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Post fast   16 y  
post fast thoughts
I had mango juice today. Mangos are my very favorite and I have missed them. Thanks for those who have been congratulatory; I appreciate the support. Wish I had blogged a little more during the fast because it is a bit difficult to recall exactly how things went. I know at first I was exercising. I know I was exercising fairly intensely for at least the first month before it became impossible. After a while it was just way too draining. It sounds odd to say, but I began to enjoy spending more time in the sun. Yeah that just seems a little weird, disregard that. LOL After about 60 ...   read more

Ending fast tomorrow... 92 days total   16 y  
3 months fasting
Thanks to Ayehasherayeh I was able to supplement electolytes adequately and continued my fast to the end of August! Today! I’m so excited. I actually feel like I can go a little longer but my hubby is getting concerned. I have lost just over 100 lb going from 263 lb to 154 lb during this fast. So tomorrow I will start juicing. I can’t wait to get some mango juice. -Catyrpel   visit the page

Day 55 of 56!   16 y  
Ready to end the fast
I feel drained and completely ready to end this fast. Just tired at this point. Day after tomorrow I will break the fast with some light juice. I can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost... about 70lb. I will do a more complete entry after I’ve ended the fast.   visit the page

Day 44... still fasting   16 y  
The fast is on! So on... I feel tired...
Today I feel as if I may not make it to 56 days. Truthfully I am just bored with not eating. I am almost under 200 lb. It has been so long... wait, no, it hasn’t been that long. I was under 200 about 3 years ago. Feels like forever. I haven’t been sleeping well but I hear that is usual. I haven’t been experiencing any signs of potassium deficiency, but I was consuming enough potassium before beginging the fast. I just read that most people in the Americas do not consume the RDA of potassium, but consume on average less than half what the body needs to function normally. I went so ...   read more

Day 27 water fasting...   16 y  
I saw they have made a documentary, supposedly a record water fast of 55 days. I now hope to beat that record.
I heard the longest water fast on record is now 55 days? I am sure that is not the longest ever, but possibly it is the longest recorded water fast in recent history. I’m going to beat it. I was going to break my fast, but I feel I can keep going.   visit the page

Exercising again :)   16 y  
Feeling the burn!
I am into the 20s now (days on the fast). I have been able to resume exercising and it has been helping me with energy. Still find myself having to rest every couple hours, but I am energetic too. My yoga is improving. I must be one of the fatest, most flexible people around. Well, not as flexible as I would like. Oh well, life is going well. The fast is going well. I will be breaking it soon as I am approaching 225lb, my set stopping point. Then I will move to a whole food diet for however long I feel like it :) Then resume fasting to 190lb. Fun times!   visit the page

End of day 19... day 20 incoming!   16 y  
Weight loss slowing a bit, but feeling well.
So far I have not had any real problems. My energy level fluctuates a bit, but I have not been completely fatigued since the first few days. Sometimes it feels as if I could go forever like this, as if I would never have to eat again. I miss mangos and sushi. My hasbund has teased me because I have been zoning out and just staring blankly more than usual. Fasting changes my perspective a bit... well, a lot truthfully. This fast is illuminating my ability to effect change in my own life. I was feeling overwhelmed and helpless, but not today. I started this fast at 263lb and am thinki ...   read more

Day 11   16 y  
21 lbs down
Down 21 lbs. Woohoo! That’s about it for now. I feel well. I drink about 128oz of water a day. I was craving sushi again, but I am not really hungry.   visit the page

Day 4...   16 y  
Nothing truely interesting... about 10 lb down so far.
This is going well so far. I have these strange ideas of using olive oil and one-a-day vitamins after about 40 days of fasting. If I do I’ll explain it, but I will not bother with an explaination now. My sister was in town this past weekend and it was TERRIBLE to begin the fast. We took her to my favorite resuraunt, my mother made all our favorite foods including a strawberry-black-bottom pie and some wonderful looking cheese cake. *sigh* And I sat there with my water... my mother insisted that I at least sit with them while they ate. :( My sister also explained to my mother that so ...   read more

Fasting June, July, & August!   16 y  
Planning extended water fast starting June 1.
Ok the 40 day fast didn’t work out too well. So instead of cutting the time down I am knocking it up! Way up! I plan to fast for these three months if I can find a safe way to replenish needed electrolytes or whatever other essentials during the water fast in order to prolong it. I may still have to use the 4 step fast idea, but if all goes well I will just skip the 7 days of eating between fasts. Woohoo! June 1 is kickoff day.   visit the page

I lose   16 y  
failure :(
Busted! Hubby brought me sushi. Wonder... did he forget I was fasting??? *shrug* I dunno. Same plan. I have been reading some books that say just to fast till you’re skinny. I don’t know. I’ll just plunge back into the water fasting. I WILL DO THIS!   visit the page

Past the fatigue   16 y  
Revised goals for this fast and the 3 to follow.
I am no longer counting days. I guess I could go back and look where I started... but what fun would that be. Instead I will just continue the fast and end it when I am 35 lbs down. All the fatigue and icky feelings have passed and the fast is much more enjoyable. I craved sushi for a while, but that is a lot better than pizza. Most people break a fast eating raw, but from what I’ve read sushi will be fine. Then again fruit would probably be a good start. I have this slightly warped plan. Some of the information I’ve read says to just fast until there is very little fat left on yo ...   read more

Day 3 fatigue   16 y tired
That’s just all there is today... fatigue. I am down 13 lb on this wretchid day 3. So ready for some energy. I do not think exercise is going to happen. I am doing well to chase my son around the house :)   visit the page

YAY! Day 1   16 y  
The fast begins...
The water fast began at 3pm today. I am huge going into this fast. Not huge like a little anorexic girl would say ”oh i’m so huge!” at 110lb. No... I’m really huge. I am aiming for 40 days on this fast, but I planned on 40 days before I decided to eliminate the juices and just do water, so I may have to end the fast before 40 days. We will see.   visit the page

40 day fast delayed   16 y  
waiting on hubby
My husband has not given me clearance for the fast. He thinks it is unhealthy. I think he will let me do it, but until he gives his OK I will wait. I know I may be silly and old fashioned or something like that, but he would do the same for me. I have been on a raw food diet, ready whenever he says OK...bleh. I think instead of a juice/water fast, I will go ahead and try just a water fast.   visit the page

prefast: goal setting for 40 day fast   16 y  
prefast goal setting for 40 day fast
At sundown I am begining a 40 day juice/water fast for weight loss, cleansing, and behavior adjustment. Woohoo! I am excited. I am going to begin the fast with 3-7 days of fresh juice fasting and then move into a water fast. I stocked the kitchen with fresh fruits and veggies and pulled out the juicer. It is all ready to go. SW: 280 CW: 263 GW: 140   visit the page


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