I'm a-Fastin'
by Lisa Renee

May 9   14 y  
Today I’m going to the sauna. I’m going to go to get some colloidal silver to use on the skin with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide. That is to help breakouts which I’ve had with the detoxing. It should work. During the few days I ate mainly apples and grapefruits it seemed that my nails were growing much faster and stronger. Good sign, good sign. I can’t wait to really fast! I wonder what I’ll see changing then?!   visit the page

May 6   14 y  
staring at the sky...
In a pevious entry I said something about programming food in the intentino of healing, and then i just found this in an article I found online: If you don’t know where to get Valerian or Fenugreek, try a health food store or, better still, simply say the name in your head when you need relief. All healing energies are transmitted via the sound of the name and are just as effective said in the mind or aloud, as in physically taking them. Try it and see. Interesting. Today I ate an apple in the morning. I drank 4 quarts. Felt tired all day. So I rested, and went outside to think ab ...   read more

May 5   14 y  
I didn’t feel like doing anything. I just rested. I felt listless because I got my period. Not much cramping, though, when will that kick in, I wonder with high doses of Ibepropen in preparation... I ate two apples inthe morning. Drank nothing.   visit the page

May 5   14 y  
no yoga
When I woke up today, I just didn’t feel too good. I think it was the pasta, it’s just not what I want anymore. Then I scratched my shoulder in a way that made it too painful to do yoga, so I whatched Tv, and went online, and ate junk food...blah!   visit the page

May 4   14 y  
I felt great today upon waking. I did my yoga with alot more grace and ease that usual. I just felt lighter today. And much happier. I ate a grapefruit, skin brushed, visited Wild Oats, rebounded 10 minutes, and I drank 4 quarts. I ate a whole wheat pasta and refried beans in the evening, plus more cheese and crackers. Mistake, just dosen’t do it for me. I felt great until then...   visit the page

May 2   14 y  
Programming cheeses to heal?
I got a bit distracted. I ate junky food, and did not exersize. It felt good to just take a day off. I felt a bit off, though. I couldn’t keep my mind on anything spiritual. I drank two quarts. I did start thinking about the placebo effect. I think that we program things to perform the way we expect them to. When we expect a tylonel to cure our headache, it is the medicine --or the intention that we put into our healing? A sugar pill would work just as well. Medicine can sometimes interfere with the healing process. I’ve heard of people programming crystals to do certain things, and ...   read more

May 1   14 y  
comfort food...
Today, I ran a lap around the track. I rebounded for 10 minutes, I did yoga all day. I meditated. Drank 3 quarts. For the food, I am finding myself in an epiphany of sorts. I am getting exsistential. When I get exsistential, I get hunGry. So I had a few raw things, and an immensely comfort-food dish of vegetables with whole wheat pasta, covered in refried beans. Oh my gosh--it’s good. I feel like I’ve discovered part of myself. I feel like that when God made us, he was really making a part of himself to experience. That means we are all a part of God. He’s us. And we’re Him. I’m God. ...   read more

April 31   14 y  
raw food
I didn’t start the fast yet. But I did start exersizing. I took an enema, did yoga for a while, and I skin brushed. I ate nothing but raw food all day, and I drank 2 quarts of water. I think it’s important when starting a fast to do it right. I am getting used to long hours of exersize and meditation. it’s feeling pretty good.   visit the page

I will start on May 1st   14 y  
Stuff i did today...
Okay, so I want this fast to get rid of all toxins in my mind/body/spirit, and give me a better attitude on life as well. That is what happens when you fast. You get a mind/body/spirit tune-up. Not only do you get healthier physically, you improve your clarity of mind, your sense of ”Infinity” and get more in touch with yourself spiritually. It is truly a master cleanser. But unlike The Master Cleanser, I will not be drinking any juices. The only thing I will drink is (salt)water, and some days I want to fast ’dry’. Ooh, I’m brave. This is not my first fast, I’ve fasted for about a w ...   read more


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Okay, so I'm going to go on a 30-day or so fast. I want to audition for a comedy club and I want to be in shape, also I want to be really healthy, and most of all, I want to find myself, and get clarity of mind, and an increased sense of my life's purpose. http://loverenee.trap17.com… more...

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