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almost the big 40   8 y  
40th time getting older
Almost over the hill, hooray! Any ideas for how to celebrate without spending too much money? We’re on a fixed income. Thanks!   visit the page

hitting the gym   8 y  
how to get the fittest body
How do you lose the extra ten pounds around your waist? Sit-ups? Diet? Both? Want to fit back in skinny clothes!   visit the page

Too many bugs in TN   8 y  
best way to rid bugs? Off?
I don’t mean to sound like a defeatist although that is exactly how I sound. Like Lyme Disease, how do we keep from getting infected? Seems worse each summer!   visit the page

I Sustained PCS (Post Concussion Syndrome)   8 y  
PCS, Hyperinfection, Children, Mom
My grandma told me in 2006 that I was miserable. I never understood that comment because I had just married the man of my dreams in 2005 and I was happy, ready to start a family. We were in the same hospital room as her, her in one bed, my grandpa whom was actively dying was in another bed. My husband and I left at 11pm to go be with my grandpa during his final hours. I sang to him, ”Our God is an Awsome God” and held his hand. He was and will always be a special man. He loved the man I married. My Grandpa even read a Walt Whitman poem at my wedding. I love him and my grandma. I t ...   read more

I Would Sue Humaworm if I Could   8 y  
Thumbs Down to Humaworm! Scattering from Product
I am angry and I am hurt. I took Humaworm naively thinking it would help my digestion and solve my problems. Instead, it made me a walking hyperinfection whom contaminated my own children with filariform or rhatbidform larvae in my sputum. I personally detest Humaworm for causing scattering. I am certainly not the first person on this forum to mention scattering caused by Humaworm. I would like to ask RG or Dr. Bailey how is one supposed to live with ascaris and tapeworms running amuk through the body. I am not living with my family now because of the devastation Humaworm caused. B ...   read more

February 2015- A Real Trauma--- Outraged by Hospital   8 y  
Treated Inhumanely, Seizure, Incontinence, BBB worms, Need Real Medical Support
In the first week of February, I had gone to bed next to my mom. She brings me peace and comfort, knowing she is near. Well, she still was in the dark about my hyperinfection, choosing to label me delusional like the uninformed medical community. I guess if you haven’t experienced hyperinfection, it is really hard to grasp. I don’t understand it though because I have never been delusional in the past, why would I be now?!!! My department manager at Sak’s Fifth Avenue even begged me to stay, pleaded me with a promotion. All I ever wanted was to be a fun-loving, healthy, happy mommy. ...   read more

January 2015- Not a Happy New Year   8 y  
The rare occassion I drank landed me in ER and psych ward. This is not characteristic of me.
In January 2015 I was separated from my family. The intent was for me to go visit my mom for a week. Well, a week has turned into six months. I miss my kids more than anything possibly imagineable. They are my everything. On December 24,2014, I blacked out (my BP had been very low). I didn’t black out lightly. I flew backwards, felt like I was hit with a ball, and landed directly on my skull and spine (as mentioned in a previous post). At the time, I was only given a CT of my head. My spine is killing me and it is June 2015. I had MRIs schedule for Febuary but those were cancel ...   read more

Everything Points to Parasites   8 y  
Escherichia Coli, Gram Positive Cocci, Charcot Leyden Crystals, WBC, Pictures
I don’t know how or when or why I picked up this damned disease. I’m like every other human being, I am terrified of dying. But knowing the odds of surviving a hyperinfection is against me, it’s like a death sentence. I wouldn’t want this on any soul in the world, God. Please don’t let it happen to another person, again. My kids would have never asked to be born if they knew that they would endure this pain. They’re not happy, they are miserable. God bless their hearts for having me, their mom, with an infectious parasitic disease. I pray to go before them, sooner rather than later ...   read more

Can Somebody Send Me Support?!   8 y  
Digging holes in my organs
I rue the day I took Humaworm. Just search Humaworm and scattering on Curezone. I am not alone in this suffering. I don’t know if others won the battle or lost it because many are not on here anymore. I should have left the diarrhea and worms well enough alone! NOBODY under any circumstance should take herbs if they have strongyloidiasis. It caused that and a coinfection of other worms to disseminate. Hyperinfection of strongyloidiasis is contagious and taking the Humaworm caused my children to catch it! It’s not theory, it is fact. Now how are they supposed to get treated?!!!!!!! ...   read more

The Innocent Victims of Hyperinfection   8 y  
Innocent kids with hyperinfection
My heart aches. My heart is heavy. It bleeds for these, my beautiful children. I have a hyperinfection and these innocent babies caught it from me. I had Charcot Leyden Crystals and WBC in my stool which according to the government indirectly indicates a parasitic infection. I was on steroids and Humaworm, it went hyper/disseminated on the HW. I also read that certain positive rods and negative rods of bacteria correlate with strongyloidiasis. I have both the positive e.coli rods and the negative cocci rods. It all adds up. Why can’t a doctor put 1+1 together before it is too late! ...   read more

A Cop Believes Me   8 y  
Grateful for CZ support, Grandparents & Jesus Christ knows the truth. Take antiparasitic drugs first!
That’s right folks, my own flesh and blood have ”painted” me as nuts. But guess what a police officer believes me! Wanna know why? Because he went through a similar thing. As rare as this is, it obviously happens in Toronto, Ontario, too. He was cured with turpentine; however, he was primarily fighting fungus that was in his urine and in his stools. He believes the parasitic dissemination, the steroids/ Humaworm nightmare. The police officer said, ”Doctors aren’t in the business of curing the dying. They make the sick people sicker. I knew I needed to take my health into my own h ...   read more

