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Older Adults Using More Alternative Medicine   18 y  
This is an article written showing how alternative medicine is becoming more popular with the aging adult population. You will find some of my comments as side notes as I found some of the information in this article biased towards convential medicine.
This is an interesting report, with a few zany points.  You’ll find my comments in blue.  Enjoy.  Most Older Adults Use Alternative Medicine Mon Apr 11, 2005 04:55 PM ET By Alison McCook NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - More than 70 percent of adults aged 50 or older use some type of alternative therapy, such as herbal medicine, meditation, or seeing a chiropractor, according to new study findings. Author Dr. Gong-Soog Hong said she was surprised to see so many older adults turning to alternative treatments. Although it’s important to have "options, ...   read more

My tax dollars hard at work!   18 y  
This is just an example of the ridiculous ways "health authorties" try to get children immunized, and a personal example at that!
  I received a letter from our "lovely" government health care system.  This letter was addressing my son and the fact that he has never received any of the "recommended" vaccinations. I just want to quote a few of the letter’s ridiculous statements: «"Vaccinations are also called "immunizations", "needles" or "shots".  They are a safe and effective way to prevent many serious diseases.  Vaccinations help your child stay healthy.  Provincial Health routinely checks the vaccination records of all sch ...   read more

Questionable Vaccines -- An Article   18 y  
This is the most awesome article I have read in a long time, it raises very valid questions and concerns regarding the mass vaccination of children. Even though there aren't any real answers within the article, the questions and concerns that are raised need to be addressed and every parent should be aware of them.
Parents don’t know who to trust on vaccinations By Anne Michaud TRIBUNE-REVIEW Tuesday, April 12, 2005 So many parents are worried today about the side-effects of vaccinations, and many more are likely to be anxious soon. A book released at the start of this month, "Evidence of Harm" by David Kirby, raises questions about the controversial link between autism and mercury in childhood vaccines. Besides the mercury-autism link, parents question the benefits of the hepatitis B vaccine, which is administered three times before the age of 18 mont ...   read more

Get the flu! Not the shot!   18 y  
This article will outline the dangers of the flu shot and why no one needs to make their bodies and minds susceptible to those dangers.
All vaccines are dangerous and experimental.  There are no long term studies done on the efficacy or the safety of vaccines.  However year after year government professionals advise that everyone must get their flu shot.  It has become a very interesting campaign for me to watch.  I remember years ago when they first came out with the flu vaccine.  Why was it that only the elderly were advised to get the shot?  A year goes by then the next campaign targets the elderly and people who work closely in a health profession, such as EMS workers, nurses and doctors.& ...   read more

A Soy Rebuttal   18 y  
As the soy controversy rages on you will find very convincing articles and "facts" on both sides of the argument. Here though, you will find an excellent rebuttal to a pro-soy message.
Below you will read a very inflamatory letter trying very hard to discredit the studies that Dr. Blaylock and Dr. Mercola’s research on Soy and the lack of health benefits of this highly touted food.  But below the inflamatory message you will see there is a very well written rebuttal by Dr. Blaylock.  His intelligence shine through every word he wrote.  Enjoy! In his book, ’Prescription for Nutritional Healing," Dr. James Balch says this about glutamic acid, one of 28 amino acids: "L-Glutamic Acid (or glutamate) increases firing of neurons in the nervous system ...   read more

*Essicac News*   18 y  
Another positive report on Essiac! Essiac is a powerful cancer treatment that can increase life expentancy and quality of life for the cancer patient. In numerous cases Essiac along with a lifestyle overhaul has cured cancer.
This is an older article, but none the less profound. Cancer is cancer and a cure is a cure. Nothing can change that, not even time. ESSIAC NEWS Back from the Brink Excerpt from Report Magazine, December 4, 2000, By Marnie Ko One year ago, John Scrymgeour appeared to be on his deathbed. The long-time Calgary business-man had all but lost a 10-year battle against prostate cancer. Conventional chemotherapy and radiation treatments had been tried, had ultimately failed, and the doctors had given up. For the first time in his life, Mr. Scrymgeour was an invalid, wh ...   read more

A Merry Heart   18 y  
A very interesting article on the importance of having a merry heart and how it is very healthy. This is written from a Christian perspective but could easily apply to every human.
Please note * this article was originally posted in the Christianity Support forum by another poster, but it touched my soul immensely , so I thought it would have a great place in my blog! It’s God’s desire that today be the best day of my life and that tomorrow be better. When a person is obedient to all of God’s commandments the results are like having heaven on earth. Deuteronomy, Chapter 11, Verse 21: That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children, in the land which the LORD sware unto your fathers to give them, as the days ...   read more

