Fasting for Weightloss: Month of March Challenge
by Starrygirl75
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Starting again tomorrow!   18 y  
It's been a long while since I posted. I'm sure that it's not hard to guess why.
Well, I havenít been posting because I havenít been fasting. I decided that I would just try to eat healthy and exercise. So, I started exercising a lot, and wouldnít ya know it...I havenít lost any weight. My clothes are fitting better, which I know is supposed to make me feel better. What is it about the number on the scale that makes me feel like a failure? I want to lose weight, so I am going to give water fasting another go. Weíll see what happens. I am going to post beginning stats tomorrow morning. Prayers and good vibes are appreciated, I know that I will need them. Emails are g ...   read more

Contemplating the EOD Fasting Method...   18 y  
This idea of fasting Every Other Day is something that I have been thinking about. Is this the way to keep one's metabolism from becoming sluggish?
Well, I walked/jogged on the treadmill; three miles in 56 minutes. I feel great now, having showered. I got pretty sweaty. I am wondering about target heart rate, I will have to research this. My heart monitor on my treadmill has me wondering what my heart rate should be. I am also contemplating the idea of EOD fasting again. I thought about this after the 7 day fast I went on, and failed miserably. I think that this method of fasting, or one similar to it, is the way to keep metabolism from taking a big dive. After all, my metabolism has always seemed a little sluggish anyway! I lik ...   read more

The Bloat is over!   18 y  
Feeling more like myself, I'm not as bloated as I have been for the past 5 (or so) days.
Starting Weight: 185.5 Todayís Weight: 179.0 Yippee! I think that things are getting back to normal. Iím still way behind as far as my weekly goals go, but oh well. I am still hoping to lose at least a total of 20 pound for the month of March, and I think that is still a possibility. Iím thinking that I will lay off the cardio for the week and just try to do some Pilates and Callanetics, maybe some light strength training. More Later, starry   visit the page

Lost a total of 5.5 pounds so far.   18 y  
The results so far aren't as glowing as I would have hoped, but at least it's something.
Well, Iíve been on the go most of the day. Nothing really new to report except that I weighed myself this morning and Iím down to 180. Iím hoping that since Iím almost done with my period that the weight will come off faster. More later, starry   visit the page

I ate something!   18 y  
I slipped, cheated, failed; whatever you want to call it, it happened. Where do I go from here?
Well, I ate 1.5 breadsticks and one piece of sausage off a slice of pizza. This is was Day 9 for me, but I didnít complete it. I got some upsetting news about a family member, and my family was eating pizza. I just felt like, thereís so many more important things in life than obsessing about weight. So, I ate...not a lot because I know better. Eating more than what I did would have given me a bad stomach pains. Now, I am regretful. The last time this happened, I just said screw it and started eating normally, right then. But I donít want to do that. So, instead of saying that Iím on Day ...   read more

Pampering myself, sort of.   18 y  
I can't afford to go to a spa, but I can pretend.
Well, I decided that I needed to do a little self-improvement. I guess that itís a little superficial, o.k. itís a lot superficial. I bought some hair dye, and some new styling products. So, I dyed my hair and put Queen Helene Mint Julep mask on my face in an attempt to clear up these zits that I keep getting!! I also bought some Crest White Strips (a splurge!). So I was in the tub with my hair dye-ing, mask on my face and white strips on my teeth. I looked Ēquite the sightĒ, Iím sure. It was nice to work on the things that I can change to make myself feel better. I feel really relaxed ...   read more

Keeping the faith.   18 y  
Sometimes faith is all we have.
No time to exercise tonight, even if I wanted to. I went shopping and stopped for a drink with a few friends (Diet Coke)lol! It was nice as I have not been out of the house lately. There ended up being a lot of people there. I was a little self conscious though, partially because I have Social Anxiety Disorder. I didnít dress up because I was just expecting to pick up a few things from Target when I got the call that a friend that I hadnít seen in a year was going to be up at the local Ēhole in the wallĒ. I went anyway though, which is good for me. I cooked again earlier this evening. I ...   read more

I'm discouraged!!!   18 y  
I know that the weight will come off if I persist...but I'm discouraged.
O.K. Iím trying not to get depressed about only losing 4 pounds in a week. I mean, 4 pounds is something. Itís better than mothing or even just a couple pounds. I really want to lose at least 20 pounds this month. Iím starting to wonder if itís going to be possible. I still want to exercise too, because I want to exercise after the fast. I wanted to get started on the habit of exercise, as it will be an important part of maintaining ANY weight loss. If I just fast for a month or so and then I start exercising, itís going to be hard to stay motivated, for me anyway. I really think tha ...   read more

O.K., I am discouraged.   18 y  
I must press on, that's all I can do; but I am disappointed.
Iím really disappointed. I didnít even really want to post, but I need to make a plan, and to do this I need to think about the situation. Thereís so many variables at work here, itís hard to narrow it down. But if I donít try to figure out the various reasons why the Fast isnít living up to my expectations, then I canít be pro-active and decide how Iím going to work to be successful. Variables: *Possibly not drinking enough water, because it feels as though my body is holding onto water. *I exercised all week, so maybe I shouldnít be exercising on the fast. *I started my pe ...   read more

Weigh In and Stats   18 y  
Sometimes you just know when you haven't lost very much weight.
Start Weight: 185.5 Todays Weight: 181 Waist was: 34 now: 33 Hips was: 42 now: 40.5 Bust was: 42 now: 41 Thigh was: 24 now: 22.5 Bicep was: 14 now: 13 calf was: 15 now: 15   visit the page

Looking forward/scared about the weigh-in tomorrow.   18 y  
Should I weigh-in or give it another week?
I know that I am both excited and apprehensive about weighing myself tomorrow. I donít even know if I feel like I have lost any weight, since I have Ēperiod bloatĒ. Maybe the period bloat would disguise any weight loss that has occured. I could just do measurements, but if Iím bloated that wonít make much a difference anyway. Iím winding down Week One here and I donít feel that much different really. I donít want to get discouraged as I have quite a bit of time left. I know the coming week will be more difficult because my family is already prodding me to eat. Nobody really ĒgetsĒ fasti ...   read more

What day is this? I don't even know...:o)   18 y  
Is this my sixth day or my seventh? The days are blurring together.
My skin looks like HELL! I havenít had this many breakouts since I was a teenager. Iím not used to zits, so this is a little un-nerving! I wonder if this is a de-tox symptom, or if itís something in my environment. Is it from makeup, soap, sweat? I cooked a big lunch today. I really didnít have the desire to eat any of it. I am pretty nonchalant about food today. The desire to eat comes and goes. Iím not too tired today, which is good. I am very curious to weigh/measure myself. Iím wondering if I have lost weight and if I have, I hope that I have reached my goal. Weíll see. More l ...   read more

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