Lunatic Wife   8 y  
Family support topic, children not thriving, cop or docs help children, new treatment
I am too sad to write because of my husband. It’s like if we were all watching a movie and one person in the movie kept screaming that the world was going to end. All the other people in the movie would think that that person was a lunatic. Well folks, according to my husband I am that character, screaming at the top of my lungs that the world is ending. Sadly, he will see that the woman he labeled crazy wasn’t crazy after all. I have spoken to numerous people with parasitic dissemination. What is interesting is that many of these people live(d) in FL. They say the doctors won’t ac ...   read more

Monsters   8 y  
The people who should love and support are being Monsters.
Yep, I have ”Monsters Inside Us”, I could be on that show. What a sad thing to have five minutes of fame over! I would rather almost anything besides have worms crawling under my skin (and I do NOT have Morgellon’s Disease). Morgellons would be dreamy compared to this, at least I think so because it is not contagious and doesn’t kill. I feel like the biggest monster because I infected my children (and possibly husband). I don’t know if his immune system can fight it better than our babies’ immune systems?! I know our children were infected because of drinking after me (HUGE accid ...   read more

Tired of Being Bedridden   8 y  
Mistrusting in laws, mistrusting spouse, sick kids, anemia, sick liver and kidneys
I am tired. Tired of being called crazy by family who does not believe in hyperinfection (husband and in laws). Tired of being so weak that I cannot get changed out of pajamas; I used to run 4 miles, 4 times a week....this is not normal. Tired of medical community who let me get worse ill on steroids and ineffective Humaworm. Tired of people I have never met believing me (because they have gone through this!) over my own family. Tired of being threatened by my husband to not call pediatrician nor infectious disease when I darn well know this is contagious. Tired of wondering how and wh ...   read more

Plagued by Parasites: Truth or Delusional? Part VI   8 y  
My kids are infected and possibly husband, too. Hyperinfection spread in family. Treatment, please.
The most important reason that I write this paper, is not for my livelihood but for that of my precious children and husband whom were directly exposed to a parasitic infectious disease and are at high risk. Dr. Paul states that ”If the patient has a parasitic infection the likelihood of transmitting any parasites to her children or other family members is extremely low. None of these parasites are directly transmitted by physical contact or through sharing utensils and drinking water.” That is false. ”Patients with hyperinfection or dissemination are infectious, so contact isolation i ...   read more

Plagued by Parasites: Truth or Delusional? Part V   8 y  
Pork tapeworm, parasite symptoms, Dr. Chung, Dr. Sarah Glover
I went to Dr. Erika Bradshaw, holistic MD, who put me on antiparasitic herbs, Humaworm, to treat the blastocystis hominis infection. Within a week, I felt worms crawling under my skin. In all my 35yrs, at that point, I had never felt anything so bizarre. I thought it meant that the herbs were working. My husband took pictures of a blood stained ”tatoo” of a worm that surfaced on my ankle, as well as what (parasites) exited from my rectum. Humaworm used my images of helminthes for a classroom study session on parasitic infestations; they had asked my permission and I granted it. No mu ...   read more

Plagued by Parasites: Truth or Delusional? Part IV   8 y  
Tried innumerable methods to heal my gut, from rectal ozone insufflation to fecal transplants.
Many doctors assume that parasites are only found in the digestive tract. Dr. Paul noted that helminthes reside in the intestines (Letter to Dr. S, 2015). She also wrote, ”Ascaris, Toxocara, Hookworm and Tapeworms do not penetrate the viscera and migrate to other tissues.” In immunosuppressed individuals ”Helminth infections can sometimes infect other body sites. With trichinella, eventually the worms can penetrate the muscles, the heart, the brain, and can cause death.” ( ”Erratic adult ascaris worms may invade other organs. In immunocompromised individuals, str ...   read more

Plagued by Parasites: Truth or Delusional? Part III   8 y  
Parasites affect millions of US citizens each year. Conventional blood and stool tests are unreliable. Immunosuppression causes dissemination and hyperinfection.
Many people, including Dr. Paul, believe ”polyparasitism doesn’t exist in the modern era in the United States” (Letter to Dr. S, April 8, 2015). In contrast, an article in CDC reports: ”Parasite infections affect millions of people in the U.S. every year. At times, these parasitic infections cause serious illness, including seizures, blindness, pregnancy complications, heart failure, and even death. No one is immune.” ( According to the article, CDC targeted five neglected parasitic infections (NPIs) in the U.S. as priorities for public health a ...   read more

Plagued by Parasites: Truth or Delusional? (Revised) Part II   8 y  
Parasites are in USA, in the modern era, no one is immune, they are life threatening
Doctors in the United States rely on knowledge they have available in order to make best decisions in regard to patient care. In contrast to test results already done, Dr. Paul, a Clemson Professor of Agriculture and Forestry (letter to Dr. S April 2015) concluded I do not have parasites as evidenced by blood and stool tests. She wrote, ”Infection with these parasites (ie protozoa) is easily ruled out because the serological tests were negative and no cysts were present in the stool sample....; In reference to helminth infection, eggs or juvenile worms would be readily identified in stoo ...   read more

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