zen” of quantum ”flow” ”This” fact is quite apparent... to commitment, you refuse.. and yet , you think, ”How Open” you embrace Lifes’ avenues. Well, here’s a word ”I” give you ... (or actually quite more) ”Get your act together” and quite dreaming on a floor. Learn to show some feeling, Learn to get along... instead of always striving... t ...   read more

My Song   19 y  
My Song ................... Here i stand; lookin’ down upon the ages- In my hand, (with my heart upon these pages) All my life,,was broken shattered dreams (trapped in time).. an endless memory. Cold, Hard nights; w/the angry voice of strangers; Constant knife; in the heart to make it plainer.. No one cares, (who’s crying from the pain) No one shares, (a shelter from the rain). & when i look inside the eyes of thsoe around.. It’s all that i can see, (a way to bring me down) & so i try to hide the child inside of me- and never dream (no never dream ); (never dare to dr ...   read more

The Toy   19 y  
TOY ............................... I’ve never yet seen, One Single Boy- who chooses to fix his broken-down toy. Instead, he just smashes, (as long as he’s able) til all of the pieces lie strewn on the table. We are the Same, together, (We Three) you are the boy.. and the pieces are me. & why fix the old, when there stands something new, just there to be had.. ( for a buck-fifty /two? ) wondrous and sparkling, (with plenty of lights) ( a broken-down toy cannot hold such delights) A few quarters more.. than the first one had cost; & who gives a damn ’bout the toy that ...   read more

Maybe   19 y  
Maybe ......................... Maybe...(i always thought) maybe, someday.. Love would steal me away (in a dream..) But maybe’s (for me) never came easily & everybody knows they don’t take girls like me. So i guess maybe Love’s not for me. Babies.. ( i always thought) came naturally (thought there’d be one for me) (some fine day) But Life has it’s Schemes & the vaguest of dreams are alltogether broken (oh , so easily) Guess that Babies aren’t maybes’ ( for me) I never knew about Maybes’ But i knew they don’t grow on trees, & i know you can’t borrow babies & Love, . ...   read more

The Giveaway Me   19 y  
The Giveaway Me. ...................................... Long ago, and Once upon a time, Held a dream.. (a vision in my mind). Beauty of.. ( a life so young and free), now the memory.. Is all that’s left in me On the Sand, I hear an echo call.. (like a beat.. the breaking of a wall) See the past, unravel on the shore... so the child in me.. can come alive once more. But, why are we here? What are we fighting for? What are we all so damn busy dying for? & where are the answers, we’ve all been cryin’ for? whether to fly? .. (or whether to die? ) ......................... ...   read more

4th Down   19 y  
4th Down ................................ Sitting in an old grey sweater, waiting for the day to begin. I sent you my love , in a letter & every dream within.. I sent you my soul in a rainbow, (to shelter you from ev’ry pain.) & then i stood outside your window.. & waited for the healing rain. cause it was: 1st time down , and i spun around (caught up in the arms of love) Touching the sky.. in your big blue eyes, Racing the stars above... I never ever thought i’d uncover.. the many ways a soul could fly but i knew right then i’d discovered.. that i’ll love you til the ...   read more

Waitress / Politics and Tao   19 y  
Waitress outlook.. (chicken w/mayo? or Politics and Tao?) I’m gonna tell you all a story ’what my daddy said - if-in’ it’s Politics you want to do - You got to understand the people, by the things they are led - (if you wanna get the vote for you ) You got to find a way to give ’em everything they want & deliver up a sunset sky.. and with a Lamb at every table, you can rule the world... (if you’re careful how you slice the pie). they want a; Budgeteer/ who holds no fear to do what’s right, and not take flight. But if we need ; ( a meal for free ) than a Welfare Man get ...   read more

Bridgekeeper   19 y  
Bridge-Keeper You are the keeper of the Way. You guard the gate, both night and day. Like the priest, Benkei, (of old).. the bridge has now become your home. He kept his vigil;..proud and strong.. (never resting), all day long. His duty clear.. he held no fear... to guard the town , (he loved, so dear). But something changed along the Way, (for on a bridge, one cannot stay). People came, .. then passed on by.. & Life -; it briefly glimmered by. Searching from his loft above. He watched the town, (that he once loved). so close- & yet, so far away... (for from his b ...   read more

Inspirator   19 y  
Insprirater An Inspirater,...or Motivater... Which is the better to be? The Inspirater has one path to choose, but the Motivater has three. An Inspirater will push you to strive.. (to reach for the limitless sky) with words like;..”good only gets better” (& ”better means learning to fly ” ). A personal gain would not entertain the thoughts of inspirering minds. Their only desire;... to kindle the fire in YOUR race to the finish line. Now...; A motivater is a whole different sort & his motivations are three. Positive - negative ; (neutral ones too ) but the end res ...   read more

Fugitive   19 y  
Fugitive Shadows of Light thru pillars of stone.. are tracking down my fugitive soul... that stealthily fled whilst’ I did sleep.. (shrouded in darkness. on starbound feet). Left me imprisoned within this form.. (screaming in silence) my broken heart mourns.. as silver -tipped eagles search oe’r the skies... (driven by madness) thru time they fly... to break the spell of this evil deed. To return my rebel soul to me. Trembling’ like a lost, frightened child, they cage my soul,,(that was once free and wild) Time cries, ”Compassion!” (too late), you see.. ...   read more

Whim   19 y  
Whim On the spur of the moment.. (born of a whim), you have needlessly and irrepairably brought about my destruction. You did not think twice, (to consider me); but rather..; brought along a friend.. (to witness my death) It is hard enough to die, but far worse - to have an audience for it. I know you meant no intentional harm. When you have no frame of reference, how can I hold you to blame? You have never known the frailty of the situation, and so could never have foreseen (the consequences of your actions). But; (whether you realise it or not), you have ta ...   read more

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