my 10 days water fast
by victoryworth

Still day 4   12 y  
dry fast
Almost midnight, going to bed soon. Blood loss is now close to nil which isweirding me out,what the hell happened to myp periods? Tongue is coated. I also think I have the flu, kept sneezing all day.Iím starting to stink- thank god I donít share my bed- , a weird metalic smell, definitely ending the dry fast on sunday, donít think I can go more than 5 days without showering, Iím doing body brushing but thatís not enough! Weight is 144.8, Iím not losing much weight at all which also worries me. Still not thisty which s great, I have absolute contol over this.Went to supermarket to actua ...   read more

day 4- still dry fasting   12 y  
dry fast
weight this morning 145.6, very hard to fall and stay asleep last night, I kept waking up every 15mn, which was very disturbing to say the least! Apart from that, my tongue is coated today for the 1st time from starting the fast.No other side effect.Periods are back to normal it seems.   visit the page

still day   12 y  
water fast
Just a few minutes before midnight, so went to the bathroom- sorry to be cruse in advance- lots of blood, much more than usual, this is day 1 of my period, and usually itís mild, this is heavy- will see how tomorrow goes. weight before bed: 146.6 Watched Limitless, and for any of you who have seen it, Iím wondering if the fast will provide the same clarity as beein high if that makes sense!   visit the page

day 3-still dry fasting   12 y  
dry fast
Still doing dry fast- so day 2 of dry fast- day 3 of total fast. Nothing much to report. except my periods started today, letís see how they are affected by the fasting ( last time I fasted they actually didnít happen for the month and came back as clockwork the next one!). Had 1BM which is good I guess, weight waas 147.3 mid afternoon. Another thing, my lipsare cracking again, starting to hurt no matter how much balm I apply, this is the oddest thing, as it happened on my last fast , and I never figured out why! I think Iíll dry fast till suncay which will make t 5 complete days, no c ...   read more

day 2- turning into dry fast   12 y  
water fast
Nothing to report except that Iíve decided to dry fast for the next few days.Reason being itís 5 pm, and havenít had the need to drink a drop of water today, yesterday was barely 2 glasses of water if that. Interested to see how many days I can go without water. So far, my energy is fine, and clarity is up too! weight was 150.2 this morning. Next few days will be interesting, as Iíll start meditation, I finally have time !   visit the page

Starting new fast   12 y  
new fast
Today is march 22, 2011, and Iím starting a new 10 days fast. My body is screaming for detox after the past few months I had. Been overseas,spent way to much time between planes, been drinking and eating way too much even by my own standards, not realing taking care of myself and my diet. but here we are again.I hope this one will be as easy as the last. This time the goal is mental focus, get rid of resistance and pure detox, and yes again the fibroids have been flaring up, but I know they will shrink as I go along. Today is day 1, weight is 152.3 pounds, had 1 BM so far, and energy lev ...   read more

day 15   13 y  
The juicer is here!
Well, the juicer finally arrived, so today was the last day Weight this morning was 138 pounds, which means I lost a bit over 15 in the past 2 weeks. Iím going to start juicing with pineapple and apple juice for the next 48hrs, and also do a gallstones flush when I get around it. I donít feel tired at all, and my skin and teeth are glowing.I can feel something even happened to my fibroid, as it isnít as big and hard as it was 2 weeks ago. I am happy I did this fast, will definitely do another one in a 2 months. In the meantime, Iíll be taking care of myself, juicing fruits and veggies ...   read more

day 13   13 y  
still fating
As you can see, I prolongued the fast over 10 days.My vitamix still hasnít arrived, and itís starting to piss me off because i went to the fruit markets and ot all these fresh fruits and veggie 2 days ago, and havenít been able to use them! The fast is going pretty well, and honestly due to the lack of side effects for me, I feel I could actually pursue it for a few more weeks,I feel itís that easy, but since Iím planning trip overseas soon, I need to ease my body into normal rythm. Didnít weight myself, but I can see in the mirror that I lost a few more pounds. My lips are stillcracki ...   read more

day 10   13 y  
extension of the fast
Today was supposed to be the lat 10. I have completed the 10 days fast I had set out, but Iíll go 4 days longer. I just ordered a vitamix, so Iíll stop the fast when it get here. weight today was 141.6 pounds=64.2, so I lost about 13 pounds in the past 10 days. My lip are still cracking- this is actually why Iíll stop this fast, I can barely bare it as thelips are loody and I have no idea why. The rest is absolutely fine.My energy was soaring today, went to the market and bought all varieties of fresh fruits and veggies, no discomfort at all. Iím thinking about doing a gallstones flus ...   read more