A Modern Day Joan of Arc?   18 y  
Just a very enlightening article regarding Terri Schiavo and the issues surrounding her case.
I’ve taken care to point out the broad political implications in the matter of Terri Schiavo. "Of laws, not of men" is a robust description of the government most folks would prefer to live under, but when ours doesn’t measure up, we feel more personal things too. So, leave the precise political ponderings for another day; I am here a son of America and the grandfather of our brain-injured Ryan, speaking from the dismay in my heart: Seems to me America now has its own Joan of Arc. In the mid-1400s, the Maid of Orleans, a young French girl who felt she had heard from ...   read more

Essiac Preparation & Consumption   18 y  
This is written to complement the message "Essiac - Natures Cancer Treatment" Here you will find instructions on how to brew, prepare and consume Essiac.
To make 1 cup of mix to brew with 2 gallons of distilled water New Page 1 ESSIAC PREPARATION & CONSUMPTION To make 1 cup of mix to brew with 2 gallons of distilled water: Burdock root (cut) = 1/2 cup Sheep Sorrel (powdered) = 3/8 cup Slippery Elm bark (powdered) = 2 Tablespoons + 2 teaspoons Turkey rhubarb (powdered) = 1 teaspoon Approximate number of bottles of tea made, depending on water loss: 1 cup herb mix + 2 gallons of water = about 224 liquid ounces of tea , will fill fourteen 16-ounce pint b ...   read more

This Toxic Life   18 y  
There are thousands of toxins in our environment. In this blog message it will be outlined what we can do to ensure our safety and health in this toxic society.
We live in a society that is marked with convenience everywhere we turn. Everyday has some aspect of an instantaneous lifestyle. Whether it be wanting instant health results, instant technology results or instant food results. We have been conditioned as a society to want everything and expect it yesterday! For all the conveniences of our lives, we are slowly starting to pay for them with toxic health and toxic environments. Pollution is at an all time high. Factories work around the clock to make sure we can have the conveniences of gas powered cars, plastic bags, plastic containers, pha ...   read more

Organic Food   18 y  
Organic food is gainging popularity, because of the growing concern of food contamination from chemicals, disease and genetically modified attributes. This outline will explain some serious thoughts and facts regarding organic farming and foods.
New Page 1 ORGANIC FOODS ON THE RISE! An increasing number of people agree that all the issues concerning our food supply have them concerned about the safety of the food we eat.  Food frights such as mad cow disease, genetic engineering, E. Coli contamination, additives and pesticides have put food safety on the public’s front burner. Almost three-quarters of Canadians and USA residents have tried organic food, though it may cost from 20 to 200 per cent more, and about 40 per cent buy it fairly often.   There has got to be some real concern am ...   read more

Essiac! Nature's Cancer Treatment!   18 y  
Did you know there is a safe, less invasive way to treat cancer? Inside this link you will learn of a cancer treatment that is safe and when used correctly this treatment yields better results than radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.
Essiac Essiac  Nature’s Cancer Treatment! Lately I have concentrated my research on ”Essiac”, one of nature’s cancer treatments (cures).  I have started taking some on a daily basis not because I have cancer and not because I want to prevent it but the herbal ingredients in ”Essiac” have fantastic liver detox abilities and are a good overall tonic for the body. This ”Essiac” treatment is like a tea or herbal decoction.  It is a combination of the following organic herbs: Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Bark, and Rhubarb Root.   Burdoc ...   read more

not milk!!   18 y  
Have you ever wondered why we are told to drink milk? If milk is so healthy for us, and North Americans drink so much of this healthy liquid why is it we are so sick?
Have you ever wondered why we are told to drink milk   If milk is so healthy for us, and we couldn’t possible live a healthy life without it why on earth do we have to be told to drink it?  Why is it recommended that the average child drink 2 - 3 one cup servings per day?  Why is the average adult told to drink 2 - 4 one cup servings per day? North American’s take the lead in consuming milk as a favored beverage.  We are told this beverage is healthy for us, and we get our necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals from milk.  Yet North Americans have ...   read more

30 Tactics & Ploys Used by Vaccine Officials!   18 y  
This article portrays and exposes the tactics used by vaccine officials in a very easy and understandable manner. Every parent needs to read this before they decide whether or not to vaccinate their child!
Unfortunately when it comes to vaccines and immunizations the ”officials” do not have our best interests in mind. This sometimes shocks people, but you must realize that there are so many other factors that influence the decisions of nurses and doctors when it comes time to vaccinate any patient. The safety and well being of the patient is actually very low on the list, as they are only taught how to push the vaccine and make parents feel obligated to vaccinate their child. This article (condensed) was excerpted from the vaccine archives of Neil Z. Miller. See Immunization Theory vs. ...   read more


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