The Crescent Moon Shines On Us All
by mo123
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Took the challenge and got money today.   15 y  
Depending just on Allah, is difficult in times of need but he always pays off.
I asked you guys to take the challenge of depending on Allah only for all your needs and today I got money. Was pretty broke and sad but sure enough, some friends came knocking at the door. Wa...   visit the page

Take the challenge. Do not ask anyone for anything?   15 y  
Total dependence on Allah means what?
Ok, now am reading on the sahaba (companions of the prophet, pbuh) and I see they did not ask anyone not even their parents for anything. So I ...   read more

To achieve your dreams remember a to z   15 y  
The alphabet explains life in a snap.
     H H H H H H                              ...   read more

The Mosad does more than blow up trains and busses   15 y  
The Mosad cooperating with the US in using Jinn. Saw this in the debate forum and I just wanted to share some info. My dead husband told me that the Mosad uses Jinn or devils to track individuals and e...   read more

[video/audio] US Guantanamo Guard converts to Islam   15 y  
What wonderful news. With all the hardship, comes one bit of good news.
  read more

California Imaam killed in an explosion   15 y  
This is a blatant hate crime and the criminals need to be executed.
Give up smoking get a free wedding   15 y  
Some criticize the move and some praise it. In Islam smoking is haram so how can it be wrong.
Free wedding for quitting smoking Generic ashtray pic The winner of the grand prize will be announced in August A charity in the Saudi capital Riyadh has come up with a novel incentive to en...   read more

So many deaths and then there was Michael   15 y  
Wake up America and the world, you are killing yourself
His death has bothered me so much. I try to ask myself why and I guess because he is my age. I grew up with the guy. I loved him, his music and felt his pains in his problems. When we see so ma...   read more

[video/audio] Michael Jackson has died - latest info   15 y  
A sad day all over and here is the latest news. I hate very much hearing negativity about someone who died. I would hate to think if I died that everyone would talk about all my faults. May we respect the family by not degrading someone that is loved by millions.
  Singer Michael Jackson dies at 50 ...   read more

[video/audio] What is the month of Rajab   15 y  
The month of Rajab has arrived and we will celebrate on the 27th the blessed miraj.
The month of rajab started yesterday.  It is the month of the blessed miraj (desention to hearven by our prophet)  It is a blessed month and read on it what is best.  Next...   read more

Medical remedies from the past   15 y  
Prophetic medicine is the way to be cured. Read and learn.
...   read more

Is it wrong to want to see someone get their "butts kicked"   15 y  
Ah the sweet hope of revenge. When will I see it come.
Something real bad happen to me two days ago and it has really saddened me alot and I know everything happens for the best and I trust in Allah to rectify my affairs. But I wonder if it is wrong w...   read more

Dr. Mercola - roam the world without spending a KINTG's ransom   15 y  
Too many of us never travel for fear we cannot afford the prices. Read this article on how to fix that problem.
Roam the World without Spending a King’s Ransom -- Here’s How Traveling doesn’t have to break your budget, and there are plenty of Web sites that can help you find the best vacat...   read more

The actions which outlive you   15 y  
As Muslims we believe that we must work for the next life and here is a list of things that will bring us many blessings after we are dead.
  Sadaqat-ul-Jariyah (The Actions Which Outlive You « Result #28 on Jun 11, 2009, 6:42pm »   ...   read more

Row erupts over Guantanamo deal   15 y  
A diplomat spat over Bermuda's acceptance of 4 chinese Muslims released from Guantanamo Prison. It looks like be proved innocent is not enough.
Row erupts over Guantanamo deal The UK expressed concern about the transfer of the Uighurs A diplomatic spat has broken out over Bermuda’s acceptance of four C...   read more

Give me a break!!! Israel Woman throws away a mattress containing $1m   15 y  
And they say dementia causes a brain to forget. Maybe she has dementia?????
Israel woman ’bins $1m mattress’ The older woman’s entire life savings were hidden inside the mattress ...   read more

Ants speak - a scientific proof   15 y  
Professor Robert Hickling has spent many years in watching insects and recording the sound vibrations they release. Yet, the matter couldn't be asserted till he was able to record sounds...
Ants speak Professor Robert Hickling has spent many years in watching insects and recording the sound vibrations they release. Yet, the matter couldn’t be asserted till he was able to...   read more

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