day 9   13 y  
one more day
weight 142.1 pounds=64.4 kgs So, this is day 9.Nothing much to report, energy level still up,no craving, no pain, pink tongue, and still no BM I canít believe tomorrow i day 10, and itís supposed to be the last day. I think I will extend to 14, since this has been quite easy.   visit the page

day 8   13 y  
the end is near
10 pm. Everything was good today.Energy levels way up, went for a walk, it was very sunny and it felt great to feel the sun on my skin. The only really annoying thing is my lips, they are still peeling and hurting, tried to do some research, as it seems this is not an usal side effect of fasting.So, I donít know where itís coming from. Iím kind of pised me off, because I usually have beautiful lips. Still no BM, tomorrow is day nine which means the end of my fast will be in 48h, but I think Iím going to extend to 14 days, I just do not feel hungry at all, and this hasnít been hard at a ...   read more

day 7   13 y  
still no detox
Feeling nauseous and lightheaded today but definitely less tired than yesterday, and since yesterday my lips have been peeling like crazy, it doesnít matter the amount of balm I apply, it peel, and kind of hurt actually. Didnít weight myself today, wonít until the weekend. Iím supposed to be 3 days short of the end of my fast, but I am wondering if I should go longer, because I havenít had any detox symptoms, or the tongue coating either. Iím just wondering what is happening here. Yes, Iím sheeding the kgs but this wasnít the purpose of it, and I can feel my big fibrid getting harder by ...   read more

Day 6   13 y  
first day I'm feeling tired
Very tired today. went to bed really late 2 am last night and just as I was about to actually fall asleep , we had the earthquake. Woke up tired and actually feeling weak today with pain on thesides of my body, which is weird, so no running errands today. Weight was 145 pounds this morning. Still no BM   visit the page

day 5   13 y  
still feeling pretty good
This morning : 146.6 pounds=66.49 kgs So it seems since the start of my fast Iíve lost 7 pounds=3.17kgs and I dont feel hungry at all, and actually barely drink,3 glass of water a day now This morning I felt a bit of tight pressure and pain in my mid section under my navel where the biggest fibroid is, so I applied some lugols ( in 10 mns the lugolís was gone !) and then I did a little massage with my anti tress dermalogica oil from my breasts to mid section and I feel much better. I did massage the breast because yeterday as an experiment, I painted a square of lugols between my breas ...   read more

day 4-5   13 y  
vivid images coming out
Itís midnight, and I feel quite elated, spent the past few hours looking up recipes, making lists of items to buy - which is funny because I havenít cooked in years literally, and looking at all the food and different combination was like going back in time for me ( I used to cook years ago, and stopped when I moved overseas and had noone to cook for) I donít know where this came from, but suddenly I just had this vision of me cooking appearing out of nowhere. Barely drank any water since this evening, just donít feel thirsty, so Iím not pushing it, now catching up on law andorder, and f ...   read more

day 4 of my water fast   13 y  
the mystery of distilled water
Still drinking distilled water, but it worries me because today my urine turned competely clear, and still no BM.Maybe the distilled water is doing this. Weight is 150.4 pounds= 68.22kgs at 1pm today Need to do some research about the urine thing! But I am content, everything is going well, Iíve got no craving whatsoever!   visit the page

day 3 of my water fast   13 y  
changed water today
Iím about to go do a face mask and have a body scrub and a then will go to sleep. Nothing to report on day 3, no BM/stool, 5 trips to the bathrooms. I bought some distilled water this morning,been drinking it all day so Iím thinking to alternate with sping water, I donít know, maybe 5 days of each, weíll see. ANyway, Iím not feeling tired one bit, and Iím wondering if the remaining 7 days are going to be that easy. By the way, I havenít had a single cigarette since Iíve started fasting! interesting, I donít even crave them! same for food, Iívebeen to the supermarket every day, and I ...   read more

Day 2 of my water fast   13 y  
nothing to report
today is a new day, and no caving or craving in sight.Itís 2 pm, and I have been on evian ever since waking up this morning.Been the toilet once , did my skin brushing followed by hot/cold shower, and I feel really good. Did some work, so I am keeping busy, and then will do more reading. Catching on my law and order right now. Sameday 10 pm- no BM today   visit the page

Day 1 of my water fast   13 y  
So far so good, no side effects at all
10 am- This is my first fast ever. I think I am mentally ready for this , the goal is not so much to lose weight ( but Iíll be happy when I do lose some!), but to shrink, and eradicate my body of my fibroids, this is truly the main goal for me, and if I have to fast again or do a longer fast to achieve it, so be it . My weight this morning is 153.6 pounds = 69.67kgs. I feel pretty good, and I started my first evian. I will monitor my stools, mood, pain etc for the next few days. I also started skin brushing this morning ( got myself an elemis brush just for that!) so far so good. S ...   read more


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