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Bro. Bilal Phillips - Trials of This world   12 y  
Pray for Gaza and Remember Muslims that We Will Be Victorious.
Bilal Philips ‎”When a person realizes that Allah’s blessing in his or her life are too many to count, the worldly trails will seem like raindrops in the vast ocean of Allah’s favors and exercising patience will become easier.” Dr. Bilal Philips Like · · Share · 14 minutes ago ·   read more

Hadiths on the Killing of Snakes in Islam   12 y  
Is it haram to kill snakes?
I tried to post a picture of a snake, but the mere looking at a snake harms me incredibly.  I am afraid of them and I hope you will too.  Me personally, I could never remain in a home that had a snake and warn him 3 times, but the hadiths are listed below.  BUKHARI (5) Narrated Ibn Umar: That he heard the Prophet delivering a sermon on the pulpit saying, "Kill snakes and kill Dhu-at-Tufyatain (i.e. a snake with two white lines on its back) and ALBATROSS (i.e. a snake with short or mutilated tail) for they destroy the sight of one’s eyes and bring abou ...   read more

Osama Bin Laden, Dies at the Hands of Death Squad   13 y  
Where are his wives and is water boarding being used on the wives of Osama Bin Laden?
  File ▾ Download Edit ▾ Add stickers Add text Animations Distort Beautify Effects See much more... Share ▾ Post to website Send email Send to phone More options... View album Copy to my album Send to phone Loading... Osama Bin Laden died Monday at the hands of the US Death Squad sent there to eliminate the #1 most wanted terrorist in the world.  Allah Ya Harmo! ...   read more

The Gift of Healing Others   13 y  
Allah works again in mysterious ways!
I have never written about this, partly out of fear of people laughing at me I guess and partly because I have doubts. I am not sure why this happened, but it is real. When my husband was in a coma, I had a numb shahadah finger. I would pray on him with the finger thinking it had some kind of healing powers. I had always felt I had the power to heal and I say this humbly. After his death, my entire right hand went numb so I started praying on people and they got well. It was more than that though, I could see their illness and I did not even have to be in the same room or the sam ...   read more

Muslim Women Denied the Right to Practice Islam - Countries Who Ban the Face Covering   13 y  
A woman's right to religious freedom is being hampered in many countries.
  File ▾ Download Edit ▾ Add stickers Add text Animations Distort Beautify Effects See much more... Share ▾ Post to website Send email Send to phone More options... View album Copy to my album Send to phone Loading... 100%   Photo courtesy of Photobucket winecountry1 I wore a comple ...   read more

Martin Luther Said: If You've Got Nothing Worth Dying For, You've Got Nothing Worth Living For   13 y  
Dying for something important is better than living just for existence.
After the 9-11 bombing thousands and thousands of people joined Islam. They flocked to the religion that had people dying. Who could love dying they thought? What is so important to die for? There is probably something in your life that you would die for??? Like your wife or your child. How about your cat named Baby? lol, she is so cute. I remember when Mo was going to die and I asked Allah to take me in his place. Allah said no but I was willing to die for my husband. We had true love. When I saw this quote, I wondered how many were really ready to die for anyone or anything. ...   read more

Don't Cry for the Martyrs of Yemen, Libya, Eqypt and Bahrain   13 y  
The Faces of Martyrs. Be not sad for they are in jannah.
As Muslims we know that we can sacrifice thousands to get to where we want to be.  Freedom always comes with a price and as Muslims we also know that anyone who dies during the battle will be a martyr, a shaheed.  No greater honor is there on this life other than fighting in a war where the aggressors are attacking other Muslims.     Rejoice my fellow Muslims and do not be angry with what Allah has decided.  Rejoice and pass out candy for your brothers have joined Allah, Prophet Mohammad and many other jihadist in Heaven.  Never be angry with wh ...   read more

Can a marriage make you happier in Islam   14 y  
Men do not provide happiness and sometimes misery.
Allah has decreed for us all to marry and avoid temptation.  It is part of the divine decree and the way towards real happiness, but for old women like me does it mean the same things. A good and sound community can only grow if a man and woman are bonded in a soul relationship through the sacred contract called marriage.  Allah (SWT) is the founder of the family, and Adam and Howa were members of the first family structured by Allah (SWT)........ Many times it is considered Ib (not liked) when an older woman past her prime thinks of marriage.  It should be a time ...   read more

You are an IDIOT New York Times Bomber Shahzad   14 y  
New York Bomb Idiot and Dumber Than Dirt
I am a Muslim and you have shamed me and the entire Muslim nation.  Anyone who loves Allah with all of his heart does not intend to kill innocent civilians.  Where did you come from you Idiot.  In Islam we don’t kill women, children and old people.  Your intentions were to kill and mame innocent people. These people were not at war with you.  You  deserve what you get. Geez, this makes me mad.  This man has single handed caused problems and destruction for the entire Muslim nation now.  There will be more checks of innocent Muslims who live ev ...   read more

