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My Rawfood Rehab Badge!   14 y  
Ain't it purty?
Visit Raw Food Rehab   read more

Weekend Juice Feast   14 y  
impromptu juice feast
After not being able to wash dishes and juice for a few months, Iím back to juicing. Today I made my first juice, two big jars and Iím doing this feast for a few days because I want the fat belly gone and my cells cleaned out. Plus I want to conquer the snack beast at work. Juice feasting for two or three days with lots of water. I want to see some good numbers at the next vault weigh in! Update! Itís ALL GOOD BEBES! Such a miracle I made it through a shift without eating. I drank all of my juice, plus had a cup of coffee (12 ounces) with some skinny creamer not a lot though. When I ...   read more

Morning thoughts   14 y  
ho hum morning
Not gonna lie...had my two cups of coffee this morning already. I had half a cup of oats with 2/3 banana flaxseeds raisins and peanut butter. Guess I was hungry...or not. Last night I didnít sleep as good Iíve been since I booted my dog out of the bedroom. My mood is a little sour this morning. Very little motivation this morning as opposed to yesterday. Iím listening to this as I meander about the Internet and watching music videos. Bummed out a little bit. Probably cuz of money because I tell you if I had some, Iíd be real happy right now ...   read more

My Road to Bodybuilding Stardom...   14 y  
pushing ahead through financial difficulties
Or just the ability to turn big old dudes in bed and help grannies whoíve fallen and canít get up. What brought this on? Well first and foremost, my husband and I looked at the road ahead of November and realise that our budget of necessities is short by at least $400 and we have $20 left till my next pay. Also, the killing frosts arrived and the idea of not being able to go outside and pick greens and weeds from the garden really hit home. It also made my small town feel much smaller and more like JAIL. I even had the priest laugh during confession when I confessed to cussing behind the w ...   read more

Holding at 146...changes other weightloss   14 y  
8/10 toothache pain dentist appt tues time for a green smoothie feast!
1. more profitable attendance at Sunday mass and more energy to wake up and get out to mass during the week. My original green smoothie feast (only successful one) was during Lent and I asked God for a long life so I can serve all of humanity. 2. more endurance during medpasses as long as I eat well before I start! 3. more desire to exercise and make love- great because my doc says thereís no reason why I canít have children at thirty-whatever :D 4. Endurance to ride my bicycle to work when I didnít have a car- as long as the rawfood was high protein stuff like greens and seeds. I ...   read more

Weight loss despite...   14 y  
modest weight loss in the midst of HELLLLLLLLLLLL!
The stress of work and not eating all raw. I was pretty good at keeping my sparkpeople food log most of the week which is what resulted in the weight loss to be sure. I lost one pound. yay! starting wt 145 10/8/10 144 Going on a long leisurely bike ride. Iím planning for at least ten miles-twenty miles. Yay me! Weekend off. Yay! Yay!   visit the page

iVault4 and my various doctor appts   14 y  
I actually did well after my daniel fast ended. I lost a little weight. My constipation returned thanks to stress. My doctor really broke it down to me and said IT IS MY CHOICE TO BE STRESSED. Daaaaaaaaayum! Anyway, I showed her my food journal and she zeroed in on the page where I basically ate all day because of stress. Conincidentally, I started the ivault4 on It is a closed room (paid $33!) and it is really awesome group of mostly ladies. At the advice of the doctor I started getting consistent cardio. Although I ride my bike to work, Iím not getting one dedicated s ...   read more

Stopping fast for now   14 y  
ho-hum day in western pa
Iíve experienced a profound loss of energy in the last few days so Iíve stopped my fast. That doesnít mean Iím going back to snacking on junk at work though. Iím going to focus on eating mostly rawfood, mostly vegan and getting my bowels back on track as well as my energy level up on a consistent basis. Today I had a small uptick in energy since I cashed in part of my portion of the family savings club. I was able to buy fruits to go with my green smoothies. Still I find myself taking way more naps, drinking more coffee,etc. and all the rest. I have a feeling itís my iron level and my c ...   read more

