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Rethinking Affirmations   16 y  
Affirmations generally do not attain results----Here's why!
More Vibrational Articles Here The Real Laws of Attraction: Why Positive Affirmations Don’t Work! Ken Keis Overall Your Life is a Reflection of What You Really Think and Feel You Deserve — No More, No Less! In the past couple of years, several books on the subject of Attraction have been published. But recently, some new thinking has been put forth to refute some of the past motivational dogma. Do you know individuals who don’t achieve the levels they would like to or every time they take a step forward, they seem to take a step back? I will outline a couple reasons why ...   read more

Focus   16 y  
"My feelings become my road signs to tell whether I am on the right path, putting my attention where it needs to be."
More Vibrational Articles Here Focus When I keep my heart and mind focused on love and joy, then love and joy fills my life. When I put my focus on experiencing love, it expands and I experience more of it. When I make it a point to be happy, to experience bliss and joy in my daily life, it expands and I have more of that. When I am faced with ”contrast” - what I don’t want - I can tell by the way I am feeling that I am out of sync with my Higher Self, with my Good. My feelings become my road signs to tell whether I am on the right path, putting my attention where it needs to ...   read more

Think On These Things   16 y  
"If our thoughts, beliefs and emotions (our predominant vibration) create our lives, then let’s choose. Let’s decide what we create rather than creating by default, creating unconsciously, and just continuously reacting from a position of powerlessness."
More Vibrational Articles Here ”Think on these things... ” Whatever we place our attention on, whatever we think about, imagine, believe and feel strongly about we attract more of into our experience. Deliberate Creation is the art and science of dwelling upon beauty and love and joy in order to choose the life we want to live. If our thoughts, beliefs and emotions (our predominant vibration) create our lives, then let’s choose. Let’s decide what we create rather than creating by default, creating unconsciously, and just continuously reacting from a position of powerlessnes ...   read more

Law Of Attraction Ebook   16 y  
Principles of the way the Universe operates
More Vibrational Articles Here Here is a short ebook on the law of attraction It’s called ”Road Signs From The Universe” by Sharon Walls ENJOY!   visit the page

Get What You Want   16 y  
"A lot of people like the verb "to complain". This is because they don't want to take 100% responsibility for their lives. However, this is the solution."
More Vibrational Articles Here How the power of attraction can help you get what you want? Copyright © 2005 Emmanuel Segui ”Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become” said Jim Rohn, one of the world’s leading motivational speaker, philosopher and entrepreneur. Every great achiever knows that certain mental laws exist by which you can turn all your dreams into reality. The law of attraction is one of the most important to understand, use and abuse! Like attracts like. ”For intelligence cleaveth unto intelligence; wisdom receiveth wisdom; tr ...   read more

Attraction In Action   16 y  
"You may have heard the saying, "Thoughts are things." Our thoughts, beliefs and feelings are real! They are alive with the spiritual substance that makes up this world. "
More Vibrational Articles Here The Law of Attraction in Action By Diana Kennedy Would you like to be able to experience more of what brings you joy in your life? Do you have unmet wants and desires that have left you feeling unfulfilled in some areas of your life? Were you taught that it is our desires that make us unhappy? Whoever taught us that desire is a bad thing was an unempowered person! Desire is a beautiful thing! It is desire that birthed this world, and it is desire that draws us together to create new life, both physically and metaphysically. Imagine for a ...   read more

Wake Up! You're Creating!   16 y  
"The process of becoming aware of what we’ve been creating and then learning to consciously alter our own beliefs (vibrations) to create what we WANT can be one of the more challenging and psychological tasks of our time. And yet, isn’t that exactly what we came here to do in this time of awakening? We’re given prophecies of doom and dramatic situations to help shake us up and make us ask, “Isn’t there something ELSE? Something BETTER? What are my other choices beyond FEAR?”
More Vibrational Articles Here Wake Up! You’re Creating! by Kristen Fox What if I told you that everything you experience in physical reality is a reflection of who you are in each moment? That each experience, each person, each event, each object, is a projection of yours onto the screen of life, an expression designed to remind you of your incredible power as a creator? Let’s say that each of us is a being of energy and that we each resonate or vibrate with our own unique signature vibration. These differences in vibration create our physical bodies differently, as well ...   read more

Law of Attraction: blunders   16 y  
"...too many people learn only the "basics" of the Law of Attraction, and as a result make 10 common mistakes that make it appear as though this universal law does not apply to them, and in fact gives them results completely OPPOSITE of what they desire."
More Vibrational Articles Here Do You Make These ”Law of Attraction” Blunders? - By Bob Doyle Learning about the ”Law of Attraction” can be one of the grandest blessings you can receive in your life. When you learn the true ”cause” of your experience of reality, and that you can actually ALTER that reality in any way that you wish, it opens a door of Infinite Possibility! After all, imagine that any level of wealth can be yours! Your life can be enriched with the most fulfilling relationships imaginable! You can spend your time doing only those things you love, and in retu ...   read more

You Are Creators   16 y  
" as discriminating about your thoughts as you are about your music or about the food you eat or about the car you drive."
More Vibrational Articles Here You Are Creators Abraham-Hicks You are Creators who have come forth into this physical dimension as extensions of that Nonphysical Energy. And you were very exhilarated about coming forth into this contrasting experience because you knew that out of the contrast you would be able to come to clear decision. Can you feel the power in the word ”decision?” Can you feel the difference between saying, ”I want that” or ”I would like to have that” and ”I have decided?” Can you feel that a decision is a more focusing of the Energy? That is what a Creator i ...   read more

