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At Home Ann Wigmore Clinic?? Let's talk wheatgrass people!   16 y  
day one of my rejuvenation exile
Now that I have plenty time on my hands, I can devote myself to intensive study of Queen Afua’s principles of health and wellness. I just juiced some wheatgrass about two ounces with cayenne pepper. The key is drinking it slowly and drinking lots of water beforehand. I woke up this morning not looking good at all. I had to drop my sister to work and did so without complaint. On my way back, I drank some of the distilled water I got from Associated. I felt ten times better. The pain is almost gone from my body. Now I’m going to lay down and listen to my Proteus mind machine. I am going t ...   read more

Breast and Womb Purification full steam ahead   16 y  
I bless my enemy who is my noble friend and teacher
Now that I am without a job (see my other blog) I have lots of free time. Limited funds allows some bottled water and greens. This is an opportune time for fasting and purification, meditation and church attendance. I am going to blog daily about my fast and detox. I’m warning you that this blog is going to be rife with TMI...too much info stuff, vivid description of periods, vaginal secretions, BMs,etc. so adjust yourself now :D   visit the page

Stirring Up a Hornet's Nest   17 y  
misc.notes on everything
Well my post yesterday on this blog has stirred up an emotional/mental hornet’s nest. Yes this happens when you set your foot out on the healing path of purification. You have to see and smell the stench of the wound and pus when you lance it. I feel that I’m coming face to face with all my hangups, jealousies and fears about body image and size, also appearance. This is just the beginning of course. I was reading about abstinence in Overeater’s Anonymous but there’s a part of me that can’t go there yet, same with fasting. It’s just like drugs. Food is a drug for a lot of people. I don’t w ...   read more

Ready for Change?   17 y  
thoughts about body image
I had an amazing thought about weight loss and purification this morning. How many people, especially women, are not ready for the change in appearance that happens when you fast,purify and lose weight? I looked at myself in the morning this morning and I look very different than I did when I was fifteen pounds heavier. It’s not the same ME. I definately don’t look the same as I did when I was 190 pounds. How many of us have our self esteems and appearance intimately intertwined? I watched one episode of some show that had women lock themselves up for four months. It’s obvious none of thos ...   read more

Thirty days to fasting and purification   17 y  
miscellaneous thoughts
According to the home page of 43 things where I list my goals, there are just thirty days till the New Year. http://www.43things.com/ I am making fresh water a priority in my house for these thirty days. I am going to be running on limited funds till Christmas so I’ve committed mysel to purchasing a case of spring water (and hiding it in my car!). It is very easy to cleanse and purify oneself on a limited budget. Granted one may not be able to buy organic vegetables but I’ll be avoiding the most sprayed crops anyway. -apple cider vinegar -lemons -cayenne pepper -chlorophyll ...   read more

Another morning tonic   17 y  
tonic recipes
This is a tonic I just made this morning. teaspoon of maca powder teaspoon of kyo-green (not raw because there is COOKED rice but oh well it’s good) two ginkgo capsules teaspoon of raw honey crushed garlic peg mixed in grapefruit juice I drank this and feel good. This is the week for my period so who knows what’ll happen. My copy of Heal Thyself has disappeared so I am using my Heal Thyself consultant training sheets. I also like the honey with apple cider vinegar and putting some green tea extract into my water.   visit the page

Heal Thyself morning tonic   17 y  
morning tonic note
Today: tablespoon of chlorophyll 1 capsule of goldenseal 1/2 capsule of cayenne 1 tablespoon of aloe 1 tablespoon of Queen Afua oil mix 1 crushed garlic (fresh from my future FIL’s garden) half cool water then half warmed up water (not boiling) then drink...not as disgusting as I thought it would be :-) Here’s to life, health and healing thyself.   visit the page

summary of the first part of the chapter   17 y  
There are various types of fasts: water, fruit juice, wheatgrass,religious,etc. ’Nutritional fasting’: freshly made fruit juices (or vegetables) and purified/distiled water. Queen Afua also recommends specific vegetable juices as well as herbs. Chlorophyll is a must during a fasting program of this nature according to her book. Fasting Who and Why? Purificatin for spiritual and physical liberation moslem fast christian fast Fast of Jews Fast of Hari Krishnas Fast of Indigenous Americans Yoruba Fasts When to Fast: during your birthday month holy days change of seas ...   read more