Disaster? Nope I'm good!   14 y  
this and that for the last day of summer
Last night I had a really bad medpass. Bad in terms of the energies that were swirling around me and into me. I was really unnerved by the decision to wax floors at the beginning of a major medpass. Well I just felt something snap in me. I did keep a lid on my negativity but I felt something stirred up. Anyway I ate some roasted salted nuts in the shell only a handful and had two additional non raw-non vegan night snacks that are on my list. Itís not a disaster. Not a disaster because I rode my bike to church this morning. Today the desire to attend mass was more than my dislike of cold ...   read more

daniel fast info   14 y  
some info on daniel fast and my shift
Here are some references for daniel fasts. I modify mine to include a non-meat animal product and also honey for the reason that Iím not always hungry at work but the little bit of honey keeps my blood sugar up at work. Yesterdayís shift well surprisingly well, esp since there was a GINORMOUS CAKE. I picked the blueberries and strawberries off the top but I decided that I wouldnít even LOOK at that cake anymore. ...   read more

Courage to Do What Needs to Be Done   14 y  
21 day daniel nutritional fast...let the healing begin
Iím beginning a 21 day Daniel fast to heal my body from the effects of stress off my job. This morning I knew I made the right decision when I woke up feeling exhausted after seven hours of sleep. Took the most important step yesterday and that was to go to confession. My priest said start over and try to get to mass on sunday. I will do just that. Anger, stress turned inward is called cancer and fibroids. It happened to my mother who was under alot of stress from abusive family members in the home aide business. She survived two cancer surgeries, a severe chemo allergy to bounce back a ...   read more

Job stress and fat nurses   14 y  
nursing... a blood sport
Stepped on the scale a few days ago and realised that Iíve gained six pounds since becoming a charge nurse. My stress levels have been through the roof and on top of it all, no car so Iíve riding my bicycle to work. My husband thinks itís a combo of water weight, constipation and fat in that order. Iíve not been able to make it to church or the gym as much as I used to. Guys words simply canít describe-- actually there are words but this blog post would get a V for vulgarity rating. Anyhow Ive had more stress at my job than when my mom had cancer. My bowels are completely screwed up and ...   read more

Thank the Lord for green smoothies!!!!   14 y  
green smoothie powered
Iím in between jobs right now but I really REALLY want to say how much I love green smoothies. Can I get a witness?? It takes me five minutes to make them, not counting washing out jars and Iím off to work. I keep the cup on my medcart. It takes as much time to pour a green smoothie as it does to open a wrapper. Except for yesterday. I was exceptionally busy and had the shift from hell. But thatís long term care nursing for ya.   visit the page

Nurses and addiction   14 y  
time to hang out the dirty laundry!
Mine is food. I admit it completely. It is getting clear to me that the only answer to combating the current issues Iím having with food is going raw 100% as 100% can be in a rural area. Wintertime comes around Iíll do soups and green smoothies again. I think my current issues are related to stress, work and losing weight. Itís bringing back a lot of issues from my childhood. Itís a little scary. So much that Iím think of going back to therapy. Iím cleaning today because my sinuses canít deal anymore. I told my husband I had it once and for all with the drywall dust! Later folks.   visit the page

My Feet Hurt   14 y  
love being a nurse on the rawfood trip
My feet hurt but not where Iím walking like a limp loser. I really busted my ass at work tonight. Iím ready for bed pretty soon but Iím watching liferegeneratorís youtube videos. I did well with rawfoods at work even thought it felt like I was working in the nineth circle of hell. 32 ounces of green smoothies organic apples some organic baby carrots nonraw, nonvegan two fig newtons eight saltine crackers two cups of half caf with french vanilla creamers (two little creamers between two cups for flavour) no candy Candy is on my COE abstinence list. Yes I rejoined COE (compuls ...   read more

The Dirty Business of Nursing   14 y  
Lots of WHINING and negative nellie alert...uber vent session
The dirty business of cooked foods, junk food, med errors,ec. etc. and most depressing of all patients with intractable pain. Yeppers today sort of sucked a$$ to be a rawfood day at work. The day started out good then went downhill. Really I wanted it to be over with and Iím still awake. So after eating stuff like an eggsalad, a bagel,etc. (I still managed to get one quart of green smoothie in today!), Iím still a nurse who had to care for folks in so much pain that all the narcs in the world wouldnít help the pain. So the junk cooked foods didnít change the current reality any. I stil ...   read more

Today I went to church and...   14 y  
day 1 of my latest health and spirituality kick
was glad I went even though I felt totally depressed and having thoughts of suicide. Hearing the mass, even though I was tired and a little foggy headed from being sad all shift last night,. was so healing. I did the first day of the Montfort consecration to Jesus through Mary and went on my way. What does this have to do with rawfood? Well whatís the point of being healthy and energetic and into self improvements if itís not tuned to the Creator of it all? Itís selfish, self centered pride that is causing the ruination of our once great country USA. Anyhow, Iím on day 1/33 of total rej ...   read more

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