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    My Water Fast - 2008

My Water Fast - 2008
by kozzzmic

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My water fast has been going pretty well from Day 1 through today, Day 7 - I am currently on day 7.

A little background: I am water fasting for several reasons: weight loss, a potential "cure" for my endocrine disorder (hypothyroidism), to help with my PCOS, and for the clinical depression I suffer. I also have edema - one doc told me it was Lymphedema connected to a surgery I had years ago, though I am skeptical on this diagnosis. My diet up until now has been fairly bad - lots of coffee and fast food, meats and junk. I know I have not been good to my body over the last few years, and I need to regain my vitality. Once I complete this water fast (slated for 10 days, but I may go 14 if my vitals are good and such) I will begin various supplements along with a predominantly raw food diet. I am writing this blog because I have gained inspiration from reading the blogs of others.

Hopefully this isn't too tall an order for fasting, but even if I can see a slight improvement in any of the above issues, I will be grateful.

Day 1: Starts out ok, but I have a terrible headache by mid-morning - the kind where I can not keep my eyes open. I chalk this up to either fasting, or a random headache. I am drinking Brita filtered water, with a touch of organic lemon juice in it. I am usually a seltzer water-aholic, but I am curbing this and reserving it for desperate fasting moments when I need a fix =) I don't go for any walks today, simply because I feel out of sorts, and it is freezing here in CT today.

Day 2: I am COLD. LOL. Since I am hypothyroid, I usually take my temperature anyway out of curiosity, but since I am so cold, I am taking it religiously. It never gets over 96 degrees and I am bit concerned. Some kind curezoners posted some information that eased my mind a bit on that issue. I am feeling achy and a bit agitated, so I take a noontime walk to the park near my house and sit in the sun a while. Nice. My tongue is furry today, and I am eliminating mostly liquid.

Day 3: Still COLD. So cold that I drink my AM water warm. I was up most of the night with just a brief two-hour rest and my scary temp has not exceed 95.4 all day. and all I really want to do is lay in bed with the comforter around me, so I indulge in that. I do not take any walks today, as it is frigid out and I am cold enough as it is. I am pretty hungry today and also quite spacy. Still eliminating liquid.

Day 4: I am having some serious insomnia here, but I can't say it is due to fasting. I have always had sleeping issues, and since I have stopped all my medications, it is no shock I can't sleep. Luckily, I do have the liberty of sleeping when I get sleepy. I am amazed at my body temperature today - it has been around 98 all day! I dont think I have had a 98 temp in months, unless I was sick with fever. I am pretty hungry too, and having all kinds of aches and pains in my back, kidneys and limbs. I chalk this up to detox and keep drinking my water.

Day 5: I have a deep daytime sleep today - almost 8 hours. Ahhh. My temp is still up at 98, but I am having severe muscle aches (particularly in my legs). I hem and haw a bit about doing this, but I decide to take some supplements because the aches are disconcerting to me. I take Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, Potassium, and B Complex, along with a 1/4 teaspoon of Iodized Sea Salt. To be honest, I really want to take some prescription pain medication today - that is how bad the aches are. I resist this, as I hope to not be dependent on any drugs going forward in my life.

Day 6: Well, my creepy sore muscles have stopped being sore (yay). I still don't know if that means the supplements helped, or the detoxing has abated. It also could be due to the lymph and edema issues I have. To be safe, I am continuing the supplements while fasting. I am having hunger pangs something fierce today, which is prompting me to drink more water. Temp is sticking around 98 still (loving that) and my emotional state is goo

detail of my 1rst (and subsequent) water fasting of 2008 more...

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