Boobquake has now become "Show me your tit day."   14 y  
It is a day to cover yourself not be one of those who have lost decency.
How awful the angels must feel today see a sheik in Iran being mocked at. One of the top Islamic leaders being mocked because he is trying to get people to go back to worshiping Allah again. Now women all over the world are going around today the 26th showing their tits, ass and lord knows what else to prove he is wrong. Could it be that this sheik has been quoted wrong. He stated that immodest behavior and sin causes earthquakes or is he asking you merely to go back and worship Allah as you should. Here is an article that explains how I and other Muslims feel about earthquakes: ...   read more

A new challenge   14 y  
ranting only
Well as much as I have tried over the last few months to survive, Allah has thrown me a fast ball AGAIN. I am sick, probably the hardest test I have gone through. My body is weak and I am very tired. I can’t eat and have no appetite. I know what I have but I don’t like to say the word. The problems is I have decided to depend on Allah alone for my cure and people want to commit me. They doubt my knowledge of health and think I should rely on quack doctors. Geez, I have more stress dealing with people stupid looks than I do with the disease itself. When will people wake up and s ...   read more

Not even Israel can stop Allah's medicine   15 y  
Muslims are resorting to using bees for medical therapy and it is cheap and it is working.
Bees provide pain relief in beleaguered Gaza Rateb Samur, a Palestinian agronomist turned healer, gets a bee to sting a patient under the ear lobe for healing purposes on November 4 at his private clinic in Gaza City (AFP photo) By Mai Yaghi Agence France-Presse GAZA CITY - In a clinic in the beleaguered Gaza Strip, Ratib Samur makes his way from one patient to the next armed with little more than a small box filled with enraged bees. He uses the bees to sting those who have come to him for help - and ami ...   read more

Al-Aqsa Prayers interrupted   15 y  
There will never be peace in Al-Aqsa until Israel understands how much we love this mosque, enough to die for.
Fresh clashes mar al-Aqsa prayers Protesters threw stones at police in riot gear Clashes have broken out in East Jerusalem amid high tensions after Palestinian groups called for a day of protest over access to al-Aqsa mosque. Eleven police officers were injured and at least two Palestinians arrested as youths threw stones. But Friday prayers at the flashpoint holy site passed off largely peacefully amid a heavy Israeli police presence. Meanwhile, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said talks with US envoy George Mitchell were ”construc ...   read more

The devil may be released out of chains tomorrow   15 y  
Not a day, I am looking forward to
The Devil could be released tomorrow night. What does that mean? Well it means that tomorrow may be the last day of Ramadan and Allah will let the major devils out of chains. What do you think will happen then? They are going to be real dang mad!!! So they will create a lot of mischief on the earth, like wars, battles, problems between husbands and wifes. Political battles, debt problems and even more. So if tomorrow is the last day of Ramadan, what are your plans? Do you plan extra prayers, extra good deeds or will you be lazy thinking Ramadan is over. ...   read more

How is everyone doing this Ramadan   15 y  
I am busy, how about you guys.
It is Friday today and many days have passed since I wrote last. I have been busy with Ramadan and writing. I am working at Natural News, Helium, Suite 101 and Orato. Remember I blogged about taking the challenge to depend only on Allah for money. Well I took the challenge and look what has happened to me. I made 80 dollars in the last 4 days with Natural News alone. So I give all the credit to Allah and I want to tell you guys, I haven’t forgot you, just been real busy. May your Ramadan be blessed with the presence of many,many angels and may Allah descend on your homes daily w ...   read more

Ramadan is either Friday or Saturday, depending on the siting of the moon   15 y  
Are you preparing for this blessed month?
It could be Ramadan on a different day, depending on where you are located, but we are hoping for Friday. Friday is our religious day and so that day is so special. Actually, Friday is the day ...   read more

Ramadan, is coming next week   15 y  
I am just about out of patience today
As I think about what is going on my life, I must stop and thank Allah. Ramadan will be on Saturday or maybe Friday and I must remember some things. As i am so busy writing and correcting these d...   read more

[video/audio] Just what is poor?   15 y  
I talk all the time about being poor, but I do not compare to these people.
    ...   read more

Why are the Chinese Government and the US Drug Companies so afraid of facebook and Twitter?   15 y  
Dr. Mercola writes again about the government blocking just about every service known to man
Why are the Chinese Government and the US Drug Companies So Afraid of Facebook and Twitter?   Following riots in the western region of Xinjiang, China’s central government has tak...   read more

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