Chapter Six: Fasting and Cleansing for a Glorious Life    17 y  
outline and notes on chapter six plus personal notations
1. fasting for world peace and health 2. forming a fasting group 3. vegetarian sample menu 4. heal thyself cycle 5. home healing 6. the birth of the soul sweat   visit the page

Chapter Five:Before You Begin   17 y  
some notes on chapter five
1.Hydrotherapy 2.Detoxification 3.Commonly asked questions about the natural living and nutritional fasting process   visit the page

Chapter Four: Dietary Timetable   17 y  
chatper four summary and notes
When should we eat? Sunrise- should eat lightly and not shock the body that is just waking up ”The lighter the sunrise ’breakfast’ the more intune we can be spiritually” Some suggestions are: soya milk, nutmilk, piece of fruit, herbal tea Another suggestion is gota kola tea to wake up the mind (I prefer the extract drops in some water). QA suggests mixing tablesoons of blackstrap molasses for a good ’morning coffee’. Sun Apex- Complex proteins like soya meat, beans, peas, lentils, fish and nuts, complex carbs, or a raw salad. Don’t drink liquids during the meal. ...   read more

a personal note about chapter three   17 y  
brief note
I’ve been in the process of cleaning,decluttering and purifying my living space for some time now. Just recently I’ve stepped up the process. The flylady website helps a lot. I do think there’s something to the notion that we’re wrapped up in a lot of our mess. I know I am! LOL http://www.flylady.net http://www.messies.com/   visit the page

Chapter Three: Prepare Yourself and Your Home   17 y  
Chapter Three quotes
Forgiveness and Thanksgiving are the Keys to Spiritual Preparation for Healing. ” As a spiritual preparation to embark upon the path of natural living and purification, we must be in a state of constant forgiveness so that we may be forgiven for the sins we have upon ourselves and others.” Preparing the Home for Self-Healing-Your home is a reflection of who and what you are and the levels that you’ve reached in self-awareness. Clean out the old to make room for the new. Work within seven-day cycles. The entrance to your home... Keeping something representing a natural spiri ...   read more

morning wake up tonic   17 y  
some tonics and beverages for cleansing and detoxing
Here is a morning tonic to drink when you wake up. It will detox your body organs and wake up your cells for the day. 1/2 lemon squeezed cayenne pepper to whatever you want.. I use quarter teaspoon crushed garlic a tablespoon of olive oil mix with 8 to 16 ounces of distilled water and drink! Be blessed :-)   visit the page

How You Can Benefit From The Heal Thyself Holistic Healing Plan   17 y  
more from chapter one
Seekers of Physical Beauty- -experience weight loss... -gain clear skin... Lovers and Mates- -experience greater sexua| fulfillment -spiritual awareness during lovemaking Parents to be- Queen Afua has a note that a person should cleanse three months before trying to conceive. This is right in line with my idea that there should be pre-wedding detox vacations for the bride-to-be and her man. -You will create a genius child, a love child, a disease-free baby (isn’t that wonderful?) * These are just some things she lists as benefits of following a holistic plan. I had a ...   read more

A Cry for World Healing and a note   17 y  
Heal Thyself Chapter One
NOTE: If anyone would like to follow along, I would suggest buying the book Heal Thyself off amazon or off queenafuaonline.com. It may be a hard book to get in mainstream stores like Borders but they usually are very good with ordering books. A Cry for World Healing- This is a call for planetary healing and purification. A global resurrection is mandatory if we are to continue to thrive on Earth. To My Human Family, I say: Put the plate down, my sisters and brothers, my mothers and fathers. Let us fast and pray our way out of bondage and darkness into truth and light. -I am goi ...   read more

Heal Thyself Logo   17 y  
pictures of the Heal Thyself logo/foundress
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