urine therapy vs strange disease! (BLACK MAGIC?)
by #108925

Gradual Urin Fast is Better   11 y  
This is my first post in 2 years vacuum.... Actually I have take urine fast with gradual method
Now i have to change my methods to do urine fast. It have been 3 years I’m doing urine drinking. I have lost my job. Lack of money. UT is the best way to heal for the poor like me. But it seems like I’m stuck in the half way to total healing. Armstrong said the best is urin fast, nothing else... I have try urine fast but yeh it’s not easy dude. Then one of my virtual friend told me to try urine fast gradually. Yeah I try it.... First I try to fast till 12 pm... for months... Recently I try to extend to be till 15 pm... This methods is very useful... Gradual but certain.... ...   read more

Story that Thrill Me: Zara Hartshorn Suffers from Lipodystrophy: Old Beyond Her Years   13 y  
I try to search what kind of disorder/syndromes i suffer. Then two days ago a news from RSS Feeds came to my eyes and the story it contained so interest me.
Looking for my disease’s name isn’t that easy. But, two days ago, I came across an article giving me a little ”clue”. Do i suffer the same condition the girl’s have? Please read the article below: Zara Hartshorn Suffers from Lipodystrophy: Old Beyond Her Years by Amy Judd February 2, 2010 Zara Hartshorn is just 13-years-old, but she suffers from a rare genetic condition called Lipodystrophy so she looks old beyond her years. She has been called ’grandma’, ’monkey’ and ’baggy face’ and the bullying got so bad that her mom had to pull her out of school. Even though sh ...   read more

sudden urine fast ii   14 y  
depressed but another fast may help..
I have quit from my job. Jobless, desperate, nobody understand me... My job was actually not that hard... for normal people! For me it was nightmare! I had to sit in front of computer 7 hours per day, then took commuter passanger car for 6 hours. To a man with strange disease, it’s so suffering. My lower back pain, rhinitis, strained muscles, ***, headache, etc. And because I-m lack of lipid/fat i-m so hurted when sitting even in short time: my bottom is no fat, *** make it feels so hurted, hot, ’spicy’,etc. I had told that urine therapy made some recovery but strange disease become so sup ...   read more

GK THAKKAR and JOHN ARMSTRONG'S BOOK doc version!(updated)   14 y  
Here's two golden books of the era!
To download G.K. Thakkar's Shivambu Gita and John W. Armstrong's Water of Life (pdf and doc), please refer to the link below: http://ultratopsecret2010.blogspot.com   visit the page

Your Own Perfect Medicine by Martha Christy   14 y  
Hi, I post a link to Wattpad where it will bring you to Martha Christy's remarkable book.
Here is Chapter 1 and 2 of Martha Christy’s book extracted by Wattpad: ”Click here”. To read offline, download it to your phone Click Here. Good health!   visit the page

afraid to do urine fast   14 y  
I learn about UF (urine fast) but I never do it.To me it is very hard.But my disease is very stubborn!Sometimes I feel to be the worst but then being well again.I want to increase the powerful of u...   visit the page

morning+night urine   14 y  
Evryday at work, 14 hours a day. This's real worst state I have to face, which reduce much of the effectiveness of my own urine!
4 months in combating strange disease makes me so tired. I've been only drinking morning urine. Maybe this is the main prob why my healing process being so slow even sometimes like being stopped. L...   visit the page

audio guide of urine therapy   14 y  
in my healing process,my aunty is threatened by dread diabetes,while she's refused have her legs amputated
I have aunty with diabetes type II.Now her left foot experience gangrene,with only two finger left.She's under supervision of a herbal therapist.I had told her to try UT,but she only smiled.I have ...   visit the page

urine fast?am i able?   14 y  
urine fast my dream
Three months in UT. I've found that suspend and resume drinking urine repeatedly is the best method to me: drink for 4 days then stop 4 days. My skin is in very slow improvement.I think of urine fa...   visit the page

Armstrong story   14 y  
One of my favorite ut books is John Armstrong's. Here is his testimonial:
Although I should prefer to avoid the first personal pronoun in this book, it is not possible to do so in the circumstances if I am to carry conviction. For, as already implied, one ounce of experi...   read more

suspend then start   14 y  
yoga,relaxation,thank God=the UT must be combined!
I suspended UT for 2 days. Then i've been starting again since yesterday. This way perhaps will stimulate my immune system to be stronger. I've just read about this method from internet. The result...   visit the page

How to use urine therapy?   14 y  
Basic rules
Basic rules: 1. Midstream urine should be used, the exception being in a fast where urine is being passed every ten to fifteen minutes. The first flow should always be midstream. 2. Urine shou...   read more

What happens when you consume your own urine?   14 y  
blood become stronger
The small amount of toxins that are found in urine are not abundant enough to be toxic to the body. When you drink your own urine, it does not go directly to the blood stream. First it goes into th...   read more

What's in urine   14 y  
What's in urine?
During the NBC Nightly News on October 16, 1992, Tom Brokaw reported that, "In Egypt, rescue workers found a 37-year old man alive in earthquake rubble. He survived almost 82 hours by drinking his ...   read more

[video/audio] Sound of Miracle   14 y  
This magic sound make me feel better
Wow,what a holiday! Today I sleep tight to recover and relieve my body from many pains that never stop make me suffered.One thing I just include to my self healing programme is listening to the so...   read more

Homeophatic Urin   15 y  
for those who're not able to drink full urine
If you are unable to drink your urine, another way is making it in homeophatic method: 1.Prepare 6 small tubes and a pipet. 2. Place those tubes in a bowel. Fulfill each tube with 18 drops of pur...   visit the page


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