My 21 Day Water Fast/Weight Loss Journal
by ZincSaucier

Day 5   12 y  
Down 4 pounds...
Hey guys, Sorry I didnít update yesterday. Iíve been really busy with midterms, pretty much been in the library all day and night for the past couple of days. Since day 3 check in Iíve lost 4 more pounds, 2 each day. The rapid weight loss has slowed down, although Iím not really surprised or upset about it. All hunger pains are gone, I feel really content with where Iím at right now. Itís actually really weird, Iíve got like a weird sense of euphoria. I just feel really calm and content. Itís a great feeling. Starting Weight: 242 Current Weight: 229 Goal Weight: 170   visit the page

Day 3   12 y  
Day 3...down 3.5 pounds
So itís 7AM day 3. I feel OK I guess. Iíve got really intense psychological cravings for food, but physically the hunger pains are hardly there. Iím down 3.5 pounds from yesterday which again seems really weird. Iíve lost 9 pounds in less than 48 hours. I guess Iíve been retaining some serious water weight. I canít stop thinking about food though which is getting to be a problem. Most people say after the third day things start looking up so I guess weíll see. Starting weight: 242 Current weight: 233 Goal Weight: 170   visit the page

Day 2   12 y  
Day 2...down 5.5 pounds
Made it to day 2, which may not sound like much but itís a pretty big accomplishment for me. Iím down 5.5 pounds which is kind of weird but Iíll take it. Starting Weight: 242 Current Weight: 236.5 Goal Weight: 170   visit the page

Day 1 (Second time around)   12 y  
Starting a 30-40 day water fast.
Completely failed all attempts at water fasting 6 months ago. Since then Iíve gained 30 pounds, and am finally motivated to get this done. Itís 2AM so Iíve made it through day 1. Iím going for 30 days, depending on how I feel I might do more. Iíll keep you all posted. Starting Weight: 242 Current Weight: 242 Goal Weight: 170   visit the page

Day 1   13 y  
Current Weight: 212 Pounds
Hello everyone! Day 1 here of my water fast, hoping to lose as much weight as possible in the next 21 days. As most people know everybody loses weight at different speeds, the more overweight you are the faster the pounds will come off. Here are some statistics about me so you can get more perspective on my situation. Male 20 Years Old 5í11 Current weight: 212 Pounds Iím hoping to get down to 175 (a little under 2 pounds a day) by the end of the fast. Its around 7PM right now of the first day and unsurprisingly I feel like absolute crap. Iím extremely hungry, Iíve got a bit of ...   read more


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I made this blog with the intention of helping those who are considering doing a water fast have a better idea of what they are getting themselves into. Like many others the primary reason for my fasting is to lose weight, so I will be posting my daily weight loss achievements so that people have an idea of how much weight they themselves can expect to lose should they attempt to do the same.Ö more...

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