Journal of my thirty day juice fast continued
by ausjulie2
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Day26 of 30   9 y  
Getting there!
well I got thru the last few has not been easy..i am constantly thinking about food and hungry all the time..i can hardly stand the juice anymore and even master cleanse lemonade is not really going down well. I have backed off the exercise a little to see if that helped but I am still so very tired and lethargic. to make it all worse my weight has remained the same for the last 7 days...which is really frustrating and challenges the will to continue. it really is more a matter of this is something I said I will do and I am going to do it! lets just say I cant wait till next week ...   read more

Day 22 of 30   9 y  
Not feeling so hot!
To be honest im struggling! I do not feel good at hungry im sick of juice I have no energy and a terrible taste in my mouth. I would really love to stop tomorrow but I am so close to the end. I was going to go to work out tonight but just couldn’t make it. everything tastes terrible, trying to find something that I can drink but just really struggling. lets hope tomorrow is a better day. weight loss has come to a halt which is common at this stage of the fast. I just have to go slow and be nice to myself. Looking forward to a nice long shower and early night...hopefully a good slee ...   read more

Half way!!   9 y  
half way to 30 days woo hoo!!
the last two days have been tough, haven’t felt very good at all...I think I over did things at the gym last week, I joined and worked out 6 days maybe pushing myself a bit hard, tired lethargic and feeling sick in the time to rest and be kind to myself for a few days. really sick of juice and wanting to eat some fruit but I want the feeling of completing what I started out to do more than the fruit. so I made a veggie broth which is not technically juicing but still it gets me thru the tuff times. I usually feel good at this stage of the fast so that is a bit annoying, but se ...   read more

That time of the year again!   9 y  
juicing again
Im on day seven of my juice fast, I am not committing to 30 days but I would really like to see it all the way. I will be happy with 15 days so Ill get to there and see how I feel. Everything is going along great not at all hungry the only bummer is I have had a cold this week, not from detox just something that is going around. But feeling better now so looking forward to another week of juice. Starting at the gym tomorrow its been a long long time so that will be interesting. Not going to give myself a hard time just ease into it. this fast is part of an 8 week overhall to clean my act u ...   read more

Day 30   10 y  
woo hoo made it!!!
Yep i made it! very happy and proud of myself!!!! Not a lot to say really, this fast was pretty straight fwd. My weight loss is around 8-9 kg, a bit hard to tell my home scales say one thing and other scales say another. i have definately dropped a couple of sizes and things are fitting much better. i have more to lose of course but happy at this size at the moment. feeling very light and clean, i am having wonderful sleeps, clarity of thought, very productive at work. i am not physically active apart from my job so that needs to be addressed. this fast was so easy that i am thinking i cou ...   read more

Day 29   10 y  
couple of days to go!!
well today and tomorrow to juice and then its back to the land of eating! in some ways looking fwd to it, fruit never tastes so good and cucumber and tomatoe and advocado and carrot ohhh yummmo...but i do feel like this has been pretty easy, and gone quick so i think i could go longer. but i always say that at this stage of a fast. i have many plans in the next month and i am looking fwd to eating with friends and not this time!! yesterday wasnt a great day and mostly because i worked long hours and late hours and didnt have enough juice, so by the time i got home i was hungry a ...   read more

Day 25   10 y  
not long to go!
Hoping the next 5 days goes pretty quick, starting to really look fwd to eating fresh fruit and veggies!! Weight loss pretty bloody slow! argh thing i have not done on this fast is exercise, every other one i have exercised nearly everyday but the complete oposite this one..and the weight loss is the same..mmm interesting. I have let some people know at work (i work in healthcare) what i am doing and the reaction is predictable. so for anyone who is going to do a fast you will find that peoples reactions are usually as follows: i could never do are crazy...oh ...   read more

Day 22   10 y  
getting there!!
Feeling pretty good, weight loss is slow but i have experienced this in other fasts so nothing unusual. my bathroom scales say i have lost 7 kgs but not sure they are very accurate. i have dropped at last one size in clothes close to two. i am in my pants that i wanted to be in but hoping for a little more off the middle section. motivated to keep going post fast to lose all of this extra blubber, again same questions why do i let myslef put on soo much weight..arghh gluten for punishment. i am starting to get hungry so trying to increase the amount of juice i am having but finding it hard ...   read more

Day 17   10 y  
no change
Not much change really, i do feel nice and clean and lighter. i am juicing oranges in the morning and usually apples, pears or pineapple in the avo then having master cleanse and herbal teas as needed. lots of water too. im not having many juices one large glass in morning and another in afternoon. i had the chinese massage, no sleeping during that suc***, it bloody hurt and i have a few bruises on my back, bu hopefully released a bit of tension. although i am feeling pretty calm. acupuncture in two days. looking forward to next few days of juicing, nice and easy routing, no fuss no worrie ...   read more

Day 15   10 y  
Half way woo hoo!!
Half way thru and i am absolutley going to see this thru, very bored with juices, dont really feel like anything but trying to keep them up for calories. I have lost a bit of weight, as always heaps to go. My sleping is all messed up again, when i sleep it is so deep but just have trouble falling asleep. Or rather that i like to go to bed late and sleep in, which has happened on other fasts too. I wish i could just go with what feels right but not sure work would completely understand sleeping thru the day!! I am using lax teas to keep things going and that seems to be working ok, again w ...   read more

Day 12   10 y  
back at it again! yah hoo!!!
well i am back again, this is my sixth 30 day fast and im on day 12. i havent kept a blog so far because i havent felt i needed one but on reflection i wish i had. i will try and post how it has been the last 12 days and stay up with it now. but right now i am trying to get to sleep so i guess typing on here is counter productive! will post more tomorrow! happy to be back!!   visit the page

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