Thought Vibes   16 y  
"when we think we set into motion vibrations of a very high degree, but just as real as the vibrations of light, heat, sound, electricity. And when we understand the laws governing the production and transmission of these vibrations we will be able to use them in our daily life, just as we do the better known forms of energy."
More Vibrational Articles Here Thought Vibration By William Walker Atkinson 1906 The Law of Attraction in the Thought World THE Universe is governed by Law - one great Law. Its manifestations are multiform, but viewed from the Ultimate there is but one Law. We are familiar with some of its manifestations, but are almost totally ignorant of certain others. Still we are learning a little more every day - the veil is being gradually lifted. We speak learnedly of the Law of Gravitation, but ignore that equally wonderful manifestation, THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN THE THOUGH ...   read more

Creating Life Vision *TOP 10*   16 y  
"Ask yourself this question: Suppose that a miracle happens, and the world is unfolding exactly as you’d like it to. In fact, you have been able to create Your Perfect Life. What does your perfect life look like?"
More Vibrational Articles Here The Top 10 Exercises for Establishing Your Life Vision and Mission Vision and mission are very closely related. Your vision could be entitled MY BIG DREAM, and your mission is WHAT I’M GOING TO DO ABOUT IT. Your vision is a picture of the future that you create with your imagination. You need to use your imagination to create it, because the future is an imaginary place that does not exist in present reality. Your vision is a guiding image of accomplishment and fulfillment, not just for you, but for others as well. Then, within the context of y ...   read more

Life Force: "resistance is futile"   16 y  
"You cannot improve your life by pushing against what you do not want."
More Vibrational Articles Here Nothing is Worth Disallowing Life Force Is This Worth Giving Up My Life Force? These are truly gatherings that we see as co-creating at its very best. We often notice one of you beginning with a train of thought and as others listen in and add their Energy, their questions, their life experience, even mentally -- silently -- to the question, the question expands far beyond what the one could speak. The wanting that all of you have been gathering, even before you ever knew of Abraham, that wanting becomes part of the Stream of Attraction. So you rea ...   read more

Your Mind Controls Your Reality   16 y  
"Living in any dimension is simply a matter of thought. It is the collective thought that produces the frequency band of that dimension. If you want to experience a different dimension you have to uplift your thought into that frequency."
More Vibrational Articles Here Your Mind Controls Your Reality Susanna Thorpe-Clark Dear beings of light, so many of you are still so entrapped by your third dimensional mind-set that we have come to address certain realities that are necessary for you to understand in order for you to free yourselves. Elevating into higher realms of thought may be your aim, but you are still not grasping the simplicity of how this is accomplished. Living in the 4th dimension is the same as living in the 3rd except for one’s level of consciousness, for consciousness is synonymous with the min ...   read more

DANGER! DANGER! Avoid these words   16 y  
"...attraction is an active, not a passive process, and you need to closely monitor your thoughts and feelings to ensure that your vibrations are in line with what you are asking for."
More Vibrational Articles Here DANGER! DANGER! AVOID THESE WORDS! Okay, so we’re clear on how critical the process of allowing is to the attraction process, right? As I’ve said, attraction is an active, not a passive process, and you need to closely monitor your thoughts and feelings to ensure that your vibrations are in line with what you are asking for. In my experience, there are at least two key words that have the power to cut off the attraction process off at the knees. The first word is ”how.” As in, yes, I want to bring all I want to me, but HOW will this ever happen? ...   read more

Law Of Intelligence   16 y  
"When we're asking the divine, we need patience to wait for the answers. They may come in the form we expect, but often they come in an unexpected way or time. Some of the answers may not come until our next lifetime, but rest assured, they will come."
More Vibrational Articles Here The Law of Intelligence For everyone that asketh receiveth... - Matthew 7:8 The law of intelligence is about asking questions to enhance intelligence. When we ask questions, we learn. The more we ask, the more we learn and the more capable we are of getting what we want. We can ask questions of ourselves, of others, and of the divine. They can be asked silently or out loud. Every question ever asked is answered, according to the law of intelligence. What is required to find the answers is patience, along with the ability to allow ourselves ...   read more

10 Thoughts On Thinking   16 y  
"The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thought at which we created them."
More Vibrational Articles Here Ten Thoughts on Thinking 1. ”The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thought at which we created them.” 2. ”You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” 3. ”No matter how hard you work for success, if your thoughts are saturated with the fear of failure, it will kill your efforts, neutralize your endeavors and make success impossible.” 4. ”Thinking is easy ...   read more

The 7 Principles Of Manifesting   16 y  
"You are a co-creator in the universe and this is your right and your duty. "
More Vibrational Articles Here The 7 Principles Of Manifesting Your Heart’s Desire Shannon Maxey Do you have a dream you want to make come true? I hope you do and I hope you will. You are a co-creator in the universe and this is your right and your duty. At times, though, almost everyone has difficulty continuing to believe in their dreams. Apply these seven principles on a daily basis and you can get through the rough times more easily and come to believe even more strongly in your ability to manifest. · BELIEF How do you view the world and what is your ...   read more

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