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Post Cleanse Day 1   16 y  
Orange juice, baby!
Weight - 123.0 Well here we are at last. Although, perhaps Ēat lastĒ should be reserved for Sunday, when I can actually make my own food selections. But still, drinking the lemonade was really starting to get difficult, so Iím happy that part is done with. Even the tea, which on Day 1 tasted pretty good, was starting to taste pretty bland. And if I can get through 10 days of lemonade and tea, I can do 3 days of orange juice, soup, and salad. Taking my first sips of juice now. Unfortunately, while I love orange juice, I donít much care for the fresh squeezed kind (frozen concentra ...   read more

Last glass...   16 y  
Let it be over
Good lord Iíll be happy to see this stuff go. Only one glass left. Sadly, Iím not really even looking forward to tomorrowís orange juice. I think Iíve just had citrus overload. Also, I read a lot about how others stopped craving food after a few days on the cleanse. Gotta say, that has certainly not been the case for me. While itíll be great to stop with the damn lemons, Iím really looking forward to the point where I can actually eat something with actual flavor.   visit the page

Day 10!!!   16 y  
Looks like I made it!
Weight - 124.0 Well, itís finally Day 10!!! Woo hoo!! Looks like I made it!! Last night I went shopping for orange juice and soup ingredients. I decided to cheat a bit and just buy fresh squeezed orange juice. Frankly, Iím sick of juicing things every night. And Iíve never made soup from scratch before, so this might be interesting .... Itís funny, I think I was more excited yesterday than I am today. Yesterday felt like the Friday before a long vacation, while today just sort of feels ... I dunno, just kind of ok. However, I bet my excitement will grow as the day wears on. ...   read more

Day 9   16 y  
Weight loss slows
Weight 135.0 Ugh. Another day of only a 1/2 pound loss. Which means Iím back to doing the salt water flish, at least for today and tomorrow, and I may even do it on ĒDay 11,Ē since Iím hoping to post a weight loss on Day 12. Overall, I was hoping to reach 120 pounds, which would have been 11 pounds in 10 days. Iíve been on track to lose one pound per day, which wasnít a sufficient pace to reach 120 as it was, and today puts me slightly below even that. So hopefully the SWF will pick that up again, and maybe doing it and an evening tea on Day 12 will kick off the last pound thatíll p ...   read more

Day 8   16 y  
Made it through the weekend and feeling great!
Weight - 124.0 Well, only 1/2 pound today, but since I lost 1.5 the day before, Iím still on a 1 lb. per day track. Iím hoping that if Iím careful with the orange juice on ĒDay 11Ē I can lose that one last pound (Iíll probably do one more laxative tea on Day 10, so that may help). I didnít do the salt water flush this weekend since I had to drive long distances both weekend mornings. Iím wondering somewhat if that has to do with the slightly lower weight loss, but Iím thinking probably not, since Iíd lost more the day before. If it keep up, Iíll probably go back to doing the water. ...   read more

Days 6 and 7   16 y  
Resisting temptations
I couldnít post over the weekend because I couldnít remember my log in information for the site (my computer at work ĒremembersĒ it, but home computer does not), so Iím doing a summary post on Monday. Saturday weight - 126.0 Going in to the weekend, I knew the two days were going to be my biggest challenge. For starters, thereís just more food around on the weekends, particularly being at home around the cupboards and with opportunities for going out. Second, Iíd be in social situations, and I was a little worried that itíd be tough to keep drinking the lemonade without looking odd. ...   read more

Day 5 Afternoon   16 y  
Sometimes life isn't fair
The afternoon has rolled around and, per usual, Iím feeling a lot better. Last night my boyfriend made tortellini for dinner and, while I was out of the apartment will he was eating, I cleaned up the leftovers when I got home. It was pretty tough to hold back from popping one in my mouth ... but I did it. Letís hope that will power lasts through this weekend. I know if I can get through the weekend I can make it the full 10 days. Lest anyone think my boyfriend is rude or unsupportive, thatís not the case at all. I know a lot of couples do the cleanse together, but thatís simply no ...   read more

Day 5   16 y  
Tired is back
Weight - 127.0 So while the weight loss between days 4 and 5 werenít as much as I was hoping for, Iím still on a one-pound-a-day track. Which is good, although Iíd hoped that Iíd lose 11 pounds to get to my Ēmagic numberĒ weight, and I really donít think I can will myself on to do 11 days. So hopefully Day 10 is one of those days that puts me over one pound per day, like Day 2 and Day 4 were. Feeling kinda tired again today. Slept fine, but the boyfriend kept getting up, which impacted my sleep. Not feeling weak and hungry kind of low energy, but tired kind of low energy, which i ...   read more

Day 4   16 y  
Morale is up and I'm going strong!
Weight - 127.5 Feeling MUCH better today. Headache is gone and I didnít feel at all low energy when I woke up. Not that Iím feeling like I want to run a marathon, but Iím definitely feeling good. I guess maybe itís true what they say about Days 2 and 3 being so hard -- they definitely were for me. I think it also helps that Iím now almost 1/3 of the way through, so it doesnít quite as interminable. Also happy to see that the weight went back down a bit. Probably helped that the tea kicked in before I drank the salt solution (and therefore before I weighed myself). Of course, I ...   read more

Day 3   16 y  
Low morale....
Weight - 129 Boo weight. Although I wasnít surprised, because I didnít feel like Iíd lost much. Still, it doesnít help morale much. I woke up again this morning feeling not great. Just tired and low energy. Also doesnít help morale. Got all of the saline wash down this time, without too much trouble, actually. So bored of this diet. Keep thinking of how long Iíve got to go, and how many things sound so delicious. Itís going to be hard not to go overboard once Iím done with this thing. My plan is, and really always has been, to go to Saturday morning and see how itís wo ...   read more

Day 2   16 y  
Grouchy me
Weight - 128.5 I weighed myself around 6am, just before I drank the saline solution. Later on when I weighed myself, it went up to around 129 and 129.5 (after drinking the saline solution, but also after going to the bathroom once or twice). I think Iíll count the first weight as my true weight, since itíll be easiest to monitor consistently. I did not sleep well at all. The headache got worse as the night wore on last night. Finally, around 3am I took some tylenol, which helped. But still, I got up two or three times to use the bathroom. Did the saline solution, which is bey ...   read more

Day 1   16 y  
You are no match for me, Au Bon Pain!
Weight - 131. Iím not doing the saline wash, because, as of now, I donít have the book and canít find the recipe. Also, the stuff I looked at online didnít discuss the saline wash much, so I guess maybe itís not too important? Started drinking the lemonade. Yikes! The pepper is pretty hot. Also, I read online that the longer the pepper sits in the drink, the more potent it becomes, so I guess if I make large batches in the future I should add the pepper to each glass separately. Am only able to get down 7 glasses at 8 oz. each (56 oz. total, while the recommended amount is 60 ...   read more

The Night Before   16 y  
And so it begins
Drank the senna tea. Itís actually pretty good, so thatís nice. Not sure how well itíll work, but I have to be at work early, so hopefully itís not *too* effective. Made a batch of lemonade to take to work. Took a little sip and it doesnít seem to taste too bad, which is nice. Decided to use lemon juice rather than lemons, since I donít have a juicer and squeezing that many lemons seems like itíd take all day.   visit the page


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